Season 1 – Episode 5

I knew that as soon as I walked into the café with Luke, Penelope would look at me while spouting curses behind Luke’s back but in front of my face. Please, girl you had your chance with him and he REJECTED you. We’re just friends anyway so I’m not sure why she got so defensive. I rolled my eyes as I sat down on the seat next to her.

“So, you’re here.” Penelope looked straight into my eyes, and I nodded my head, “Don’t even know why you think you can just sit here with me.”

11-26-15_9-27-04 PM

I quickly moved to the seat opposite Penelope as Luke came back to the table after looking at the menu and he smiled at the both of us, “Right, there’s a lot of things on the menu and I think I’m going to have a Caramel Macchiatto. What are you two going to have?”

“The same!” The two of us shouted at the same time, before shooting a deadly gaze at each other.

“Right… okay. I’ll be back.” Luke turned around and walked up to the counter as Penelope continued to stare at me. Her staring is no joke, it could’ve literally burned a hole through my head… unless that’s what she was hoping for!

Luke came back with the coffee and some cupcakes soon after which broke the deadly silence that was surrounding me and Penelope. Luke took the seat next to mine as Penelope scowled in defeat. I took my coffee and took a sip, it was warm and sweet, my kind of coffee!

“So, I heard that a Detective went to the Greens’ house looking for you.” Penelope laughed and I looked right at her.

“Yeah, he wanted my help with a case and it was really exciting!” I began to explain everything that happened, with me apparently being the last person to talk to Amelia and also given a job to do by the detective, the dreamy Detective Lyons.

11-26-15_9-30-23 PM

“WOW. I’m so jealous of you! I want to work as a detective as well under Detective Lyons. He’s been one of my idols since he solved the case over in Old-town Oasis. I hope that I’ll be able to join him soon so I can help him with the Amelia Green case!” As soon as Luke finished his sentence, I instantly shuddered as if a cold breeze went past me.

Did… someone just walk over my grave? No, that’s not possible but if it was, I should be careful from now on. Brrrr.

“Are you cold? Come here.” Luke placed his arm around me as he rubbed my shoulder, warming it up. It felt really, really nice and it made my day, seeing Penelope’s jealous expression and then trying to hide it by drinking her coffee. Too bad it was warm and not hot.

“I WANT TO join the Detective Career too!” Penelope announced and I burst out into a fit of laughter, and both of them looked at me.

“Haha, says the girl who didn’t graduate with enough qualifications to even get a job like that!” Wait a second… I said that out loud, didn’t I? PLUM. PLUM. I looked at Luke and Penelope to find them looking right at me and their eyebrows were raised.

11-26-15_9-32-29 PM

“How do you know that? Did you do a background check on me? They’re illegal you know!” Penelope argued and I shook my head. I plummed up, and I had to come up with a quick solution.

“Oh… I’m psychic!” I giggled, as I tried to think of something to support my convincing lie. “I know that Penelope always puts two sugar cubes in her coffee at home before drinking it!”

“Oh. My. God. You are psychic! That’s totally awesome! But, it doesn’t mean I like you or I suddenly think you’re cool.” Penelope laughed and when I looked over at Luke, he was still staring right at me, unconvinced. I knew it was going to be this way and I had to come up with a long-term solution.

The bell on the door rang and I always look over to see who comes in, to see if I know them. It was always fun, catching up with people you knew in a coffee shop. Alexander had walked in and he had ordered his coffee beforehand, and had only come to pick it up.

“Alexander! Over here!” I called him over. He looked at me and smiled as he walked over and tried to sit next to Penelope, but she wouldn’t budge. However, she finally moved to the side after Luke glared at her.

11-26-15_9-33-55 PM

“About yesterday–” I began but Alexander waved his hand in front of me, which caused me to stop speaking.

“It’s fine, I had a lot of fun.” Alexander smiled at me, and I smiled back.

