2.8 – The Big Day

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“We made it Callum!”

“It’s our special day!” Callum cheered while he was embracing Veronica, who had dressed beautifully in her dress. Since Veronica only had the money that her parents left her before they died, and Callum reassured her that she could live with him and his family, Veronica spent the rest of her money on a lavish dress which she’d one day, want to give to her daughter to wear to her wedding.

Callum pulled away from June as he saw her makeover’d self. June had opted in for new hair for her formal outfit so she bought some temporary hair dye to go along with her new outfit. Unfortunately for June, she couldn’t stay for the actual ceremony since her workplace wouldn’t give her the time off to go to the wedding, and so she came to Callum to say what she needed to say.

“Aww! My brother, you’re getting married!” June smiled as Callum laughed and started to reply.

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This hair ❤

“Yes I am! Even though you can’t be here, I’ll be sure that we’ll get a video recorded so that you can watch it back later. I promise!” Callum reassured June as she felt more comfortable that she was leaving. She did feel a lot of guilt that she was leaving the wedding early to go to work, but Callum made her feel better about it.

“Well, I’m glad that you are okay and I wish you and Veronica the best happiness that life can afford. I love you, Callum.” June hugged her brother before calling a taxi to take her to her workplace. Callum breathed deeply before walking over to Veronica and holding both of her hands tightly.

“Are you ready to get started?” Callum asked and Veronica nodded. The pair of them were scared to stand in front of everyone, exchange rings, say their vows and get married. But, it was now or never, and they wanted to get married now.

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“Now, who wants some cake?” Callum asked everyone as they began to cheer for cake. Veronica and Callum walked over to the cake stand as Callum picked up the knife and Veronica placed both of her hands on top of Callum’s. They then dug the knife into the cake and then once more to cut a slice out of the cake.

“Think fast!” Callum laughed as he took a bit off and stuffed it into Veronica’s mouth. She bit her tongue as she chewed it and then swallowed it.

“Ow! But, it tastes good!” Veronica smiled as she devilishly took a bit and stuffed it into Callum’s mouth as he made a type of pout face towards Veronica.

"You did that to your hubby wubby?"

“You did that to your hubby wubby?”

“Yeah, we’re not going to be that type of couple.” Veronica stated and Callum nodded her head straight away.

“That means you can’t call me your little bunny anymore! Hahaha!” Callum teased back and Veronica realised what she said and admitted defeat.

“Okay, but we’re still not doing cute nicknames… all the time.” Veronica laughed as Callum joined in as well.

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Everyone soon joined together at the dinner table as they began to wait for the dinner to arrive. They took the opportunity to get to know the newly-weds a bit better, and Callum and Veronica took the opportunity to get to know each other’s friends.

 “So, you went to school with Veronica?” Callum asked the man who was wearing a straw hat.

“Yes! She was one of my best friends during the time. She’s an awesome girl, and you’re lucky to have her as your wife. If you let her down then… I do know where you live Mister!” He laughed as Callum didn’t know whether to take that as a joke or as something serious. Callum rose from his chair as he went to check up on the dinner.

Everyone together!

Everyone together!

Maven took the opportunity of the Chocolate Fountain to get some Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

There's more than one thing that looks delicious in this picture.

Why can’t someone come and take this handsome man as their husband already?

The food arrived soon enough and everyone dug into the lovely cooked dinner that Nathan prepared for everyone. Everyone thought it was delicious and full of flavour and something that they would totally eat again. However, Nathan was busy making another cake so that people could take slices home if they wanted to.

After the dinner, Callum, Marisa and Veronica began talking with the townies about winter coming and what they were going to do about Christmas Day.

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“Who did you get presents for? If it’s me, don’t tell me!”

Callum stood up and took Veronica by another wooden arch as he stared right into her eyes. Veronica was now his wife, the woman he’d spend the rest of his life with, the woman who’d bear and give birth to his children, the woman he’d trust with his life, and the woman who is his other half.

He pulled Veronica close as he embraced her tightly and whispered into her ear.

"You complete me. And, I am happy that you are in my life now, and forever."

“You complete me. And, I am happy that you are in my life now, and forever.”

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