Season 1 – Episode 3

My first instinct was to go to Penelope’s house, which we were introduced in the very first episode of Rocky Road due to her being a main character. Also, being the richest in the neighbourhood, it was really easy to see her house from my end of the street. Penelope’s lavish house is decorating with the finest of everything; finest stone, finest wood, finest porcelain, things that I could only dream of having.

When I arrived near her house, I walked up to the front door only to hear the sound of a crashing plate. I would’ve normally went away from this sort of sound, but if my suspicions were right, I knew exactly what it was and so, I followed the sound to find a window.

11-11-15_6-42-07 PM

“You jerk! I clearly saw you with that poor excuse for a woman, and yet you want to make up stories to cover it up?” A woman, Heather. Penelope’s Mother. She was shouting at who looked like Carl, Penelope’s Father. OH RIGHT! They’re argued about Divorce for the first few episodes of the first season.

“I’m telling you it’s not true! You saw wrong. If you can’t trust me or if you’re using this as an excuse to divorce me, then leave me!” Carl shouted back at Heather and she puffed some air out of her lungs, in what seemed to be annoyance.

“EXCUSE? Excuse? I have loved you since the first time we met at that candlelit café and you have the decency to call this an EXCUSE? You’ve changed Carl, and I don’t like it. Now, I shall–” Heather, at this point was staring at me through the window. Plum, I had been caught. “You there! What are you doing?!”

11-11-15_6-42-48 PM

Thanks to sneaking out of my parent’s house all those times, I was quick at reaction and as soon as she saw me, I bolted out into the street and out into the countryside. That was so close, and I hoped that Heather didn’t catch a glimpse of my face. This makes me remember Penelope’s storyline, it did have it’s ups and downs, but she did manage to survive through everything.

I caught my breath before attempting to walk again, but when I did, I crashed into the person I was looking for.

11-11-15_6-47-45 PM

“Well well well, what do we have here?” Penelope scoffed as she seemed to examine me up and down. “I never knew those clothes were in season right now! Where did you get them? The dollar store?”

Okay, for a character that doesn’t really exist, it kind of hurt me to hear her say that. I tried to keep my anger in, and after my (was it recent? I wasn’t sure anymore) outburst with my parents, I guessed I shouldn’t be picking any fights with anyone at the moment.

11-11-15_6-45-43 PM

“You see, my parents own Waters Multiplex Mall, a billion simoleon business. That makes me rich, and that makes me a thousand times better than you. So, why did you think it was such a bright idea to clash with me and spread your poor people germs all over my skin! Ew! I totally need a disinfecting and exfoliating cucumber and avocado mud bath, I should call my personal spa specialist.” Penelope complained and then began to laugh, along with her friend Alison. I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I couldn’t stand to be belittled like this.

11-11-15_6-46-50 PM

“At least my parents aren’t thinking about divorce over a cheating husband.” I laughed, and continued to laugh as Penelope’s face turned red. It looked just like a beetroot, it was so funny. Penelope then huffed and turned her head back towards me, in an evil stare. I knew this stare from episode 7 of the second season of Rocky Road and, from that, I knew that she was about to get real.

“You still don’t get it do you? I can ruin you, I can isolate you from everyone you know and make you an embarrassment in this town. I am the Queen Bee, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. I can even get rid of you, if you become too much of an annoyance in my life. Ugh, I might get wrinkles from all this frowning! Alison, let’s go get Low Fat, Mocha Frappuchinos with Caramel Sauce and totally hit the spa to get some of those facials I talked about! Woo!” Penelope clicked her fingers before she walked off with Alison down the street, and I was left there, alone.

Penelope’s words made me realise something. If I was truly in this town, then I have to live here and I can’t go around acting all high and mighty just because I know everything that’s going to happen. That’s the wrong choice and people who make the wrong choices eventually suffer in the end and my suffering could be my own death.

I ran back to Luke’s house after that, I felt so plum for everything that I said and heard that I began to cry. No, it wasn’t as bad as when I saw the Rocky Road Season Finale, but it was probably half of that. It was probably the same as how much I cried when I fell off my Rocky Road bike when I was 14.