“What did you do?” Luke asked with his hands on the table, seemingly interested in what was behind our conversation. Seeing as I know Luke is really gullible, I decided to play a little bit of a joke on him.

“Oh Luke, we had a steamy exchange in the shower, hot tub and even in the bed. Oh my.” I started to fan my face as Alexander burst out laughing, Penelope has her mouth wide open and Luke was in between shocked and angry. “KIDDING!”

“Haha, nice joke.” He laughed awkwardly. Maybe I overdid it.

“Anyways, you should come over again Evelyn, maybe we could paint together.” Alexander suggested and I agreed to the idea. He then rose up from his seat and looked over at Penelope. “You know, your personality causes your spots and zits on your face. So, I guess they’ll never go away.”

11-26-15_9-35-05 PM
Penelope tried to hit Alexander but he was already half way to the door as he hand swung for him. He exited through the door three seconds later and I heard the bell ring once more, to signal his exit.

“He’s gone. Phew.” Luke sighed as he took a sip of his coffee.

“Yeah, the creep left.” Creep? Why is she calling him a– oh. It’s this, isn’t it.

“You know, I’m glad he stopped stalking you, it was getting super weird.” Yeah, it’s definitely it. Penelope made up a vicious rumour about Alexander after he caught her cheating on her last boyfriend with someone else. After that, Alexander was forever known as the Stalker of Rocky Road. If I was going to make things right, Alexander was my first step.

“Alexander isn’t a stalker. He’s not a creep either. He’s a nice man.” I firmly stated and Penelope began to laugh.

“Oh my, one girl decides that he’s a good person and so everyone should believe her! Girl, you haven’t been here so you don’t know everything. So, stop acting like you do.” Penelope remarked and I laughed my anger out. I can’t believe she’s doing something like this.

“No. I know he’s a good person, I have a gut feeling.” I replied back to her, and Luke then turned my head towards his.

11-26-15_9-37-32 PM

“Evelyn, I think it’s best if you don’t hang around Alexander. You don’t know what he might do to you. We’re only trying to help.” I can’t believe it. They remind me of… my parents. I know Penelope doesn’t care about me, but I was surprised at what Luke was saying. Alexander is my friend and I don’t care what anyone else says, I know he is a great person because I’ve watched him for most of my life.

I stood up from my seat, with both Penelope and Luke staring right at me. I stared into Penelope’s eyes before staring into Luke’s. I turned around and headed outside, I couldn’t take arguing with them about Alexander anymore and it was difficult arguing with them.

11-26-15_9-42-23 PM

I turned towards the shopping district and walked down towards the shops. Maybe a little bit of window shopping will do me good, since you know, I have no money since I somehow travelled to a world where my favourite tv show comes alive and I have to deal with everything. I guess it’s right when they tell you that you only see what the camera wants you to see.

Ow! I accidentally bumped into something and fell down onto the floor. I looked up to find that I bumped into an elderly lady. I didn’t mean to! I looked up to see her. Anna Brown, and to her right was Eddie Brown.

“Are you okay, deary?” Anna asked me as she held out her hand to help me up. I took it and I nodded my head in response to her question. But then, I thought a little bit about her question and I shook my head.

“Not reallly.” I replied before bursting out into tears, and Anna then embraced me into a hug and it was one of the warmest hugs I’ve ever received. It felt like a hug that a proper parent gives to their child, and one that I should’ve received from my parents when I went through all my tough times.

11-26-15_9-49-08 PM

However, thinking of Eddie and Anna Brown and comparing them to parents, I began to feel really sorry for them. In Rocky Road, when they fell in love, it was too late for them to conceive and even if they wanted to adopt a child and raise one, the costs would be too much for them since they can only work part-time now. And so, they remained childless.

“Do you want to come shopping with us?” Eddie asked me and I was already heading in that direction, so I accepted his request and the three of us then walked down the street, like a happy family into another part of the mall.

11-26-15_9-52-14 PM


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