Purple Day – A Remembrance into Sims Past.

So today, December 1st, is Purple Day. Purple Day is when all simmers think about Sims past who have died and we take this day as an opportunity to remember them for all of their glory and all of their amazingness. Although I’ve had many sim deaths since I started to play the Sims since TS2, the first death that really affected me was Orion’s death, the father of my Wonder Child.

04-06-15_2-07 AM

(Remind me to edit this photos xD)

Orion’s death was so sudden, but it was expected. He was saved from that awful 1×1 Pool which I will NEVER buy again for my sims, but it would make a very awesome Hunger Games idea… MOVING ON. Leliana had just gotten out of an argument with a liar and then Orion decided to drop down dead, which hurt me so much. Orion was one of my favourite sims at that time, his quirkness and wit definitely made me laugh a lot, and he always smiled no matter what.

But with his death, I questioned myself. How could I grow attached to a sim this much? When he died, why did I feel such an emptiness inside me for a short while?

I didn’t know the answer yet, but when after a short while, Athena dropped down dead. I confirmed it for certain, somewhere as we play our sims, we become attached and we laugh as they do the funniest things. But, as they age up we realise that their life does continue (unless you have aging off) and even though their life seems like it’ll last forever, they’re always one step closer to that grave.

13-04-11-15_6-16 PM

Athena was a badass female sim with a lot of sass. She always seemed to tell Orion what’s what and not let her children do anything too drastic. She was an awesome sim because she always knew what was best for her family, and she tirelessly worked to see that her daughter and both of her sons were catered to the best of their needs.

And so, do I miss Orion and Athena? Of course! But, I probably wouldn’t go back to an older save and play them again. I still have them in my gallery so I’d probably play another save with them if I wanted too. Although, I still have my Frenlore Build Newcrest story with Alistair Frenlore that should be starting early next year.

HOWEVER, there’s one more thing I have to address. Even though we’re looking at sims who have passed, we also need to look at the sims in our present and future. Leliana is now happily married and Demetri and Alistair… well, that’ll be for me to disclose at a later date.

In my Devine Story, Nathan and Marisa have now become Elders, and it only reminds me that it’ll be time for them to leave soon, and then my cycle of emotion will start again with how attached I’ve become to the two of them.

But, I will always see the sims that have passed within other relatives at certain points, like June looks like her father and Leliana inherited her father’s brains.

Our sims may have passed away from the world, but they will never pass away from our hearts.

#PurpleDaySims – 2015


5 thoughts on “Purple Day – A Remembrance into Sims Past.

  1. cathytea says:

    I really love and agree with these sentiments! And! When you finish your legacy, just think how much experience you will have had! Why, I bet you will have met about seven or eight different Grims! Thanks for sharing this.

    Liked by 1 person

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