Y2 – Noah’s Spa Day

After my first day of lectures, I came home at midday to see Adelaide waiting by the door. She quickly took my wrist with her hand and took me upstairs into her bedroom and threw me on the chair. She turned to me and ordered, “Stay there.”

She quickly placed a canvas on her easel and stared at me carefully before beginning to sketch out my face on the canvas.

“Your face has changed a bit, that’s great.” Adelaide smiled as she started to paint my portrait on the canvas. I stared at Adelaide as she brushed the paint across the canvas in strong motions, it was brilliant!

11-13-15_8-56-23 PM

“So, what happened between you and Piper after you took her outside?” Adelaide asked and my face instantly went red. I didn’t really want to mention it until Piper and I talked about it, and we haven’t had a chance to since the event occurred.

“Oh nothing, we just talked about… stuff.” I replied to Adelaide, and I could tell her eyebrow raised.

“What stuff did you talk to Piper about?”

“Oh, our summer vacations. Piper told me she went backpacking up the mountains and that she would do it again next year, but she might be going to the Windenburg trip.”

“Oh really? Piper told me that her Summer Vacation was completely plum, and that it was uneventful.”

“D-Did she? Ugh.”

“So, Noah. What did happen?” I breathed deeply as I looked towards Piper and told her.

11-13-15_8-58-10 PM

“We kinda, sort of, maybe… kissed?” I told Adelaide and her face instantly rose with excitement. I could tell that she had been waiting for this day ever since she saw Piper and I together. Not like together but together in one place.

“WHAT?! How could you keep this from me? Has our friendship taught you nothing?” Adelaide argued, but then began to laugh as she continued to paint. “I might have to get one with you and Piper soon. Ooh, maybe I could paint your wedding portrait!”

“Woah, hold on a second! I’m not even sure about a wedding yet.” I replied and then Adelaide perked her head up and stared over at me.

11-13-15_8-59-17 PM

“Ah. Okay. Well, your painting is finished!” Adelaide managed to smile as she revealed the painting and my mouth dropped. It was another masterpiece that I couldn’t take my eyes off. It’s not conceited, I just appreciate Adelaide’s art a lot.

11-13-15_9-12-58 PM

“I guess I’ll be taking the portrait now.” I smiled at Adelaide before picking up the dry canvas and taking it back to my bedroom. Adelaide and I worked on making fast drying paint with a few of my herbs that I picked up over at Granite Falls. It was perfect for Adelaide as she loved to paint multiple things per day.

I placed the painting from last year and the painting from this year right next to each other, and my oh my, the change was phenomenal.

11-13-15_9-13-32 PM

I remembered just then that today was supposed to be the day I was going to go over to the spa and check out all the facilities they had on offer. I quickly packed away a few items into my desk and drawer, before heading out of the University and following the directions on my map app on my phone to find the spa.

After giving up and resorting to taking a taxi, I arrived at the spa within a matter of minutes and my breath was taken away with how perfect it looked.

11-13-15_9-51-15 PM

I quickly got to exploring the spa very quickly.

11-13-15_9-53-00 PM

I even joined a yoga class! The instructor quickly introduced me to Yoga and I followed all of the poses that she displayed to me.

“Welcome our newest student, Noah Chung as he discovers the path of yoga! We shall be starting with the Brain Boosting Exercise today, and so everyone, with me.” The Yoga Instructor welcomed as we went through the different poses!

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After the yoga session, I wandered over to the meditation garden where I placed myself down on a meditation table and began to focus on… the air. I read in a meditation book that focusing on the air really helps to open the mind. However, the more and more that I meditated, the more and more bored I got. There wasn’t anything fun about meditating, you just had to sit there and breath in and out.

11-13-15_10-00-00 PM

I love Wellness, it’s something that can help remove my inner worries, and can provide myself with inner peace. It’s something I’ve been seeking for many years, and I’ve finally found it.


5 thoughts on “Y2 – Noah’s Spa Day

  1. Simslover163 says:

    After seeing Adelaide’s paintings of Noah, it’s nice to see a big chance in the looks!! It’s also great that Noah went to a spa to relax! 🙂 I’m still surprised from the fact that he kissed Piper and I’m even more surprised that he told Adelaide! I’m looking forward to more of this story!! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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