Revenge of the Lonely Witch

Usually, I’d get over it but this time was I was angrier than ever before. I think it was because I felt like he was the one, but the way he cruelly dumped me like that… there was no way I was going to forgive him. It was on our anniversary too, and when he said that he liked someone else, I walked out and screamed into the street. I told myself, “Venus, you’re going to make him regret that.”

 I wanted to destroy him, and I wanted to make sure he suffered for the rest of his life. I was usually a good person, but this time I knew I had to tap into my inner evil to make myself feel happy again. Luckily for me, I had a wide bookshelf full of spells, curses and even enchantments that I could use on this unfortunate man. Although, none were really befitting of him. That was until, I discovered a curse called “The Curse of Loneliness”. I was intrigued, and so I began to read on.

1-10-21-15_1-24-06 AM

So you have come seeking the Curse of Loneliness? Be warned, this curse is irreversible and will take immediate effect. It will separate the victim from everyone and cause them to live in exile for the rest of their lives. If you are powerful enough to cast this curse, gather the ingredients below and add them to a cauldron full of boiling water. Before casting the incantation which is also listed below.

1) Three Leaves of Poison Fireleaf
2) Essence of Morel Mushroom
3) Two Noxious Elderberries
4) One Potato
5) Two vials of True Lovers 
6) An precious object to the victim

I summon Eros, the God of Love to break his connection with {Name of Victim} and cast him/her into eternal loneliness. May they never speak to anyone again and may their lives be a fortress of solitude, forever.
Hoffwn i weld pob ben ei/hi hun!

“Well, it seems I have a lot of work to do.” I said to myself as I took my coat from my chair and exited my house. I tapped my foot twice as my broomstick instantly flew to my hand out of thin air, and I steadily sat on it as it began to float in the air. I nodded my head as with my mind, I began to guide it in the direction of Granite Falls as I flew in the night. I had to get the ingredients from there, first of all.

The forest was quiet, which was unusual due to the amount of night-life that’s usually here on a regular basis. But, they must’ve heard me coming. Animals are usually afraid of witches ever since they learnt that we sometimes use them for our own rituals, but I went strictly veg-curser when I saw how cute some of the animals were.

“Don’t worry, it’s only me!” I called out to everyone.

2-10-21-15_1-49-45 AM

 Suddenly, all of the animals came out of their nests and their homes and instantly surrounded me full of love and kindness.

“Venus, you’re back! What do you need this time? Shall we get it for you?” Sally the Squirrel asked me before I shook my head.

“Some of the ingredients I’m getting this time are poisonous, so if you could only get some Morel Mushrooms and Potatoes for me, that’d be grand!” I replied as the animals instantly went out to search for what I asked for. It helps, that they gather the rarer and sometimes the most helpful ingredients for me as it cuts the time in half. Plus, I have to cast this spell on Halloween Night, when the moon is at it’s most powerful and so I only have a couple of hours left until Halloween is over.

I quickly ran through the forest to gather the Poisonous Fireleaf and the Noxious Elderberries. Right in the center of the forest was the Fireleaf I was looking for surrounded by the Noxious Elderberry plants, I was so lucky! I quickly put my hand in and took more than what I needed to cast this curse.

3-10-21-15_1-50-39 AM

 Sally the Squirrel and her friends Sam and Scout quickly gave me Morel Mushrooms and the Potatoes after I met them back where I arrived.

“Thank you, I’ll be sure to come back and feed you some acorns soon. I promise!” I smiled at them as I hopped back onto my broom and I rose into the air and flew off as quick as I could. Time was precious, and I didn’t have a lot of it left. After looking at the phase of the moon, I’d say I only had around four hours left. And, I still had to get the vials of the True Lovers.

I remembered people mentioning a couple named Cedric and Anne being deeply in love, since they had just come back from their honeymoon. Lucky them, however it disgusted me and made me vomit. How did she not know that he might leave her one day once someone else comes along? Being tossed to the side like some trash? WELL, I would kindly show them what love really is.

I stopped outside their house, with my head held high as I saw all of the lights turned off inside of the house.

“It’s time for a PARTY!” I laughed to myself as I began to walk inside of their home.

4-10-21-15_1-43-15 AM

I didn’t need a key. Witches could easily gain access into any home without any problem, it’s just the repercussions that follow with the whole breaking and entering ordeal. A man, presumably Cedric, came running down the stairs to see me standing in their living room.

“How are you in our house? Halloween is over. Why are you still in your cost–“

“It’s not a costume.” I smiled as I waved my wand in the air. “Bleed.”

Cedric began to fall down to the ground as blood erupted from his mouth, nose and eyes. He was dead. However, his wife, Anna ran down soon after and screamed at his dead body. So naturally, I had to kill her too in the exact same way. They died right next to each other, and it looked so… cute that it instantly reminded me of Romeo and Juliet. But guess what? I played the part of the poison, and the knife. Ouch!

5-10-21-15_1-41-25 AM

My spell worked perfectly. Once the victim dies, all blood is removed from their bodies and their wounds heal and it looks like a unnatural death. However,  I thought about how panicked I would’ve been since these people are my first victims, but I’m strangely okay. Was I descending into madness over this curse? Maybe.

I collected their blood in separate vials and quickly left the house as fast as I could, not leaving any traces of me ever being in that house. I hopped onto my broom once more and flew home, my ritual was about to begin and I didn’t have much time left to complete it.

