Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2-1

The credits came onto the screen as the episode finished. That was not an ending, that was just a bunch of plum put together and it was bunny plum! The ending to my favourite TV show was completely rubbish and I wasn’t even sure what I was going to do. But, I was completely sure that everyone was going to agree with me about this.

I turned on my computer and immediately went onto the Rocky Roadies forum page where I was met with a lot of forum threads detailing how they loved the ending. How could they have loved something so terrible and something so… ghastly? Everything that happened in that episode didn’t make sense and life doesn’t even make sense any more! I turned off my monitor in anger and slammed my hands down on the table.

“DAMN IT.” I spat at myself. Everyone has left me and I’m all alone now, and I’m not even sure how to move on from everything. How was I going to wake up tomorrow and return to life? Oh yeah, I’ll paint a few art pieces and sell them off and live the rest of my life as a creative person. No, it probably won’t happen and I’m stupid for thinking that.

Episode 2-2

Overall, I’m a wreck. I want to live a life that might not even work and I don’t want to be forced to live a life that I don’t want. Ugh.

“What am I going to do?” I sighed to myself as I made up my mind to go for a walk. Although, even when my emotions piled up, I ran out of the house almost blinded by my tears, and because of that, I never saw it coming. I never saw the bright lights heading right for me. I never saw the car hit me and me fly over the car. I never saw the night sky as my vision turned black. All because my tears blinded me.

Episode 2-3

– – –

I’m alive? I’m alive! I tried to open my eyes but the light was blinding, it was probably morning and I must’ve rested for the night. Although, I felt oddly okay. My body didn’t hurt at all and I felt good as new, these doctors must be… I was not in a hospital. I didn’t hear the usual sounds of the beeps and the talking and the woo woos. Am I dead? No. I felt very much alive, so where was I? I managed to muster enough energy to open by eyes and see where I was.

Episode 2-4

Woah, where the plum was I? This room seemed familiar but, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. It was like, someone huge lives in this bedroom and I should know who but I didn’t remember. Did I have memory loss? No. I knew my name, it’s Evelyn Parker and this bedroom belonged too…

“Oh, you’re awake. Lovely.” A masculine voice, familiar once again spoke out by the door. I turned my head to find him stood there. Luke Knight. But, how could he possible be here? Oh wait, it had to be the actor right, Conrad Mitchell?

Episode 2-5

“How did I get here? Who are you? Why are you here? What happened to me? Where am I? How am I?” I asked him all sorts of questions before he came into the room placed his finger on my lips. I asked him who he was just to be sure I wasn’t dealing with a lunatic who got plastic surgery to look like Conrad, because that HAS happened before.

“You got here because I picked you up from the road and took you in here. I’m Luke Knight. I’m here because this is my house and you’re in my bedroom.” He began to answer, but I heard Luke Knight right? He… introduced himself as Luke Knight?! Where the plum was I?! I started to shake and get a little scared but he held my shoulders and calmed me down a little.

“I found you on the side of the road, so I took you in. I’m not sure what happened to you but you looked almost lifeless, I couldn’t just leave you there. Plus, the hospital is about three miles from Rocky Road so keeping you here was the best option.” Luke explained the rest. And the words Rocky Road rang in my mind like a doorbell.

Episode 2-6

“Did you just say… Rocky Road?” I asked him and he nodded. This was too real to be a dream and this was too weird to be a reality.

“Yeah… Do you have a place to go to? You don’t seem to have any memory loss and you seem perfectly normal.” Luke smiled at me and I couldn’t help but giggle on the inside. Although, if my suspicions were correct, I don’t have a place to go.

“No. I’m a homeless orphan.” That’ll work. Luke went outside of his bedroom for a couple of minutes, which allowed me to compose myself and get my act together. I had to figure out what the plum was going on and how I was going to get home. Luke came back in and smiled, “Great news! I talked to my mom.”

Episode 2-7

Fran Knight is his mom. “And?”

“You can stay here for the time being, but not sleeping with me. Sleeping in the spare room. We’ll get it ready for you.” Luke was about to leave the room again before turning his head back towards me. “What’s your name? You never said it.”

“Evelyn. Evelyn Parker.” I smiled at him and he nodded his head.

“Nice to meet you, the girl with a beautiful name. Evelyn Parker.” Luke reminded himself as he exited through the door. I started to think of many theories of how I could have ended up in this world.

Episode 2-8

I was having a huge hallucination? I was dead? No… these were all theories that made no sense. But, what if the car that hit me launched me high enough to be sucked through a multi-dimensional portal into a world where Rocky Road exists? That was a very logical and very reasonable explanation!

I suddenly felt the need to go outside, so I rose up from the bed and walked straight downstairs and out the door where the wind blew out and hit me like a revitalizing energy of life. I was actually in Rocky Road, and Rocky Road was all around me.

Episode 2-9

I looked to my right to see the Green house while to my left, I see the King, Brown and Waters houses. This is all so exciting to see! I can’t believe I’m actually here and I can’t believe that I’m seeing people that I’ve seen on TV! I looked at the various people who walked past Luke’s house and remembered seeing them in the pilot episode of Rocky Road.

When I walk out onto the pavement, I bump into a guy who immediately turned around to face me. It’s none other than Alexander King. His black hair is styled in the way that he did it in Season One of Rocky Road and his eyes are so vibrant that they look like they’re full of dreams waiting to be acomplished.

“Woah, I’m sorry!” He apologized before he made his way over towards me.

“I’m okay, honestly. I’m just busy thinking about the sky. I might want to paint it sometime.” Okay, I admit using my own knowledge of the show to my advantage was not a great thing, but I needed to make friends and who better than someone who has the same interests as me?

Episode 2-10

“You like painting? Did you go to the Kingly Art Exhibit yesterday?” No. But I did remember the flashback that was on the show, so let’s just say that I was.

“Why yes! I loved the pieces, especially the one with the Freezer Bunny in the fridge. It was so thought provoking.” I smiled and he nodded his head.

“I’m glad you think so. Hey, my name is Alexander but you can just call me Alex.” He introduced himself, not that I already knew who he was.

“I’m Evelyn Parker, it’s my pleasure to meet you.” I smiled as continued to speak to each other.

Episode 2-11

After Alexander left, it occurred to me that I was on episode one, the pilot episode because everything was how it was back in the beginning. And I knew exactly what was going to happen in the show and I got to live in it! No one has ever received this opportunity, so why refuse it? I decided that I was going to follow the plot of the show and hopefully live all the seasons of Rocky Road.

And that means that my first task, is to meet Penelope Waters.

Episode 2-12


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