Y2 – Chocolate Doughnuts

Later on in the day, the sun had set and it was almost time for the Greenwood Gathering to begin. I travelled to the kitchen to find Emma at the cupcake machine, placing flour into it and pulling many levers and pressing many buttons. I walked over to her and stared at everything she was doing. She turned around and saw me and jumped backwards.

“You scared me!” Emma shouted and I laughed, she laughed too. She turned back around as she continued to bake whatever she was making in the cupcake machine. Whatever it was, it smelt really good.

10-27-15_7-03-29 AM

I think Emma could tell they smelt good too. She kept smiling up to the ceiling and she always took deep breaths as well.

10-27-15_7-03-49 AM

I soon departed outside, where Adelaide, Piper, Neil, Bobbi and Gabrielle were already waiting for me, they even saved a space for me right next to Piper.

“You’re late.” Adelaide said as she gestured me to the seat next to Piper. I sat down as Emma came out a couple of minutes later and sat down next to Gabrielle.

“They’re cooling off, so I’ll get them in a couple of minutes.” Emma informed us all, and soon enough, the Greenwood Gathering began.

10-27-15_7-07-46 AM

Adelaide: Welcome everyone to the first Greenwood Gathering of the year! How is everyone?

Me: I’m feeling excited! I’m so happy to be back with everyone. I’ve missed you all so much.

Piper: Yeah, you missed me the most though, right? I’m feeling alright, I guess. I’m just glad to be here.

I felt that Piper was glad to be here too, I didn’t think she had a nice break from the school at all. Oh and that missing her the most comment? That was true but at least no one else thought it was!

10-27-15_7-08-02 AM

Emma: I’m new here. My name is Emma Lockhart and my summer was awesome! I spent it looking at interesting recipes to show off my cooking talents this year, and hope that I can fulfill everyone’s hunger needs!

Adelaide: Well, I’m glad your back Piper. I missed you a lot. And welcome Emma! I hope you fit in wonderfully with us all. How about you, Bobbi? How are you?

Bobbi: I’m perfect! I can’t wait to get right back into studying Music and becoming the best I can be.

Piper: Even then, you won’t be better than me. It’s just a known fact, sorry to burst your bubble.

Bobbi: HEY YO-

I hoped someone stop them from arguing again, the last time it happened the house almost exploded. It wasn’t good, we all had to spend an entire day removing sharp instrument pieces off the walls.

Gabrielle: I’m good. But beware this year, because I feel like I’m going to become even more mischievous, mwhahaha!

Thanks, Gabrielle! But, I wasn’t looking forward to her pranks unless I got to do them with her! She was a really good prankster last year and I couldn’t wait to see what she had in store for all of us. Plus, I had a few ideas here and there of what pranks we could pull together.

10-27-15_7-08-19 AM

Neil: Oh no. Well, I’m safe to say that I’m brilliant. I just can’t wait to continue tending to my garden, but I hope they’re not all dead!

Emma: Oh no! I hope that they’re not dead either. I was hoping to try and get some fresh ingredients for my cooking this year. I’ll look forward for what you have to give me, Neil.

Me: I think we can all say that we’ve had an excellent summer and that we’re all freshened up and prepared for the Fall. The leaves are starting to change colour and I feel that we all need to change into our autumn and winter clothes soon!

10-27-15_7-08-39 AM

The meeting continued as everyone continued to discuss things that they were doing this year and also about how we could help other people in our dorm. I liked our little community of support because it was always easy to get help whenever we needed it.

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Emma: Ooh! I think the chocolate doughnuts are ready to be served! I’ll be right back!


Piper: Noah, stop overreacting. They’re just doughnuts.

Me: JUST DOUGHNUTS?! They smelt amazing Piper, you don’t even know.

Emma departed only to return a couple of minutes later with a plate of doughnuts and placed them down on the glass table in the centre of the chairs. Everyone took a few and began to eat one, and they tasted so awesome!

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Bobbi: Woah Emma gurl, where did you find the recipe for this? These are simply divine!


Gabrielle: Okay, I may exempt Emma from my pranks only if she keeps making me delicious treats like these! That’s my only condition.

Emma blushed as she felt pleased with everyone’s compliments and I felt that she found herself even more encouraged to train in her cookery skills and become a better chef! Although, I hoped that everyone else wouldn’t take Emma for granted and they would actually learn cooking from her, like I’m going to do!

Also, I caught Emma’s eyes. She kept on staring over at Neil as he ate the doughnuts that she baked. I’m not sure why Emma kept staring at Neil… maybe she was interested in his thoughts about how they tasted? Maybe she thought he had an idea about a different ingredient that she could put into the doughnuts. Nevertheless, she kept staring.

10-27-15_7-12-07 AM

Emma: Say, who can help me paint some paintings for my bedroom? I looked for some nice paintings in something called Build and Buy and Beyond but there was nothing good there.

Adelaide: I guess I’m the only art student here so I guess I can help you.

Emma: Really? That’d be wonderful!

Me: YES! Adelaide is so awesome at painting, she even painted my portrait and it looked awesome. I need to get a few more pieces off her this year actually.

Piper: Yeah, I bet you do.

Emma: So, you’ll do it for me?

Adelaide: Of course! What’re friends for?

10-27-15_7-14-09 AM

The Greenwood Gathering ended twenty minutes later and I travelled upstairs to my bedroom where I acquainted myself with everything once again. After changing into my gym clothes, I felt it was best if I had a quick training session on my treadmill, it’s been a while since I’ve ran on this thing. I think it missed me.

10-27-15_7-15-04 AM

Afterwards. I fell asleep. There were so many more adventures to be had tomorrow and I couldn’t wait.

10-27-15_7-16-14 AM


6 thoughts on “Y2 – Chocolate Doughnuts

  1. makplays says:

    I’m excited to see the results of some of these pranks. If Piper and Bobbi are going to be breaking instruments, they’d better have the money to fix them- they don’t come cheap (I know this from experience).


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