2.3 – Memorialising The Past

June woke up the next morning feeling super refreshed for her first day for work. She quickly got dressed and looked in the mirror in the bathroom before deciding if she looked good enough to walk out of the house.

“Yeah, I’m looking adorable today! Let’s go!” June smiled to herself as she closed the bedroom door behind her. She began to wonder about what fun she’d have on her first day to work, maybe she’d program an app, game or even do the work that she did while she was freelancing.

Nevertheless, June was excited regardless about what she was going to do as she was a step closer to reaching one of her aspirations in life.

"I'm out the door, it's a go!"

“I’m out the door, it’s a go!”

Also, to those who were wondering about June's outfit, here it is :)

Also, to those who were wondering about June’s outfit, here it is 🙂

Callum returned home soon after meeting Veronica’s parents where he was interrupted by Nathan before he went inside.

“My son! Congratulations, my boy!” Nathan laughed and cheered and Callum laughed as well.

“Thanks Dad! We’ve already began planning bits and bobs and I was wondering… would you cater for our event? I know it’s a bit much but I think you might be able to live up to the job!” Callum requested and Nathan smiled, he couldn’t wait for the day that one of his children would ask him to make a wedding cake for their wedding.

“Of course I will!” Nathan smiled as he hugged his son tightly.

"Thanks, Dad!"

“Thanks, Dad!”

Afterwards, Callum ventured out into the backyard. Since he overheard from June that there might be another house renovation soon, he wanted to take a few pictures that he could hang around the house to help him feel a sense of encouragement and attachment in the house. But also, he wanted something in the house that would make people remember him when they looked at it.

Callum took his camera out and stood out into the open space, and breathed in and out as he took in the fresh air.

"Let's get some good shots done."

“Let’s get some good shots done.”

Meanwhile, Marisa had gotten back into the groove of writing again after she had writer’s block for quite some time. She realized that if she could write a book about a hard-working mother who is also an alien who is hiding her identity, then it might be a Willow Creek best seller novel!

“MOM!” Marisa heard Maven shout from the bottom floor, she sighed as she picked up her phone and dialed his number for easier communication.

“You know, calling me is much more simpler.” Marisa said through the phone.

“Yeah, but shouting is a more effective method of contact. Meet me outside near my artistic area that we agreed that I could build.”

“When did we ever– Oh whatever, I’ll meet you there.”

"What has my son been up to?"

“What has my son been up to?”

Marisa quickly got dressed and headed outside to a blue-walled corner platform where she found Maven near an easel and a chair near the centre of the area.

“Maven, what’s this?” Marisa questioned and Maven gestured his hands over to the chair. “You want me to sit down? Okay.”

Marisa quickly moved over to the chair and sat down on the blue chair and waited for further instruction from Maven.

"What exactly do you want me to do?"

“What exactly do you want me to do?”

Maven however, nice plan for his parents. He thought about how he wanted them to be remembered after they passed away and he thought about memorialising each generation with a painting and placing an item which represents them before their memorialisation painting. For Marisa, it would probably be her auto-biography and for Nathan, probably a perfect plant once he achieves one.

“Smile, Mom.” Maven smiled as he looked over to her.

"Tell me what you're doing first!"

“Tell me what you’re doing first!”


"Nope. Just, trust me."

“Nope. Just, trust me.”

And she did. She sat there and smiled and Maven placed his pencil on the canvas and began to create.


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