2.1 – The Changing of Seasons

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As the sun rose high into the sky, it dawned the beginning of a brand new generation. Like the seasons, the generation had now passed onto the next one, from Nathan to June, from Summer to Autumn. June had awoken the morning after her birthday feeling energized and focused on being the best heir the legacy will ever have.

June began to reinvent her look once more because just after one night, she was already bored with the way she looked. She wanted something unique and also something personal to herself, she wanted to look professional but also look fun at the same time. Thus, June managed to create her own inspired look of what an Heir should dress like.



“I like this new me.” June smiled to herself before setting off on a small walk with her meditation gear. A small distance away from the house, June had began to place down the meditation table onto the crispy autumn leaves and change into her exercise gear without anybody noticing. It was 6am in the morning, so not many people were around during this time.

June breathed out as she sat down on the meditation table and began to focus on her inner core, focusing on what needed to be expelled from her body. Self doubt, pressure, worries, June had to focus on how she was going to lead the family, and how she was going to be the best of all.

Although, during her meditation, she wondered if doing all work and no fun was really the way to go with being an Heir. There were no set guidelines but June felt that she had to establish something for her to follow, otherwise she’d feel lost.

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“What’s the right way?”

In the back of her distant mind, June began to recall her father’s advice to her long ago. She would’ve forgotten it if it weren’t for the constant meditation she’d been doing ever since she became a teenager.

“June, if you’re not having fun as the heir, then you’re doing it wrong. Remember the three things you need to continue on with the legacy. Money. Baby. Happiness. Also, if you could, get some collectibles along the way, we could open a museum someday.” June recalled Nathan telling her, and as she spoke out those words she instantly felt that even though she should put other’s happiness before her own, she needs to be happy to make others happy.

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“Happiness is the right way.”

June was the most happy when she was helping those around her, she was happy when she saw that other people were happy. So, by helping other people, she’d be making herself happy and also making other people happy around her. It was a win-win situation for June, and she enjoyed that dearly.

June rose up from her meditation table and changed back into her normal clothes while quickly running the table back into the house. Afterwards, she ran out and found the nearest apple tree and began to pick some of the apples from it. She hoped that she could give these to her father so that he’d be able to use them to fertilize the other plants and have them evolve quickly.

11-02-15_3-36-16 AM

I find this so adorable and thought-provoking at the same time.

After that, June began to collect a few more plants and she even managed to collect a few microscopic samples of the plants to analyse once she bought a microscope to analyse them in. It wasn’t that they didn’t have enough money to buy one, it was just that they were saving their money for another renovation, and an expensive one at that.

June ran towards a rock she spotted in the distance, and with her chisel and hammer at the ready, she began to dig away at the rock with all of her efforts to help everyone.

This reminds me of Nathan so much!

This reminds me of Nathan so much!

After spending another hour collecting rocks, June made her way back to the house where she saw her brother Callum walking up as well. He probably had just come back from a date with Veronica and June was excited to know about how it went. She quickly ran up to her brother and gave him a massive hug when she finally caught up to him.

“What’s up, Junebug?” Callum asked as June stared into Callum’s eyes. “What’s up, JUNEBUG?”

“Oh nothing, I just wanted to know how your DATE went!” June replied and Callum huffed at the fact that June was being so nosey and getting into his personal life. He loved it!

“Well, it went really well, if that’s what you want to know.” And because of that, a bright smile appeared on June’s face.


“All we need to do now is to have you meet someone and you’ll be happy too!” Callum laughed but June didn’t laugh and as Callum glanced at her, he stopped right away.

“I will, one day. I just don’t know when Mr.Right will come my way.” June sighed just before Callum stepped closer towards June.

“Speaking of Mr Right, do you want to know a secret?” Callum asked and June nodded her head, and then Callum leant in close and whispered into her ear. “I’m going to propose to Veronica.”

“WHAT?!” June screamed as she began to celebrate with Callum.

“YAY! I’m so happy for you.”

