2.7 – Small Moments

Nathan arrived home after a long day at work, his boss had given him his paycheck as he headed into his carpool and Nathan didn’t open it until he got home. He was hoping for a promotion that would guarantee his cooking aspiration would be complete and that he could then move onto his goals as a mixologist. As Nathan opened the letter, the giant words appeared on the page.


Nathan cheered in excitement as he finally completed the aspiration that he had been working for the longest time, and now he’s focused on his mixology goals, there wasn’t a lot left for him to do until he felt fulfilled in that either!



Nathan’s inspiration kicked him into overdrive as he continued to make drinks all night and throughout the morning and oh my, he had quite a lot of drinks on the bar.

Hoarder: Mixology Edition

Hoarder: Mixology Edition

Callum would also like to leave this here. He was too excited for his wedding tomorrow with Veronica, and he decided to have a small dance party by himself to test out his dance moves for the dance floor tomorrow. He was also trying to think of what his vows were going to be for Veronica, he was having a hard time figuring it out.

“Hmm, to my dearest Veronica? …No.”

Meanwhile, Marisa was feeling extremely encouraged after she found out that another one of her books made it onto the bestseller list! She felt like she was making it one step closer to achieving total fulfilment in life, which she never would’ve achieved if she were back on JR-501. She also advanced up in her Writing career as well, and her emotions were filled to the brim, she was practically glowing!

11-11-15_2-17-42 AM

However, Marisa knew that her disguise filter battery was draining and soon she might have to reveal herself to the world.

June returned home from work with a hefty cash bonus and a promotion as well. She didn’t even know that she started her career on the second level of the career track and now, she was on the third stage! She was so pleased to know that climbing to the top was one step easier than she thought.

Like father, like daughter!

Like father, like daughter!


"I blame Wesley for this. It's time to call... dressing gown repairwoman."

“I blame Wesley for this. It’s time to call… dressing gown repairwoman.”

“I’m glad Maven isn’t here to see this. He’s still at the store… right?” June looked around cautiously. The last time June broke a computer, Maven ranted at her about the cost to replace it or call a repairman/woman.

Poor Junebug.


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