 After arriving in my home, I went up into the attic where my brewing area is kept secret from everyone else. They don’t even know that I have a attic, it’s hidden by a secret door that another person built long ago before I came into acquiring this house. It was useful, and very concealed. I fired up my cauldron and allowed the water to rise to a boil, while inspecting the area for my mortar and pestle.

6-10-21-15_1-26-18 AM

 My eyes shot over to the mortar and pestle as I recognised it straight away. I quickly took it and added the poisonous fireleaf, morel mushrooms, the potato and the noxious elderberries and grinded them up into a paste using the vials of blood that I collected. It was tough work as the morel mushrooms were tough to crush, but once they soaked in the blood it became much easier for me to crack them.

Once the paste had been formed, I walked over to my cauldron and with a wave of my hand, I felt the fire surge through my body as it channelled a fire to erupt under the cauldron which brought it to an instant boil. Throwing the ingredients in one by one, I slowly came to the last ingredient which was a precious item to the victim.

What was precious to him? What did he really love most of all? I thought about it and thought about it and when it popped into my mind, it was perfect. As I thought about the object being in front of me, I waved my wand slowly through the air, which brought the required item into my grasp. His Coffee Machine! MWHAHAHA!

7-10-21-15_1-27-59 AM

When I was just about to throw the coffee machine into the cauldron and cast The Curse of  Loneliness, a shimmering light appeared before me, reaching out their hand and stopping me from putting in the coffee machine into the cauldron.

“Stop!” A voice called out to me as the light faded, and what looked like a fairy appeared before me, her wings flapping high and mighty. “Don’t cast the spell, you will regret it!”

“What are you talking about?” I asked her with curiosity.

“It’s not a one way spell, it’ll affect the both of you. He will be cursed, and so will you.” The Fairy explained and she seemed to realize something. “Oh! I forgot my manners, I’m Luna Agape.”

“Venus Grimsbane. So, what do you suggest I do? Stop this entire curse? Stop getting my revenge on the man who broke my heart and turned it into ashes? HE BETRAYED ME!” I screamed at the fairy, but all she did was hug me.

8-10-21-15_1-29-50 AM

“Sometimes, life isn’t easy for us. There will be our ups and our downs, we will have good things and bad things happen to us. But, we must remember to stay positive and not let the negative vibes take over us, or we will be consumed with hatred and will think that violence and negativity will solve everything. But, it doesn’t. Just a little love here and there can do so much more.” The fairy began, and I froze in place as she continued. “Hey, you can even play a little joke on him. I won’t mind. Just, don’t ruin your chance at love once again for him to never have anyone else.”

Something inside of me knew that the fairy was right. I was so consumed with hatred that I forgot that I was a good witch, someone who would help people with their problems and give them solutions for their future. I needed to become that person again, and to do that I had to let go of my revenge.

“Okay, I give up. You win.” I submitted in defeat and the fairy looked happily upon me.

“YAY! I can go back now, see you soon!” The fairy smiled before the light enveloped around her once again, and I was left alone. Even though I had given up on the curse, that didn’t mean I couldn’t get my revenge. I laughed as I threw the coffee machine into the cauldron and began to cackle.

“Double, Double, Toil and Trouble! Fire burn and Cauldron bubble! May every coffee and tea this owner of this coffee machine tastes from now on be disgusting! May it taste like… vinegar and ice cream mixed together! Mwhahaha!”

9-10-21-15_1-36-07 AM

And from then on, I continued to live my life as a good witch, helping people with their problems and also casting spells whenever I needed to. I also managed to resurrect Cedric and Anna after feeding their ghosts ambrosia which was so hard to make, and even though they didn’t forgive me at first, they soon came around and they forgave me, yay!

And we all lived, happily ever after. Unless you’re him that is.

Haunted Victorian by Carewren123
Corner Victorian By ACMARTIN8

20 thoughts on “Revenge of the Lonely Witch

  1. carewren123 says:

    I haven’t read it just yet, so expect another comment when I do, but I was scrolling through and my username caught my eye in the credits. LOL I didn’t even recognize it when I was looking through the pics. But now that I look back at them again, I guess I do see some familiar stuff. LOL that build was so long ago, and I rushed to finish it for a build-n-share deadline. I would have been funny to see if I’d ever noticed if you hadn’t put the credit. Thanks for that, by the way.

    Sorry for the long comment; I’m just highly amused at myself for not recognizing my own work. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • SummerFalls says:

      I love long comments and yeah, I was looking for a haunted house and you instantly popped into my mind so I quickly spread he’d your page and you had one! 😀


  2. RipuAncestor says:

    😀 The ending was hilarious! Also the coffee machine and the evil cackle made me chuckle.

    Huh, maybe that fairy should have made her reconsider the curse BEFORE she murdered two innocent people. Also hmm… since she’s a veg-curser, shouldn’t humans be off-limits too? Or is she also a… humanitarian curser (I’m terribly sorry about that pun :D)?

    Anyway, this was funny and well-written, and I liked it. Somehow her casual observations about possibly going mad were also darkly funny.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. msmarvel98 says:

    Ah, this was great! I love your writing style, and how this story started out as a murderous revenge plot 😁 “What was precious to him? What did he really love most of all? His Coffee Machine! MWHAHAHA!” I loved this so much!


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