Y1 – No Disturbance, Only Determination

I locked my door as soon as I got in on thursday. I threw off my clothes and changed into my athletic clothes right away as I looked up at the new photos that I had freshly hung up. Piper and I went to a photo studio the other day and we managed to get our photos taken by the photographer and they came out amazing! We bought a few and took them home with us, Piper hung hers up too.

09-05-15_2-53 PM

However, enough of that. I had a job to do since my physical evaluation was tomorrow and I was worried that if I didn’t get a good workout in tonight, I was going to fail tomorrow’s evaluation. I blocked out all the potential distractions and stepped onto my treadmill as I began to run on my treadmill.

“HEY NOAH! CAN YOU HELP ME WI–“ I heard Neil shout from the door.

“GO AWAY! I’M TRAINING!” I shouted back to him and I felt instantly proud of myself for blocking out the distractions.

09-05-15_2-57 PM

I felt like I was deserving of a challenge, so I turned the treadmill into hill climbing mode! It was a bit of a challenge since the gradient of the treadmill steepens, but I think I was doing an alright job. I was determined to do my best.

09-05-15_3-50 PM

Although, hill-climbing mode made my treadmill act out of whack and it kept moving up and down between the different modes and as I held onto my treadmill for dear life, it threw me off and led me to this.

09-05-15_4-26 PM

I quickly managed to press the right button to restore my treadmill back to it’s normal mode and when it did, I took a breather. I walked on my treadmill for five minutes before running an endurance run for an hour straight, and after that I headed right for bed because I was so tired. If I didn’t pass this physical evaluation tomorrow, I don’t know who will.


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