TDFL – Achievements & Whims #4

"Am I not already great?"

Hello everyone and welcome to the final edition of Achievements & Whims for Generation One! It’s been a long, LONG journey of 4 months just to reach this stage, but I’d like to thank everyone who was extremely patient while I coped with my disorganised life. With my new laptop, I’ll soon be able to write so fast and quickly and play my games with next-to-no lag, hooray!

Generation One has been exciting, worrying and mysterious and my overall reflection of playing one single generation so far is that it’s thrilling! You don’t know what’s going to happen sometimes when you find that you can’t afford food and that you’re struggling to pay the bills early on, but fortunately me and Nathan found the light at the end of the tunnel!

From my previous gameplay session, the Devines are now on… 18 Points which makes me feel excited to see how many points I can accomplish in Generation Two! Moving onto my goals for Generation Two, which I’ve decided to adopt CathyTea’s method from her Gen One and set Primary and Secondary goals for each sim!

 08-13-15_6-14 AM-2June Devine

Primary Goal: Complete Computer Whiz Aspiration and then switch to Nerd Brain.
Secondary Goal: Have June meet some people, maybe find someone she likes and get married to them!

08-13-15_12-28 AM-2Callum Devine

Secondary Goal: Max the Photography Skill and take a photo of Nathan & Marisa!

08-12-15_9-17 PMMaven Devine

Primary Goal: Finish the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration and move onto the Painter Extraordinare Aspiration.
Secondary Goal: Paint a portrait of Nathan & Marisa for memorialization purposes.

08-12-15_12-00 AMMarisa Devine

Primary Goal: Take up the Rocket Science Skill and try to master it.
Secondary Goal:
Spend the rest of her life happily with Nathan, while trying to reach the top of her Writing Career – Author Branch.

08-13-15_5-39 AMNathan Devine

Primary Goal: Finish the Cooking Aspiration and move onto the Mixology Aspiration with my awesome method!
Secondary Goal: Reach the top of the Culinary Career – Mixology Branch.

This will be the last post for Generation One! I’ll see you soon with Chapter 2.1, whatever it’s going to be called!

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