2.6 – Pre-Wedding Dinner

With the wedding of Callum and Veronica only in a matter of days, Nathan and Marisa thought it would be best if the family had a pre-wedding dinner to get to know Veronica a bit more and also to officially give the couple their blessing to have them get married. Thinking about it, Callum had been the rebel in the situation had didn’t seek permission at all, but Nathan and Marisa were fine about it.

Callum and Veronica had arrived back from the Wedding Venue feeling super hungry, even though they had tried roughly thirty kinds of desserts that the venue provided, they were saving a large space in their stomach for the food Nathan was going to cook for them today since Nathan was going to cater for the Wedding anyway.

"You know, I haven't really had a proper conversation with you parents before."

“You know, I haven’t really had a proper conversation with you parents before.”

“You’ll be fine! Trust me, if I love you, they’ll love you to pieces!” Callum remarked and Veronica’s eyebrow raised as Callum realised that Veronica might’ve taken that literally. “OH! Don’t worry, you won’t literally become pieces.”

“Oh I know. I just love the look on your face when you think you’ve done something wrong.”

“You! Ugh, I can’t be mad at you. You’re too beautiful to be mad at. But guess what, I think Maven and I might be able to have another shop session soon. Since we can’t have business everyday, we work efficiently to make paintings and pictures for our shop.” Callum pointed out and Veronica became instantly excited.

“Ooh! Maybe I can take up baking or something and sell some cupcakes on the side.”

"THAT. Is an awesome idea."

“THAT. Is an awesome idea.”

As Callum and Veronica walked into the house, they went immediately into the kitchen where they were greeted by the smell of grilled asparagus as Nathan continued to make it on the stove. After using a spatula to rotate the asparaguses for a couple of minutes, he made sure that he would sprinkle salt over them to give them the extra taste that he knows and loves quite well. He needed this to taste good so that Veronica would come to know and love all his cooking.

"A dash of salt, and I'll put some pepper in too!"

“A dash of salt, and I’ll put some pepper in too!”

The ground began to shake temporarily as Veronica began to panic as she danced. “Earthquake! We need to run!”

However, it occurred to her that everyone else remained in the same place as before, and she walked back to Callum who was also dancing. She wanted to ask him why he wasn’t moving, but he just pointed over to where June began to materialise out of the thin air and into reality.

“Woah, she can teleport?!” Veronica asked and Callum nodded her head slowly.

“That’s what you get for spending your entire teenage years opening your chakras and all that mumbo jumbo.” Callum shrugged as Veronica stared over at June.

"I have to turn away for a second! It's too amazing to watch."

“I have to turn away for just a second! It’s too amazing to watch continuously.”

Nathan served up the dinner after he called everyone up for the meal, and Callum and Maven sat next to each other, while June sat next to Callum. Veronica sat opposite Callum and Nathan and Marisa took it in turns to sit opposite June as they had things going on at different times. Nathan was busy making dessert while Marisa was in a hurry to finish her latest book reviews, which were called ‘Dust to Dust‘, ‘Goofy Love‘ and the ‘Pruett Family Legacy‘ as their series were almost finished and Marisa was lucky enough to be offered a place as a book reviewer.

Meanwhile, Callum and Maven were busy discussing what they were going to sell the next time the shop opened.

“I have a few outstanding photos that I can put up for sale the next time we open. Should we open after Mom and Dad have their birthday party?” Callum suggested and Maven, after thinking about it for a couple of minutes, gave his reply.

"Yeah, that sounds good enough. It'll give me time to complete a few paintings then."

“Yeah, that sounds good enough. It’ll give me time to complete a few paintings then.”

Meanwhile, June was being distant. She was still distraught over the fact she might had found someone she’d want to spend her life over and then found out that he was already taken. However, she found comfort in her food.

Don't eat too much now June!

Don’t eat too much now June!

Nathan was making awesome progress on the cake so far. He was hoping that he could make a prototype of what the Wedding Cake was going to look like and Nathan certainly did try with all of his might to come up with the best Wedding Cake recipe that he could think of.

“Gotta make this perfect for my son and his lucky lady. They need to have the perfect cake for their perfect wedding.” Nathan muttered to himself as he threw the mixture into the air.

"Mixology Skills come in handy sometimes."

“Mixology Skills come in handy sometimes.”

Meanwhile, Marisa noticed that June was feeling a little down and decided to have a little bit of a discussion with her.

“June, what’s up? Why are you feeling so sad?” Marisa asked June and she sighed.

“Well, you know the feeling that you think you’ve met the love of your life at first sight but then learn that he’s taken by someone else?”

“Nope. Not at all. But, I do know that there’s no such thing as love at first sight. Of course, you may feel infatuated with the person and love can grow from that, but maybe you might just not be meant to be. Or, the Maker has a greater plan for the both of you in the future.” Marisa comforted her daughter and June felt a smile rise upon her face. Her eventual soulmate will come to her soon, she just has to wait.

"Thanks Mom!"

“Thanks Mom!”

When Nathan brought out the finished cake later on, he placed it down on the table in front of June, who sneakily took a slice of cake and began to eat it. However, Nathan caught her devouring the cut part of the cake after he noticed that there was paper napkins in place of the actual cake slice.

“Oh June. You must’ve been really hungry right? Work must be treating you harshly.” Nathan remarked but June shook her head.

“Actually, it’s really fun! I just forget to go on lunch breaks because of how much fun it is.”

11-11-15_1-42-30 AM

“Oh! Then I’m glad.”

Callum and Veronica enjoyed a make out session since they were ‘practising’ the ‘You may now kiss the Bride’ part of the Wedding Ceremony. Honestly, that’s the part the pair of them were looking forward too the most and, that’s weird.

11-11-15_1-44-25 AM

11-11-15_1-44-52 AM

Veronica then took Callum’s hand as she led him down to the small massage room between the living room and the greenhouse where she took Callum’s hand and began to massage it thoroughly.

“Why’re you doing this?” Callum laughed as it began to tickle.

“Well, I’ve got to massage that ring finger now, don’t I? I don’t want it becoming too big to fit the ring at our wedding ceremony.”

“You’re saying that I’m going to get fatter in two days?”

“You never know in this world. It’s all serums and elixirs away.” Veronica winked as she continued with her massage.

"This is just the spot."

“This is just the spot.”

“I never noticed that eyeball ring on your finger before.” Callum remarked and Veronica laughed.

“I never even knew I still had this on! It was from a Spooky party I attended last night and since I was in a hurry to get ready this morning, I forgot to take it off.”

“You wore it in the shower?”

“Well… wait! Why are you thinking of me in the shower? Dirty man!” Veronica laughed evilly as she pressed down on Callum’s fingers hard.



“Oh, I’m so sorry, deary.” Veronica chuckled.


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