2.4 – Fateful Adventure

June began to adjust to her simple and mundane life. She liked it for the most part, freelance work and her career while pursuing her dreams of being herself, she felt happy. But, at the same time she also felt empty, there was nothing exciting or thrilling that drove her to anything new, she was stuck.

Although, June felt that today was going to be the day that she was going to go some place exciting, the park! She hurried to finish the freelance work that she was working on, as she wanted to have as much time as possible at the park.

"Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!"

“Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!”

June managed to finish the freelance work just before midday and switched off her computer as she looked at herself in the mirror. After adjusting her hat slightly to it’s usual place, she opened her door and ran downstairs to say goodbye to Marisa before she left for the park.

“I shall be back soon! I’m going to the Park, I think there’s some kind of grill event there today.” June smiled as she skipped off and Marisa laughed as she looked at her phone.

“Silly girl, making excuses. Haha!” Marisa laughed.

After arriving to the park, June ran over to the grill and threw some burgers on the plate and began to grill them at top speed. She had to busy herself while she looked for someone to talk to.

"These smell so good!"

“These smell so good!”

June grilled them for several minutes before placing the burgers in the buns and then placing them on a plate, ready to be served to people who come into the park.



June placed the burgers down on the picnic table and enjoyed the fresh air. It wasn’t long however, before someone tapped June’s shoulder which forced her to turn around and face the person standing behind her.

Woah. June thought as she stared at the man before her. He’s kinda cute.

“Excuse me?” The man asked in a polite way, “Are those burgers yours? Am I allowed to have one?”

June nodded her head eagerly as the man reached over, grabbed one and devoured it quickly.

“Thank you. My name is Wesley York, and how about your name?” Wesley introduced himself while June blushed a little. His name sounded wonderfully fitting for him, Wesley.

"I. Am. June. Devine."

“I. Am. June. Devine.”

“Did you just speak like a robot?” Wesley chuckled as he scratched his head, and June nodded a little.

“Uh… yeah. Sorry about that.” June laughed as well but Wesley stepped closer to June as he seemed to grow excited.

“I love robots, I’ve always aspired to build one of my own or even get something close to something that a robot would own.”

“OH. MY. PLUM. ARE YOU SERIOUS?” June grew excited as she felt the blood in her body rush around as she grew goosebumps on her body. This was the first time in a long time that she had found someone with the same interests as her outside of her household. (Plus, she wasn’t acting up like her father usually would, so I can safely bring her out.)

“Yeah, I am totally serious!” Wesley strengthened his point as June grew in closer to Wesley and began to whisper something into his ear.

"You know, I am a legacy heiress."

“You know, I am a legacy heiress.”

June thought that Wesley was prime husband material and bringing him into the family would bring adorable children into the household. However, Wesley wasn’t from these parts and was only new into town, so everything June had just said seemed completely foreign to him.

“What’s a legacy heiress? How are you one?” Wesley asked and June felt a bit embarrassed but she still continued to start to explain everything.

“Well, a legacy heir or heiress is someone who is born from the previous heir or founder of a legacy. A legacy is a line of relatives that can be tracked through the generations of a family, there are certain rules and certain things an heir or heiress must do before their time passes. Since I am an heiress, I own the big estate by the Spencer-Kim-Lewis house and of course, I am an heiress because I was the first born girl from my father who founded this legacy.” June paraphrased and Wesley’s mouth hung open.

“Woah, so you’re super important?”

"You betcha!"

“You betcha!”

After then, June and Wesley continued to talk about legacies and the ways that June must lead the family to greatness. June found the conversation both thrilling and enjoyable as she felt like she was introducing someone to her world, and also hoping to have already found her potential spouse right in front of her.

“Do you have many friends?” Wesley asked June and she shook her head.

“Not really, although I’m always hoping to get more friends!” June smiled to Wesley and he smiled back, which confirmed their friendship to each other.



“I know this is all too sudden but, can I have your phone number? It’s just in case I want someone to talk to that isn’t my family. you’ll be there.” June smiled at Wesley as he held his hand out for June’s phone.

“Sure.” He entered his digits into June’s phone soon after and gave her phone back to her. June felt excited as she held her phone, with a number with someone who’s not part of her family in it.

“Hehe, this is so awesome!” June smiled as Wesley stared at June’s beanie, and she caught onto him straight away. “What is it?”

"I really like your beanie!"

“I really like your beanie!”

“Really? I like it too!” June smiled to Wesley as he sighed.

“Although, I wish I had one. I’ve never been able to find one in the perfect colour in the shopping stores and it’s a tad depressing. However, I walk past that art studio named… Snapshot and it instantly makes me feel better!” Wesley mentioned and June’s ears perked up as soon as she heard Snapshot.

“Wait, Snapshot? My brothers run that shop!”


“Yeah! You can meet them if you like. It’ll be like when Battle Drone #5932 kissed Battle Drone #4824 in Battle Drones.” June laughed and Wesley swooned!



June left momentarily soon afterwards to make a quick phone call to Maven to tell him that she might’ve found someone that could be her potential husband. She felt so happy that the finally found someone she could share everything with and also someone that could share everything with her. However, when she returned from talking to Maven, her heart sank as she saw Wesley laying down on the ground, with another girl.

Uh oh.

Uh oh.

June’s blood boiled. She felt a hint of jealousy inside of her that she couldn’t get rid of. She felt so tired after working up all of her courage to keep up that conversation with Wesley and she felt so mad that it all went to waste.

“Oh hey June! This is my girlfriend.” Wesley smiled to June, and that was it. That was the moment where June turned around and left.

He was taken and she wasn't happy for him at all.

He was taken and she wasn’t happy for him at all.


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