“Alright, I’ve got to go since I need to set up the date for tomorrow night. I’ll see you soon Junebug, okay?” Callum giggled as he walked away. Being the only child in a relationship must be nice. Neither Maven nor June have met someone yet and it’s starting to get to them, June felt. June guessed that they were trying to rush love and it wasn’t working.

But, Veronica as a sister in law? That sounded enchanting to June as she never had a sister, and even if she did want one, she thought that her mom and dad would be too old to make another sibling for her now.

“The possibilities are endless.”

June’s programming skills had developed as well over the course of one night. She managed to gain two skill levels in programming and was writing up a storm of coding, hacking into corrupt companies and taking their money, making mods for Sims Forever and even doing a bit of freelance work here and there for some companies. The pay wasn’t as much as a real job but June liked it.

Speaking of a real job, when June applied for a position in the Tech Guru Career, they told her that she was simply overqualified and thus they moved her up to the second stage of the career straight away!

Meanwhile, June was busy hacking into a corrupt company called Ninjahog. She kind of felt like a superhero while doing this.

“Now, you won’t be able to do any more dirty dealings!”

Oh, there was also time for a mini ice-cream break too. One thing that June had noticed was that whenever someone in the house was hungry, they’d oddly go for the ice cream machine to fill them up, or on the odd occasion Nathan would cook a gourmet meal and everyone would take a bit of that instead. June had decided to go for Chocolate Chip as her flavour today, and it tasted SO good!



While June ate her ice cream cone, she headed over to her father to check up on his progress. Since autumn had arrived, Nathan was busy working on making sure the plants’ conditions were still met and that they were still producing goods while losing their leaves slowly.

“So, how are you Dad?” June asked her father and he turned around to face her.

“I’ve felt better, but I’m not dying or anything.” Nathan laughed and June kept quiet once again, she probably didn’t have a sense of humour.

“How have I done so far? Pretty Heir-worthy work, ‘ey?” June asked and her father nodded his head.

“You’ve done very well, my child.”


“But, you must remember that you cannot confine yourself to this work forever, you must be able to adjust yourself into any situation. Like these plants, they change for survival since winter shall be coming soon. Like the seasons change, we must change. While your season is still here June, you must live life to the fullest and fulfil everything you want to do, because it’s still your life.”

“So what do I do?” June asked Nathan and he thought about it for a second, before finally coming up with a reasonable answer.

“Use time wisely.”

“Huh? What are you on about?”

“There will come a time soon where you are presented with a choice. You can either accept this choice or deny it. It will determine whether you die later or die sooner, and depending on how fulfilled your life has been depends on if you want to go or not. Also, if you like to learn, then learn whatever you can because you can pass the knowledge down to your grandchildren and your great grandchildren.” Nathan finished and June couldn’t stop laughing at the last sentence.

“Speaking of grandchildren, I hear Callum is going to propose to Veronica.” June announced to Nathan, and he got so excited about it!

June, later on decided that she needed to explain herself fully and so she wrote it down on a small piece of paper, with a mention of photo credits going to Callum Devine.

My name is June Devine and I am the heir to the Second Generation of The Devine Family Legacy. I believe that a family is held together by a bond of unity, love and trust and I want to help strengthen that. Over the course of my childhood and teenage years, I have received so much love from those around me that I want to repay them. I’ve also learnt many skills along my way of becoming the heir, including the art of teleportation.

11-02-15_3-59-47 AM

I’ve also learnt how to hack and how to create different types of video games. From Dad, he told me that The Maker or The Watcher was the person who sent him on this quest because he received a calling from him. If this guy truly exists, then I hope he’ll be able to help me get through this generation with all of the power in both of our bodies.

11-02-15_4-00-42 AM

I am a powerful woman, I aspire to learn many skills and master many things. I want to complete many collections and have a couple of children (not too many though). But, there is one thing that is clear. I shall try everything in my power to ensure that I am remembered as one of the greatest family leaders.
June Devine.

And after that, Generation Two began with a bang. Or rather, a bunch of coding.

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