1.62 – The Successor of Nathan

June found her father’s greenhouse to be a place where she could relax and breath in the fresh oxygen the trees were creating. In High School, she had recently learnt about the ecosystems that affect the planet and she was deeply hurt that people were chopping down trees and not replanting them. June understood that people need wood for basic necessities in life, but if they don’t replant the trees, they’ll be killing future generations to come!

She found that talking to Fang would always relieve her of any lingering stress that came from school, it really cheered her up.

“Fang! Did you try to eat Callum again by offering cake? I know he’s clumsy but you can’t take advantage of that. I have a list of people you could eat.” June smiled at Fang and his head perked up as June laughed.

"Good boy!"

“Good boy!”

“June! Don’t give Fang any ideas now, or presents!” Nathan laughed as he finished tending his garden for the day. He suddenly thought about if it was time, with June’s birthday coming up. He nodded to himself as he turned to face June. “Come over here for a second.”


“No Fang.”

“But he can’t– oh yeah, ok!” June laughed as she walked over to her father, who was staring outside into the distance.

"We need to talk."

“We need to talk.”

“Now? What about? Ooh, am I getting cake?” June laughed as her father turned to face her.

“Nope, silly girl. It’s something else, very important. Now, I’ll wait for you on the upstairs balcony. I just need to clean the dirt off my hands first and you need to change your shoes.” Nathan smiled as he placed the last of his gardening tools down onto the ground.

“Yeah, I’ll beat you there now!”

“How? I’ll be super quick washing my hands!” And just then, June rose into the air and began to focus on her bedroom, and like that Nathan sighed.

"That's cheating!"

“That’s cheating!”

“It’s not! I say that it’s playing to my strengths.” June smirked before she disappeared. Nathan quickly washed his hands and ran upstairs to find June sat down on the sofa balcony, with a new pair of shoes on.

“Ugh.” Nathan sighed as he sat down on the sofa next to June.

“So, what did you want to talk to me about, Dad?”

“Oh! I thought it was about time I told you everything. About your responsibilities as the heir and also what you must do and mustn’t do.” Nathan smiled out into the horizon as he heard June’s excitement.

"Finally! Hehehe!"

“Finally! Hehehe!”

“What’re we going to talk about? Money? Jobs? Collecting? Skills? Please tell!” June eagerly asked her father as he thought about what would be the most important thing to tell her first.

“The most important thing you have to do is keep the family strong. To do that, you have to do three things. Number One, you have to have money. Callum and Maven will probably help support the family by their shop but they won’t be around forever, they might leave this house and live their own lives, so you must bring your own income in somehow.”

June nodded her head as she took note of the things her father was saying. “Money.”

"Number Two, producing an heir."

“Number Two, producing an heir.”

“W-What are you trying to say, Dad?” June was startled at what her father had uttered, but he seemed pretty casual about it.

“You need to meet someone and have a baby. Preferably a boy, because alternating genders are what we’re going for here. At least, that’s what the Maker wants.”

“The Maker?” June’s eyebrows raised as her father continued talking.

“Yes! He’s the one who inspired me to start this entire thing. With your enlightenment, I’m sure you might even meet him.” Meeting the Maker? June thought it sounded hilarious, but if there was a higher power, she’d love to meet the being behind it.

“But still, how do you expect me to make a baby?”

“EASY! You meet a man and then you go into the bedroom and–“ June covered her ears as her father continued on.



Nathan laughed as he saw his daughter’s disgusted face, “Did I scare you?”

“You do know they teach us this in school right?” June asked her father, and he stared at her in amazement, completely oblivious to the fact.

“Really? Damn! I wanted to scare you a lot. They ruined my fun.” Nathan sighed as he continued on with his discussion. “The last thing you need to keep the family strong is happiness.”


“You know it yourself, no one can function properly without being happy. Sure, people can be fueled by anger, sadness and even jealousy but those emotions aren’t good for leading a family, it will only end in tears and misery. June, always be happy and with that, you’ll do great.” June almost cried, but she held the tears back in front of her father as she laughed.

"Am I not already great?"

“Am I not already great?” With that face June, you’re perfect.

“Yes, and you’ll be even greater with your son.”


“But seriously. June Devine, my daughter, you shall be remembered as the first Heir to the Devine Family Legacy, don’t forget that. Make your reign great.” Nathan laughed as he realized he was speaking like they were in a kingdom, but he guessed that’s what all legacies are like.

“I will Dad, but…”

"I won't have to change right?"

“I won’t have to change right?”

“Never! I want you to be you, and nothing else. Sure, you may grown a little stern when it comes to teaching your children but you know it’ll be for the best.” Nathan comforted June, as the word ‘children’ rang in her ear.

“Children? I’ll be having more than one?!” June stared at the ground in amazement.

“Once you have one, you’ll want to have more!”


“Trust me.” Nathan laughed as the both of them stood up from their seats and looked at each other and then Nathan embraced June with a wide hug. June felt the warmth of her father’s hug, and emotions overcame her.

"I love you Dad."

“I love you Dad.”

“I love you too, June.” And, as they broke their hug apart, June opened up the balcony door.

“I have some massages to give to Maven’s hands, I’ll be going.” June smiled as she headed through the door. Nathan grinned towards his daughter with pride, how much she had grown up ever since she was small and had become the young woman she is now, it astonished him. If anyone was going to be the heir, to be his successor, he was glad that it was going to be June.




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