2.2 – A Very Important Question

Callum had grown excited over the past couple of days waiting for this day. He was looking forward to having Veronica over tonight and finally popping the question to her, and he wanted to make sure that he did it in the sweetest and most sincere way he could think of. Callum kept thinking of all of the ways that he could propose to Veronica and each and every way motivated him to keep going with his plan.

He opened his phone and dialled Veronica’s number straight away as the afternoon came to pass, he wanted to have her over while the sun was still up but it was later on in the afternoon since Veronica would’ve finished work at this time.

“Hello?” Veronica answered through the phone as Callum’s face lit up.

11-04-15_1-44-42 AM

“Hey! Don’t go home tonight. Come over mine!”

“How come?” Veronica asked and Callum had to act quick on his feet. He didn’t want to let her know about the proposal, but at the same time, he wanted to come up with a convincing reason for her to come over.

“Don’t you like seeing your boyfriend? I guess not…” Callum muttered in a sad tone on the phone but in reality, he had to keep himself from laughing.

“Awwww, boo! I’ll be over after work, okay? See you later.” Veronica replied and she hung up the phone. Callum celebrated a small victory by getting Veronica to come over but the larger battle was about to begin.

Callum spent the remaining hours he had left setting up a romantic area behind the house for him and Veronica, with the cutest bears and flowers and even a glistening waterfall. He wanted everything to be perfect. Veronica arrived to the household straight after everything had been finished and Callum had to run across the house as quickly as he could to greet her.

11-04-15_1-46-47 AM

“Hey beautiful!”

“Hey handsome. So, what’s the deal? You sounded sad on the phone and now you’re happy. Are you having mood swings? Shall I tell your mom?” Veronica asked concerned and Callum laughed as he took her hand and led her away from the front of the house. Veronica’s eyebrow was raised however, “Are you…okay?”

“I’m completely fine! But, you won’t be. Mwhahaha.” Callum continued to laugh and Veronica kept walking with Callum until she became surprised at what she was walking into. Callum let go of Veronica’s hand and sat down at the table within the cute romantic area that Callum quickly constructed with thanks to June and Maven.

“When did you–“

“Sh. Just sit down.” Veronica couldn’t help but stare at the entire area with fake grass as the flooring and fake flower hedges since they couldn’t be real because it was autumn.



Veronica sat down at the table but she felt it was a bit difficult to see Callum’s face as there was a huge pot of flowers in between the both of them.

“Do you think that it’s possible for you to move the pot? Your handsome face can’t be seen.” Veronica suggested and Callum quickly agreed and replaced it with a red plumbob lamp. “Oh, that’s much better.”

“I agree, I can see your beautiful face even more now.” Callum smiled as he stared into Veronica’s brown eyes. He never noticed it before, but he felt like her eyes were a gateway into her soul, and it made him feel very comfortable, staring into her eyes.

“What’s the reason you called me here today?” Veronica interrogated Callum and he tried not to laugh, or smile, or do anything that would give anything away.

"I want to see you."

“I want to see you.”


"And so you prepared all of this? Yeah, something's definitely up."

“And so you prepared all of this? Yeah, something’s definitely up.”

Callum felt that if he didn’t do it now, then he wouldn’t be able to do this again in the future. He took three deep breaths, in the way that June taught him to relieve nervousness, and he stood up, walked over to Veronica and stood her up too.

“Come over here.” Callum ordered before he took her right by the waterfall and got real close to Veronica, who was feeling a bit nervous at this point as well. “Veronica, I love you.”

Veronica was obviously stunned. Apart from Callum, she never felt any close attraction to any other man in her life. Her father abandoned her when she was a child and thus her mother acted as both her mother and father when it came to boys. Veronica never had any major relationships and they never lasted long, but with Callum, she wanted him for life and she knew in that moment, that she loved him too.

“I love you too.” Veronica blushed before Callum swung her around and kissed her before the waterfall.

Oooh, how romantic!

Oooh, how romantic!

Callum raised Veronica from the ground, and they both stared at each other with flirty and loving eyes. Callum took the red rose that was on the accent table next to him and he began to play the song, ‘Close to You’ and handed her the rose. “For my beautiful lady.”

“Oh Callum!” Veronica gasped as she stared at the rose. It was beautiful, a symbol of their love and something she’d keep forever since it was actually a plastic rose. Callum gave it to Veronica and she held it in her hands, and felt the warmth that Callum passed onto her through the rose.

"Oh, and there's one more thing."

“Oh, and there’s one more thing.”

Callum took even more deep breaths this time. It looked like he was about to enter a state of shock.



Callum readied himself and looked to Veronica with loving eyes. “Veronica Whittaker.”

Veronica watched as Callum slowly lowered himself down onto one knee, and she gasped and felt excited! June and the rest of the family were watching from Nathan and Marisa’s bedroom window, fighting over who got the bigger view. Callum searched for the box within his pockets and slowly withdrew it out of his purple blazer.

“Callum! How–“

“Sh. Let me do the talking. Ever since I met you at the park, you’ve become part of my life. Sure, we had a little hitch with you being older than me and it becoming illegal for us to date, but we stuck through it and became a really great couple. Your mom loves me and my mom loves you, and so…” Callum opened the box in front of Veronica and held the ring with both hands in front of her, who was deeply shocked and pleased.

"Would you do me the honour of becoming my wife?"

“Would you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”

“YES!” Veronica screamed in Callum’s face as she began to celebrate their engagement. Callum silently celebrated a victory by himself while he handed Veronica the engagement ring, and she smiled as she held the ring up to the sky.

"This is real right?"

“This is real right?”

“Wha-“ Callum was stunned.

“Kidding! I’ll take this even if it was a Haribo ring. I love you no matter what. Except if you cheat on me because then I will hate you for the rest of my life. But, I trust you so that won’t happen!” Veronica giggled as Callum and her engaged in another kiss, to officiate their engagement and they could just hear the cheers coming from the bedroom window by the rest of the Devine Family.



Veronica even jumped into Callum’s arms!

"You're light as a f-feather!"

“You’re light as a f-feather!”

“So, why’re you struggling to hold me up?” Veronica laughed and Callum slowly turned red.

“Okay okay, so maybe I don’t have the strength of an ox.”

“But, you’re still cute that way.” Veronica smiled as Callum let go of her and Veronica fell down to the ground. “Ow!”

“Sorry, you complimenting me weakened my strength.” Callum laughed and Veronica joined in too in the laughter, but left soon after to tell her mother the amazing news. On the other hand, Callum went to his brother Maven who had just finished brushing his teeth in the bathroom.

“It seems like the younger twin gets the girl first of all! I bet this is making you feel bad right?”

Oh... don't worry Maven! Don't tell Callum but I think you're the better looking twin ;)

Oh… don’t worry Maven! Don’t tell Callum but I think you’re the better looking twin 😉

“I HAVE HOPE! I WILL MEET SOMEONE!” Maven vowed before Callum went upstairs. As Maven slept, he tried to paint a picture of him and Veronica on their wedding day.

I'm really not sure what he painted.

I’m really not sure what he painted.


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