1.64 – Open For Business

Today was the first big step in the Devine twins’ lives. It was the grand opening day of Snapshot and from what everyone could gather, many people were excited to see what paintings and photographs were going to be available in store. Maven was busy painting something that he wanted to sell in the store and he managed to climb his way up to the top of the Painting Skill as he was told via text message that he had mastered painting.

“Well, that’s done then.” Maven smiled as he looked at his completed painting, and took a deep breath as he prepared himself for today.

"You can do this Maven."

“You can do this Maven.”

Meanwhile, someone special in Callum’s life returned as he ran over to the Shop Location to find her gazing upon it with wide eyes.

“I can’t believe you managed to get this built!” She said as she turned around to face him with a wide smile on her face. Callum ran up to her and hugged her, and he smiled too.

“When did you get back?!” Callum asked eagerly.

“Well, this morning actually. I’m still a bit tired from the flight but I thought it was best if I came and saw you first.”

“So, you missed me?” Callum giggled as Veronica placed her hands on her hips.

"When did you get so clever?"

“When did you get so clever?”

“I know right? I think it’s because of these clothes I’m wearing. I feel like I’m becoming smarter.”

“Ooh, and you do look dashing in that.” Veronica winked at Callum as he blushed a little.

“Good, I spent three hours trying to find this just to impress you!” The two lovebirds laughed as Veronica looked at the shop.

“So, what’s your shop called?”

“Snapshot.” Callum stated and Veronica scratched the back of her head.

“Why is it called Snapshot?”

"Photos and Paintings are Snapshots of Life or Snapshots of the Mind."

“Photos and Paintings are Snapshots of Life or Snapshots of the Mind.”

“Maven came up with it, didn’t he?” 


“You’ll have your time to shine today! I bet you’ll be able to rack up the most sales due to your awesome social skills. Just you watch.” Veronica encouraged Callum and he became confident that he was going to do well today.

“Thank you, for having so much faith in me. It really makes me want to well for you. And plus, can I just say how much you’re making me love you today?” Callum giggled and Veronica swooned.



“Don’t faint now. I need to get to work today!” Callum laughed as Veronica stood back upright.

“Okay. I have to go now, but I’ll see you tomorrow at June’s birthday party, okay?” Veronica smiled at Callum as he nodded his head.

“What are you going to wear?”

“That’s something I’m not allowed to tell you.”

“WHAT?! Come on!”

“Sorry, exclusivity.” Veronica laughed as Callum pointed his finger at Veronica.

"Then I'll see you tomorrow!"

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow!”

Veronica left soon afterwards and Callum, Maven, June and Marisa gathered in the store just before it opened it’s doors.

“Are you all ready?” Maven asked and the other three nodded their heads. “I’d just like to say, from me and Callum, thank you. Thank you for having so much faith and so much confidence that we can do well!”

“Yeah, just make sure you repay the… (What do humans call it again?)… debt!” Marisa said as Callum walked over to the door and opened it, and suddenly a large amount of people flooded inside of the store and began to look at the walls of the shop.

Callum’s feet were stepped on a numerous amount of times, so he had to sit down for a couple of minutes just to allow the blood to flow back into his feet.

There's quite a lot of people here!"

There’s quite a lot of people here!”

As the customers began to fill up the store, Marisa found herself talking to various women who were interested in buying the photography that Callum had taken.

“Where was this one taken?” One woman asked.

“That was taken by the side of the river outside the Devine Residence. Callum loves using his surrounding environment.” Marisa explained to the woman and she nodded her head.

“Interesting, I love what the artist has done to capture this image!” The woman smiled and it hit Marisa. Both of her sons are artists, how awesome!

"Where can I buy one?"

“Where can I buy one?”

“You can either ask one of the shop attendants or wait at the till. I currently don’t have anything to help you purchase your product, sorry.” Marisa informed the lady and she nodded her head.

“You must be really proud of your sons, right?” She smiled and Marisa nodded her head.

“They’ve come a long way and I’m happy they’ve finally reached a place where they’re happy doing what they’re doing. I still remember when Maven used to throw rainbow glitter everywhere.” Marisa and the lady began to laugh.

Aww, you've raised them well Marisa.

Aww, you’ve raised them well Marisa.

“I’d like to buy something!” A man called out with his hand. Everyone turned around in surprise as they looked at the man, who was ready with his check book. “Can someone serve me?”

“I’ll be there now!” Callum giggled as he walked over to the man.

See the Shopping Cart sign!!!

See the Shopping Cart sign!!!

“Hello Sir, what would you like to buy?” Callum asked and the man pointed up to the blue monster painting.

“I’d like to add this to my collection.” The man stated as Callum brought out his tablet and searched for it.

“Good choice, good choice! Right, so this painting is $915 but since you’re our first customer, I’ll knock off $300, making it $615! Are you able to pay that price?” Callum asked the man and he nodded his head eagerly.

“Yes! Now, tap away as you sell that painting to me.”

"I'd be glad to!"

“I’d be glad to!”

And, after Callum tapped away and made sure the money was now in the store bank account, Callum allowed the man to leave with the painting, hanging a sold sign over where the painting used to be.

"First dollar made!"

“First dollar made!”

After that, everyone managed to get in gear and sell a lot of items afterwards. They talked to customers, encouraged and informed them about products and even convinced them to buy more than one product for a new price! The paintings and photographs were flying off the walls one by one.

"I want to buy something!"

“I want to buy something!”


"I really think the nature paintings suit your personality best."

“I really think the nature paintings suit your personality best.”


Triple Checkout!

Triple Checkout!

The store closed after it got dark and too many customers kept coming into the shop and requesting to buy things. After calculating all of the profit, Maven and Callum discovered that they had made at least $8,500 profit for the day!

“Woah, we made so much!” Callum cheered and Maven nodded.

“Yeah, all we need to do now is increase the prices a little and boom!”

“Why do we need to increase the prices?”

“Look how much we sold! If we increase the prices a little, I’m sure we’ll sell more and get more money!” Maven smiled to his brother as they looked at their nearly empty shop.


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