Season 1 – Episode 4

The name Amelia Green rang through my head like a bell. She doesn’t come back until later on in the season, yes! Oh… so I’m going to have to play the waiting game until she comes back then? Ugh, that’s so terrible! We never really find out where she went anyway, so I guess I can’t track her down either.

11-19-15_9-38-33 PM

“Fran, I’m going to head out for a while. I’ll be back before dinner.” I told her and she stood up and gave me a hug. It was odd, but it felt strangely warm as well. I loved it, it was better than my mother’s hugs, not that I remember how they felt like.

“Just come back soon, okay? And don’t go too far, you might not remember your way back!” Fran advised and I nodded. Although, I think watching this television show for most of my life has taught me where everything is, so I can go as far as I want! Actually, no because I know exactly where I need to go.

I felt that it was time to pay Amelia’s parent and step-parent a visit. Amelia’s mother died after a horrible accident during a bank robbery and Michael had only gotten over it when he met his recent wife, Lucy. Ugh, she’s one of the plums. She’s cheating on Michael with various men and women, but I couldn’t think about it any more as I pressed the doorbell.

11-19-15_9-56-03 PM

“Heya Miss. What’cha doing out here?” Michael asked me as he stroked his freshly shaven beard. I looked into the window where I saw Lucy peeking out through the curtains, haha.

“I came over because I wanted to talk about Amelia… I’m a student intern at the Police Station and they asked me to do some questioning surrounding her disappearance and they thought I would be better to ask you since I’m around Amelia’s age.” I know what people may think. How dare I pretend to be an officer trying to get information from her worried parents. But, when I looked at both of their faces after I was invited in, only one was looking completely worried and I think everyone could guess who that was.

“Oh hello. I am Lucy Green and… Amelia… oh my, Michael.” Lucy weeped, but I could see through the acting that she was putting on. I wasn’t going to stand for Plum Poop, but I had to act along with her, just to keep up my facade. She put on a brave face and smiled at me a few moments later.

11-19-15_10-03-34 PM

“So, the first question I’d like to ask is why was Amelia admitted into a mental hospital? I tried to request her patient records but it was confidential.” I asked the two of them. I was surprised that I was saying all of this stuff, I felt like I was opening the door to something bigger and I was getting involved in the main plot of a show! I WAS A SECRET AGENT!

“Ah, it’s a long story. What’cha see is uh, ever since Lucy came here–” Michael started before he began to shake with worry. I feel sorry for Michael, but I knew that Amelia’s disappearance was for the best, for now. Meanwhile, Lucy was cuddling Michael before continuing what he was saying.

“What Michael was saying was, Amelia was drawing disturbing pictures of her killing me and it was very hurtful to see her think of me in that way. And also, she was chanting demonic things and also she nearly killed me one evening and I still have the scar from that night.” Lucy rolled up her sleeve to reveal a deep cut. Ouch, if Amelia did do this then she might’ve had a good reason to.

11-19-15_10-06-04 PM

“After that, Michael thought it was best if we admitted Amelia into a mental asylum, so we took her to St. Bunny’s Sanatorium.” Lucy finished before she continued ‘crying’ some more. I’m tried to think about what happened to Amelia, Michael and Lucy later on in the show but my mind is drawing a huge blank. Ugh, I think the car accident may have resulted in some memory loss, but I don’t remember.

“Ah right, is there anything else you want to tell me before I leave?” I asked before the pair of them shook their heads. Michael seemed innocent but Lucy seemed to be hiding something, her face is telling me so. She avoided my gaze whenever I looked at her and her body language was always in a defensive position. Taking those psychology and criminology classes are probably the only thing I would ever than my Mom for. “Well, I hope that Amelia comes back soon then, and I shall see you soon.”

11-19-15_10-08-47 PM

I hoped to myself that Amelia comes back soon, just so that I could solve this entire mystery. My head began to fill up with all information and memories and it began to stress me out, so I ran in a completely random direction until I came across a building that looked familiar.

“Alexander’s Studio!” I realised that I shouted it out loud and quickly quietened down straight away as I walked up to the door. I looked inside to find a light on and realised that someone, presumably Alexander was inside. I took a few steps back and embraced the environment around me. I was by Alexander’s Studio, a place that I only could dream of having, and it’s right in front of me as I speak! This was like a dream come true.

11-19-15_10-17-13 PM

“How did you get here?” I heard someone ask behind me, and when I turned around I found out that it was Alexander. He was dressed in more casual clothes this time, which better suited his image. He stood with his arms crossed and he stared at me, right in the eyes. “No one knows about this place apart from me.”

Plum. This was the first time my all-knowingness has gotten me into major trouble and I didn’t know how to respond. I scratched my head for a solution and luckily one came right into my mind.

“I’m a psychic! I know that your studio passcode is…” I did a bit of psychic chanting, it was a little embarrassing but I had to have him believe my lie! I’m going to turn into a compulsive lier at the end of this season and ugh, I’m not going to like myself. “Seven, three, zero, one!”

His mouth dropped open as he knew that it was obviously the right passcode, and just a minute later he closed his mouth and clapped his hands. “I guess you’re welcome here anytime, Evelyn the psychic girl.”

11-19-15_10-18-26 PM

“What are you even doing here anyway?” Alexander asked me while he went around the studio, taking paintings down from the wall.

“Well, I wanted to see your paintings because my psychic powers tell me you’re very artistic. I think you have a sprinkle of Gogh, a dollop of Da Vinci and finally, colours like your bright personality!” I laughed as I knew that’s exactly what Alexander says to people when they ask what his paintings are like.

“Oh wow, okay.” Alexander smiled before he took out one of his paintings from the storage room and placed it on the wall for Evelyn to see.

11-19-15_10-22-08 PM

The painting looked beautiful. The amount of colours that went into this painting and the emotion that was captivated into this painting is so powerful that, it makes me wonder about everything. Past, present and future.

“Hey, what do you want to do in the future?” I asked Alexander before he turned to me and laughed.

“Isn’t it obvious?” He pointed out before standing right next to the painting. “I want to paint and paint and paint ALL DAY LONG!”

“I wish I could do that bu–” Before I was going to finish my sentence, Alexander walked over and put his finger on my lips. “Mmmm mmmbmmmm”

“Shhh.” Alexander muttered before he took his finger away from my mouth.

11-19-15_10-23-00 PM

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” He smiled and I began to laugh.

“That’s a total film rip-off!” And then I stopped laughing before I realised that it was ripped off from the Rocky Road film… it didn’t do great in sales but that line made the film for me, haha! “I guess, I think my dream is to live happily in a place where I can be recognised and treated like the person I want to be.”

I didn’t expect Alexander to then pull me into a hug and just stand there. Awkwardly. In a hug. For twenty minutes straight. It was warm, but it was VERY awkward.

“So, Alexander–”

“Call me Alex.” He smiled down at me.

“Alex, do you think that Penelope will ever stop acting like a plum? I mean, she had a massive rant at me earlier for just bumping into her but, she seems stressed.” I sighed before Alexander stared at me with what looked like a bold intent.

11-19-15_10-25-36 PM

“Listen, I’m sorry to hear that she had a rant at you but, you need to be warned. You don’t know what she could do to you if you keep being on the wrong side of her, and you don’t know how far she’ll go to make sure you come over to the right side. And if it comes to it, she’s prepared to do anything. Just… be warned.” Alexander sighed before tapping me on the shoulder. But, I did know everything Penelope’s capable of and… it scared me to death.


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