11-11-15_6-57-18 PM

“Dear, what’s wrong?” Luke’s mother, Fran tried to call out of me, but I ignored it and ran straight up into Luke’s bedroom. I jumped onto his bed (which I’ve wanted to do for the longest time) and cried. It wasn’t long before Luke came into the bedroom and sat down on the bed near me, to which I then sat up and sat down next to him.

“What’s up, Evelyn? That’s your name right?” Oh Luke, your forgetfulness is the same.

“I’m okay, I’ve just had a rough day.” I wipe the tears off of my face as I force a smile for him.

11-11-15_6-58-48 PM

“You know, if you cry too much you’ll lose all your water and resort to crying out your blood.” Luke warned, and even I knew that was too good to be true. I laughed along with Luke before the conversation fell silent.

“Why do you think people are such plums sometimes?” I asked Luke, and he shrugged his shoulders like he wasn’t sure. I mean, one of his friends is a massive plum, so he should know the answer.

“Maybe they haven’t found what they’re looking for. Maybe they’re jealous of someone or something or maybe they’re just scared of letting everyone seeing the real them. In any case, people have their own reasons for being plums.” Luke replied and I guess the latter reason was Penelope’s reason, but it doesn’t mean I’ll forgive her, even if she’s a TV character, she hurt my feelings!

“Ugh, I’m not sure how I’m going to live from here.” I thought out loud and Luke patted my back.

“It’ll all work itself out soon. Just wait.” Luke advised and I finally figured out what I’m going to do in this town.

11-11-15_6-59-12 PM

I’m going to make the people who deserve to be happy, happy and make sure that nothing gets in the way of their happiness because they don’t deserve to be treated like plums. Maybe that’s the reason why I was sent here, to restore everything to what it should be. Or maybe, I was sent here for another purpose, but as Luke says later on this season, let’s not worry about that for now.

I smiled and stood up from my sofa before someone knocked the door and then opened it, and it was Fran.

“Hi! I just hoped I wasn’t disturbing you two in case you were…” Fran started and me and Luke stared at her.

“MOM!” Luke shouted at her and she immediately backed off.

“Okay, okay! I only came in here to say that there’s a Detective Lyons downstairs to see Evelyn.” Fran scratched her head as I walked downstairs and saw him, Detective Lyons who I had a minor crush on when he first made his appearance in Rocky Road and my oh my, he still looks FINE!

11-11-15_7-01-02 PM

“Sorry to disturb you Miss… Evelyn. I’m Detective Elliott Lyons and I’m here to question you on the disappearance of Amelia Green.” He introduced himself, while handing me his card. Amelia Green? That name sounds familiar, like Luke’s bedroom, so I’m guessing she’s a character here.

“I don’t know who she is. I recently got into a car accident and my mind is a bit fuzzy, sorry.” I replied to him and he stroked his beard very slowly.

“Well, we at the station, we received an anonymous tip that you were the last person to see this girl, and to speak to her too. They didn’t provide any evidence of this event, but we always follow up leads just to be sure.” He nodded his head to me. Penelope probably sent that tip in, the… breathe Evelyn.

11-11-15_7-03-20 PM

“I’m sorry but, I don’t remember speaking to an Amelia Green. But, I hope you manage to find her soon.” I smiled at him, and he took out a picture out of his pocket and passed it over to me. “What’s this?”

“It’s a picture of Amelia Green, it might ring a bell.” He said to me before I looked down at it, and examined it closely.

Amelia Page

I know her! Not from talking to her, but from the show! She’s Michael Green’s daughter! But… why is she missing?

“Sorry but, I don’t know her.” I sighed as I tried to pass the picture over to him, but he just pushed it back over to me. “Why?”

“If she ever attempts to contact you, make sure you tell me. You can keep that picture with you for identification.” He smiled before he rose up from his seat and walked over to the door.

“WAIT!” I quickly told him as a question has sprung into my mind, and he quickly turned around. “Why did she run away from home?”

“She didn’t run away from home.” Detective Lyons inhaled and then exhaled deeply, while pushing his glasses back up. “She escaped from a mental asylum.”

11-11-15_7-08-31 PM


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