1.59 – The Secret Date

Going to unexpected places opens our minds to heartwarming experiences. After coming home from work, Marisa took Nathan and led him off on a wild adventure. Nathan didn’t question what Marisa was up to, he trusted her. Although, he did worry about what they were about to get into.

“Where are we going?” Nathan asked as Marisa led him over to a peculiar tree filled with alien-like surroundings that didn’t look like it belonged to any other tree. Marisa laughed as her phone led her right into the tree and she banged her head on the tree.

“Ow!” Marisa moaned as she took a few steps back, her head still focused on her phone.

"Yep, we're here!"

“Yep, we’re here!”

“What are you even on about?” Nathan asked Marisa as she began to feel the tree, looking for what seemed to be hollow part to the trunk.

“We aliens from JR-501 kept a secret hiding place where only the people who know how to get in, can get in. Luckily for you, I am one of those people.” Marisa giggled as she took out a watering can which was concealed within shrubbery and flowers, and began to water the ground.

Nathan meanwhile, still had no clue about what Marisa was doing.

08-12-15_7-08 PM-2

Nathan, your wife isn’t crazy!

“Right… are you sure this is the place? I don’t see anything happening.” Nathan shrugged his shoulders as Marisa concealed the watering can once again, and she tapped Nathan’s wrist soon after.

“When did one of my ideas go wrong, huh?”

“When… when!” Nathan just couldn’t think of anything to say, and he gave up. “Fine, but when is this thing supposed to do whatever it’s supposed to do?”

“Around about… now!” Marisa said as the ground began to shake and a hole in the tree began to appear, opening up a passageway to Marisa.

"Shall we go?"

“Shall we go?”

Marisa smiled as she ventured inside of the tree, however to Nathan, it just seemed like she was going into the tree.

Now THAT'S being one with nature!

Now THAT’S being one with nature!

With Marisa’s help, Nathan was able to arrive into the secret place soon enough, named the Sylvian Glade. It kind of reminded Nathan of those Sylvian family toys he used to play with when he was little.

“We’re here, what do you think?” Marisa asked Nathan as she breathed in the fresh air around her and to Nathan’s amazement, he was in a place he never even thought existed. There were ponds full of rare fish, collectibles he never seen before and even trees of a lovely colour. “Let’s take a picture!”

“Sure, your phone though. Thanks to your abrupt trip, I forgot mine!” Nathan laughed as Marisa pulled him into a photo.

“Say, Sylvian Glade!”

"Sylvian Glade!"

“Sylvian Glade!”

The photo came out really well, even with the plummy camera quality! Marisa made sure to herself that she was going to upload it to Simstagram when she could. Nathan and Marisa laid down on the floor for a session of cloud-gazing, and the clouds were a shade of peach at this time of day, due to the sun slowly setting.

They were mesmerizing, as Marisa kept pointing out the various shapes she saw, she made a little backstory about the cloud and where it was floating off to next.

"That's a Freezer Bunny!"

“That’s a Freezer Bunny!”

“It came from Granite Falls since it had just finished it’s vacation and now it’s on it’s way over to Windenburg, where he’ll arrive just in time for the city to finish it’s regeneration project.” Marisa giggled as she looked over to her husband, who was laying down on the floor thinking about other things.

Nathan meanwhile, had been too pre-occupied with thinking about handing everything over to June. It was the boys’ birthday tomorrow and it wouldn’t be long until June would turn into a Young Adult and would then take over the reigns as the Head of the Family. But, was Nathan really prepared to give it up? He wasn’t sure.

“Don’t worry.” Marisa smiled as she turned her head in the opposite direction and looked over to the jumping Tree Fish in the pond.

08-12-15_7-24 PM

After a while, the pair of them rose up from the ground where Nathan held Marisa’s hands and smiled up at her.

“Thank you. You’ve helped me in more ways than you could ever imagine and I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.” Nathan smiled towards Marisa as he caressed her cheek.

He was right though, what if he didn’t meet Marisa and he had guided himself to another woman, had different children and led a different life. It was something Nathan had wondered, but had not ever wished for. He loved his wife, and didn’t want to change her for anyone or anything.

"Ooh, you're warm!"

“Ooh, you’re warm!”

“What else would you expect? I’m not a vampire or anything!” Nathan laughed as Marisa joined in. It had occurred to them that this might’ve been the first time in forever that they’ve been alone without the kids, it reminded them of the time that they spent together in the library and also at the very beginning of the house that Nathan lived in.

“True, you’re very warm. I wonder if you’re still a good kisser as well.” Marisa winked towards Nathan as he pulled her close to her and gave her a smooch, and they both really went for it.



After kissing for seven minutes straight, Nathan and Marisa finally separated but still holding each other hand in hand. Marisa smiled towards Nathan as she breathed in the fresh air once more.

“What do you think the boys want for their birthday?” Marisa asked Nathan and he sighed.

“Let’s think of that later, I just want to talk about us for now.” Nathan smiled, as he continued to hold her hands tightly. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“You know, it occurred to me that we had never actually had taken a honeymoon anywhere.” Nathan told Marisa and she laughed.

“You’re right there!”

"Should we take one?"

“Should we take one?”

“I guess once the kids are adults and one of them gets married. We’ll tag along with them on theirs, but we’ll stay in another place.” Marisa suggested and Nathan agreed.

“Who do you think will get married first?”

“My money is on Callum!” Marisa betted triumphantly while Nathan shook his head.

“I’m on June!” Nathan nodded as Marisa giggled.

"That's a bet!"

“That’s a bet!”


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