Y2 – Culinary Upgrade

The workmen were in the dormitory all day while we went to our first lectures of the year. Emma felt a bit frustrated because she wasn’t able to make her favourite breakfast in the morning but she calmed down as soon as she had her first cooking lesson at the University. She loved it so much, that when she got home, she was astonished at how much the kitchen looked. I stood right behind her and looked into the kitchen, surprised myself.

“Woah! This looks so awesome.” I smiled and Emma nodded as Dean Cavanaugh came out of the kitchen.

“Look inside why don’t you?” She smiled as Emma and I stood outside and began to walk in and examine the kitchen.

11-13-15_8-51-27 PM

11-13-15_8-51-50 PM

11-13-15_8-52-02 PM

11-13-15_8-52-12 PM

11-13-15_8-52-18 PM

11-13-15_8-52-29 PM

Oh yes, I loved this kitchen.


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