Y2 – A Much Needed Discussion

11-29-15_10-48-42 AM

“So, we need to talk.” I explained to Piper after dragging her out to the outdoor area of the dormitory. Piper stared at me with obviousness as she held her cross tightly.

“Obviously, you numbskull. What do you need to say?” Piper asked as she began to look at me in a meaner way, or was it one full of hope? I couldn’t read Piper’s body language half the time and since Piper keeps herself to herself, it’s hard to figure out what she was truly feeling.

 However, in that moment, I realised that it might not be that what Piper is feeling that I need to focus on. It’s what I’m feeling. I like Piper and I needed to know what she felt for me too. So, after taking a deep breath, I shimmied closer to Piper and wrapped my arm around her, and she smiled as she blushed and turned away.

11-29-15_10-49-07 AM

“What took you so long?” Piper laughed as she turned to face me. “After you kissed me, I was confused. We are such good friends but I knew that there was something about you that I liked and I couldn’t put my finger on it. That is, until you kissed me. That confirmed my feelings for you.”

“Oh really? So you’re saying that I’m a great kisser?” I teased and Piper pushed my face away as she began to laugh.

“Keep dreaming.” She teased back.

“What, so there’s others that were better than me?”

Piper was silent for a couple of moments, “OF COURSE!”


“NO! Was it yours?” Piper asked and I slowly nodded her head. She looked shocked, and so I took the opportunity to pull her closer to me as I replied to her.

11-29-15_10-49-17 AM

“I wasn’t as… confident before I came to University. I was in a place where people’s impressions of you meant everything and if you didn’t meet up to their expectations then…” Piper held my hand as I tried to explain, but she shook her head towards me.

“You don’t need to say anything else. “ Piper tightly held me as she seemed to continue. “I mostly raised myself and so I had no expectations of me. We come from separate worlds but we’ve managed to create a common ground. It’s so beautiful, I did use that word. I wonder if I’d be able to match my current emotion to music?!”

“Shh, you can talk about that later. For now, there’s a much more important thing that we’ve got to discuss.”

“Oh really? What is it that you’ve got to discuss with me, Mr Chung?”

11-29-15_10-50-28 AM

“Well, Miss Angelo. I wanted to ask you if you’d give me the greatest pleasure of becoming my girlfriend?” I blushed a TINY bit as I asked Piper. She bit her lip as she thought about it but then laughed as she turned to me.

“No. You’re disgusting. Ew.” Piper laughed and I was deeply hurt about what she said. I mean, we just kissed an– “Just kidding! Of course, I would be happy to.”

“You know what I want now?”



11-29-15_10-51-31 AM

And that’s how Piper and I managed to have our much needed discussion.


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