Y1 – Results Day

I woke up the next morning feeling so nervous, I was surprised that I had even fell asleep. When I checked the clock, it was only 6am which meant that I had to be at the University in three hours to go collect my results and also partake in my Physical Evaluation. Honestly, there are moments in your life which you will remember forever and this moment was NOT one of them.

I don’t even remember how I got ready or even managed to get out of the house, but I did. I travelled over to the University, and awaited my results and Physical Evaluation, and the wait couldn’t have been longer. It was like an eternity waiting, fiddling my thumbs, making faces to Piper who was sat next to me, we Greenwooders made sure to open our results when we came back to the dorm.

So, a couple of hours later after my physical evaluation, I opened up my envelope and read out my results aloud.

“Noah Chung… A! I PASSED, I ACTUALLY PASSED!” I screamed at the top of my voice as a huge smile appeared on my face. I felt over the moon as my hard work really paid off!

09-06-15_1-58 PM

Neil walked into the main hallway a minute later and I grabbed him as soon as I saw him, and I shook him very hard.

“I got an A! I got an A! What did you get?!” I asked Neil and he laughed.

“I GOT THE SAME! We actually did it Noah, I’m so proud of us!” He answered as the pair of us started to cheer together and jump up and down… until we realised how girly we were acting and quickly adjusted back to our masculine selves.

“High Five?” I suggested to him.

“Sure, I’m up for that.”

09-06-15_2-04 PM

“Noah, come and have a talk with me.” I heard Dean Cavanaugh say as she walked through the door. She had hoped that I would pass my exams, and I was excited to tell her that I did. I quickly said bye to Neil and ended our conversation before I followed her into the kitchen, where we sat down on the dining table and began our discussion. “So, how did you do?”

“I got an A overall. I’m really really proud of myself.” I smiled brightly as Dean Cavanaugh celebrated her own personal victory. I’m assuming we did better than Redwood Dormitory, which made me feel amazing.

“You’ve decided to take Wellness in your second year instead of Handiness, is that correct?”

“Yeah, I’m excited to learn about unlocking my mind to the powers beyond and all that.” I really need to do my research on Wellness over the Summer if I’m going to study it in the Fall.

09-06-15_2-08 PM

“What do you plan to do for the Summer?” Dean Cavanaugh asked me and although the answer should’ve been easy, I couldn’t think of one single thing other than going home and shutting myself away once again.

“I’ll be going home.” I think she could tell that I wasn’t feeling it.

“Well, next Summer at the end of your second year, we’ll be running a trip to Windenburg for students who are not wanting to go home at all. If you wish, I can quickly sign you up early and…”

“I’ll tell you when I come back, I need to consider some things first.” Dang, sometimes I feel like all Deans in the world are somehow psychic. But, I feel that’s just because since they live with us, they really get to know us really well.

09-06-15_2-08 PM-2

“What’re you doing this summer, Dean?”

“Well, I’m going to be hitting the beaches and trying to see if there’s any single men I can find. I still need to get married, you know! I want some children, maybe twins or triplets!” She laughed and I joined in a bit as well. Maybe I can sign her up for one of those dating sites (i.e FillMySocialMotive.com, InNeedOfASoulmate.com and PlumbobWoohoo.co.uk/MatchMyPlumbob) and see if there’s any men who would like to hit her up!

“Ah…” I replied, as I looked over at the hot tub outside. “That still works right?”

“Why, did it break?”

“No, not at all!”

09-06-15_2-09 PM

“I’m going to go relax in the hot tub for a bit, I’ll talk to you soon!” I smiled as I rose up from the chair and walked outside into the hot tub area. Luckily, I always wear a pair of swim shorts in between my boxers and trousers so getting into the hot tub was a breeze. I felt like I deserved this little relaxation session since all my hard efforts had paid off and I needed to relax my hard working muscles for a little bit.

09-06-15_2-13 PM

But, do you know that annoying feeling when you just get into a place with water and your phone just bleeps with a notification about a text message? Yes? Well, that just happened to me and it was so damn annoying! I dried my hands and searched my trouser pockets to find my phone and withdrew it from said place.

I quickly unlocked it and searched for the text message, and obviously I was kind of excited because I was reading a text message, in a hot tub, on a friday, after passing my exams! It was phenomenal.

09-06-15_2-14 PM-2

Hi Noah, it’s Mom. Just wanted to tell you that me and your father won’t be home when you get here, but we’ll leave your birthday cake, card and presents in your bedroom for you to open when you get here. There will be enough food to last you until we get home, and don’t bother your sister since she’s practicing for some competitions soon! Can’t wait to hear about your grades and how brilliantly you did. Happy Birthday for tomorrow,

“Mom.” I uttered, as I suddenly rolled my eyes. She’s being too nice, even with it being my birthday tomorrow. Hang on, wait a second.

09-06-15_2-15 PM

The thought of my birthday completely flew over my mind as it all rushed back to me. I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten my own birthday and now it’s tomorrow! I’m turning… 19!

That’s completely strange and completely wonderful at the same time, since I realised that for the first time in my life, time had flown. I had spent most of my year at this University and enjoyed every moment of it. I can’t believe this year is almost over and this Summer is going to drag like hell, but I can’t wait until the Fall, when we return.

I spent the rest of my afternoon relaxing in the hot tub, while contemplating whether to tell anyone that it was my birthday tomorrow.

09-06-15_2-57 PM-2

09-06-15_2-58 PM

Maybe not, it would be fun to celebrate us leaving instead of my birthday. I can’t make our last day all about me.

“Noah! Dean Cavanaugh made a cake to celebrate everyone getting A’s and, it’s a hamburger!” Gabrielle called out to me as I shot out of the hot tub in a flash.

“ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS?!” I screamed as I quickly ran into the kitchen and stared at the lovely hamburger cake. “When did you make this? When did you have time?!”

“Don’t underestimate what your Dean can do.” Dean Cavanaugh laughed as I continued to stare at the cake.

09-06-15_3-10 PM

I took a slice, then Adelaide took a slice, then Bobbi took a slice, then Neil took a slice, then Piper took a slice, then Gabrielle took a slice and then the Dean took a slice too! It was fun seeing everyone take a slice one by one and sit down to eat their cake slices.

It even occurred to me that this might be the last time I eat food with everyone this school year, and I couldn’t have chosen a better food to have it with. And, as we began to eat the food, I found at Adelaide was enjoying the hamburger cake a bit too much, her eyes were twitching and everything!

“So… delicious!” I heard her utter.

09-06-15_3-11 PM

I grew tired soon afterwards, and I headed up to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day due to everyone packing up some things to take home, organising cabs and also saying goodbye to one another for sometime. If I was going to be honest, I almost wished that tomorrow never came, because I don’t want to go home. I’m fine perfectly where I am now.

09-06-15_3-48 PM

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