1.60 – Boys Become Men

Being a Young Adult brings about the time where Callum and Maven can finally be free from the bounds of school and venture off into their own personal goals. The party started as soon as everyone was ready, with Nathan catering and Marisa providing the lovely entertainment once again. Even so, everyone geared up in their party wear and awaited the guests to arrive to the party. Since Callum was the one hosting, everyone expected a lot of guests to arrive to the party, in which they did.

Nathan finished the birthday cake in top speed, going for a simplistic birthday cake with white frosting on top. He wanted to show the birthday cakes that the twins will be giving their children, because they probably will never cook in their lifetimes.

"Hehe, let me add a few sprinkles and then the candles!"

“Hehe, let me add a few sprinkles and then the candles!”

However, not everything was fine and dandy since Eric Pott came to the party. Eric was notoriously known for ruining birthday parties and ruining people’s days because he was generally a bad person. Callum, being a cheerful person, decided to step up to the mic and speak out to all the guests.

“Hello everyone, and I thank you for coming to my birthday party today! I just wanted to say that I appreciate all of your wishes and gifts that you have given me and Maven of course, and we hope that we can do you proud in our adult lives!” Callum smiled to everyone. “Oh and just one more thing!”

"Eric Pott, don't think about ruining this party."

“Eric Pott, don’t think about ruining this party.”

 Everyone turned around in shock to look at Eric, realising that he had arrived to the party. Eric laughed as he walked closer and closer to Callum with a bright smile upon his face, and also greeting everyone along the way.

“Callum! You’re practically a grown man now!” Eric laughed.

“Yeah, and you’re already growing grey hair. Oh, one just fell out.” Callum pointed his finger at the hair flying down to the ground. He extended out his arm as he clenched it tightly.

"This party is going to be awesome."

“This party is going to be awesome.”

“I don’t know…” Eric wondered curiously as he looked around the dining area. “I’m thinking of spicing it up a little. You know, giving it that extra spice.”

“I’m not sure what you mean.” Callum scratched his head as Eric began to laugh.

“Shall I do what I always do with parties, Callum?”

“No!” Callum looked at Eric evilly as he crossed his arms.

"NO, you shall NOT!"

“NO, you shall NOT!”

June, cleverly observing the situation, soon asked Eric to leave and had then taken Callum into the living room near the chess table.

“Do you want to play a game? One last one before you turn into a young adult!” June tempted Callum, and he couldn’t refuse as the pair of them sat down at the chess table.

“I’ll be black, you can be white!”

“Alrighty, I go first though.” June giggled as she moved her chess piece forward.

Who shall win? Nobody knows!

Who shall win? Nobody knows!

“I’m totally going to beat you, I’ve always beaten you from when I was a child to now.” June smirked as she watched Callum move his chess piece.

“Don’t get cocky now, June! I could just swoop under you with an unbeatable move.” Callum laughed and the game continued as Callum and June’s competitiveness continued to heat up the game.

“Nope! I won’t let you take my queen!”

“HEY! Don’t take my rook like that!”

That was until, Callum managed to throw June into a hard situation. She’d either have to give up her Queen and move on or lose her Rook and probably lose afterwards. She didn’t know what to do, but Callum who was in the midst of becoming pleased with himself, couldn’t wait to hand the turn over to June.

"Here's your turn, Junebug."

“Here’s your turn, Junebug.”

 However, June laughed. She didn’t care about her Queen so she abandoned her, much to Callum’s surprise. But then, he saw June move one of her pawns up and she gained the ability to crown one of her pawns, enabling June to acquire her Queen back. And much to Callum’s dismay, June went on an annihilation strike and managed to drive Callum to checkmate in under three moves.

"You shouldn't try and challenge a champion."

“You shouldn’t try and challenge a champion.”

“I think Maven is about to blow out his candles, let’s go see!” June suggested to Callum as the pair of them walked into the kitchen to find everyone singing the Happy Birthday song. It wasn’t long before Maven stood by his candles and closed his eyes, prepared to make his wish.

Unfortunately for Maven, there had to be that one person who awkwardly stands in front of the candles which disables you from actually blowing them out. It was such a tragedy for the family, but especially Maven.

Thanks screenshot ruiner!

Thanks screenshot ruiner!

After the candles blew out, Maven became enveloped in sparkles as he spun around into his new age and also his new life as an adult. Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis was intrigued to see what Maven had wished for, and also she was seeking to make peace with him ever since their little quarrel and became mortal enemies.

“So, what did you exactly wish for Maven?” Olivia asked and Maven put his finger on his lips.

“I’m not telling you! But, maybe we can be friends and hang out sometime, I’d like that.” And in that instant, Marisa knew that Maven had matured into the handsome young man she wished for him to be. And what did Maven wish for?

"I wish that my future is bright and prosperous, with a lot of opportunities."

“I wish that my future is bright and prosperous, with a lot of opportunities.”

Next came Callum, who was excited to make his wish because he already knew what he wanted to wish for ever since he was asked. He couldn’t wait to become an adult and live his future life with Victoria and their potential children. It was something that Callum had wrote about, dreamed about and even played about (SimsForever is awesome!)

Callum became a little… too enthusiastic to blow out the candles however.

Olympic Candle Blower: Gold Medal!

Olympic Candle Blower: Gold Medal!

As Callum turned to face his family, he grinned humbly as he watched everyone smile at one another. He found that peace and prosperity was the future for this family, but there could be difficulties at any moment, and they should be prepared for it. But, Callum didn’t need to worry about it, he was too cheerful to look upon the negatives. And even though he accidentally slipped over just now, he was so ready to face his future!

"I wish to live a great life with Victoria, and my family."

“I wish to live a great life with Victoria, and my family.”

And, to both of the lovely twin Devine boys. Happy Birthday, and let’s hope that you both have a bright future ahead of you, as you shall need all of your strength, kindness and intellect for the future. These kids are no longer boys, they have left behind their childhood, for they are now young men, ready for anything.

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08-13-15_6-08 AM


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