2.9 – The Final Jump

"Aha! THIS is my crowning jewel of bar tricks."

“Aha! THIS is my crowning jewel of bar tricks.”

“Woah, that’s so awesome Mr. Devine!” Veronica told Nathan as he continued to perform his bar tricks.

“Oh dearie, call me Nathan or even Dad.” Nathan smiled as he poured the bottles into his cocktail shaker. Veronica clapped as she was amazed by the tricks Nathan was pulling so early in the morning.

“Isn’t it your birthday today? Callum told me it was this week and I haven’t wrapped your presents yet but if it’s today then I’ll go wrap them now and make sure they’re pre–“

“Yeah, it’s today! I’m getting old now, and one step closer to meeting Grim!” Nathan laughed but Veronica was slightly worried about how Callum would’ve felt if he heard Nathan say that. “Don’t worry, you’ll take care of Callum after I pass. You’re a good person with a good heart.”

Meanwhile, Marisa had just finished writing her own autobiography on her life. She decided that along with her memorialisation painting, she’d leave behind her life story so that anyone could read it when they want to.

"I feel like my life is now ready to move onto the next level."

“I feel like my life is now ready to move onto the next level.”

“You might have to tell her, Mom.” Callum advised Marisa as she nodded her head before rising from the desk chair. Since Veronica was now living in the household, it wouldn’t be long before she would come to realise that the Devines are a special family in terms of their blood heritage.

Marisa tapped her wrist as her disguise filter disabled itself and she reverted back to her alien form, and she never felt more relaxed in her life. “It feels good to be back in my own skin once more, like my purple skin.”

She soon walked downstairs and into the kitchen where Veronica instantly caught sight of Marisa and waved. “Hi Mrs. Devine!”

“Wait, you know that I’m an alien?”

12-01-15_1-35-27 AM

“Nope. But, I’d notice your motherly warm aura anywhere.”

“My son is so lucky that he married you. I just hope that my DAUGHTER is just as lucky.” Marisa commented and June walked past her mother and laughed.

“Yeah, I hope so too!” June remarked before picking up an ice cream cone and heading out of the room. Veronica, Callum and Marisa sat down at the table and Marisa placed two fingers from each hand on her temples.

“Don’t take this personally.”

“Mom, what’re you– Oh boy.” Callum sighed as he watched his mother analyse Veronica’s personality.

Now, this is the way of finding out if your son's wife is good enough.

Now, this is the way of finding out if your son’s wife is good enough.

Marisa discovered a lot of things about Veronica, some things that were important and some things that she really didn’t need to know but discovered anyway. “YOU’RE PERFECT.”

They keep dancing. They are obsessed with the stereo.

They keep dancing. They are obsessed with the stereo.

Take a little break with Nathan evolving some plants.

Take a little break with Nathan evolving some plants.

Nathan was so close to getting his first perfect plant, he couldn’t wait!

Callum soon got the party started after he called all of Nathan and Marisa’s closest friends over to their house. The stereo was turned on (unfortunately) and the caterer, mixologist and entertainer. It was time for Nathan and Marisa to take their final jump into Elderhood. They weren’t allowed any more potions of youth, and they certainly weren’t allowed to kill someone for cowplant life essence, not that they would do that anyway.

Nathan had decided that he wanted to make his own cake, he wanted to make it perfect for him and his wife as they spend their last days of their life together. Nathan was so excited for his last days, but also scared. He knew that their time would be coming soon and he hoped that he would die before Marisa, or that they would die at the same time because he wouldn’t be able to bear seeing her die.

Nathan wiped a tear off of his face as he stared down at the mixing bowl.

"You're going to be a nice cake, aren't you?!"

“You’re going to be a nice cake, aren’t you?!”

Callum was snogging Veronica and Maven was about to start dancing to the music. The caterer also arrived too, and she was eager to make food for everyone in the party!

She was so eager that she incorporated the door into her work!

She was so eager that she incorporated the door into her work!

Callum walked over to Marisa after his little kissing session with Veronica hugged her. “Mom, you’re growing old!”

“I’m not getting old! I’m just getting grey hair. That’s all.”

“That’s a sign of old–“

“NO. I AM NOT OLD.” Marisa firmly stated before laughing with her son. She didn’t care that she was old on the outside because she felt young on the inside, and she was going to use her inside-ness to maximise her elder outside life.

“Mom, I love you.”

“I love you too, my little boy.” Marisa hugged Callum once again as the clock continued to tick.

12-01-15_2-06-04 AM

Straight afterwards, Marisa became shocked at the fact that the caterer was dancing and not even doing her job correctly. She stared at the caterer for several minutes without anyone noticing not long before actually making a shocked face, alerting everyone of what the caterer was doing.

"OH. MY. Why aren't you working?"

“OH. MY. Why aren’t you working?”

“I was taking a little bit of a dance break. I’ll get back to work now.” The caterer sighed but Marisa laughed.

“No! Teach me the dance you were doing, it looked awesome!” Marisa requested and the caterer got right to work on making sure that Marisa knew exactly the moves to the dance she was doing.

Afterwards, Marisa sat down next to her husband and held his hand as they looked into each other’s eyes. They knew that with the candles lit, it would be time for them to leave adulthood and become elders. The question was, who was going to go first.

“NOT IT.” Marisa screamed and Nathan laughed as he stared into his wife’s eyes.

"Fine fine!"

“Fine fine!”

Nathan stood by the birthday cake and looked at the lit candles as everyone started to sing the famous song.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Nathan…

"I wish that I can leave this world happily."

“I wish that I can leave this world happily.”

Happy Birthday to you!

"Back pains, ugh!"

“Back pains, ugh!”

It was then Marisa’s turn to step up to the birthday cake and blow out it’s candles. She was afraid of how big the flames were getting at first, but then as soon as she got used to them, it was easy to blow them out.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Marisa…



Happy Birthday to you!

Her wish was granted?! Can I say, #ElderGoals

Her wish was granted?! Can I say, #ElderGoals



“Mom! You’re so beautiful! I wish I could say the same about Dad but I can’t but don’t tell him.” June said quickly and Marisa giggled.

“Don’t worry. I think everyone knows but in my eyes, he’s still the most handsome man in the world.” Marisa stared over at Nathan who slowly walked out to the Mixology Bar.

“Mom. Gross. That’s sappy.”

“You’ll be like that soon with your future husband! Come here.” Marisa hugged June tightly as she kissed her cheek. There wasn’t much time left for both parents, so they had to make sure to love their children and help them as much as possible. Marisa’s goal was to see both of her remaining children get married before she dies, so she decided to help them both with their relationships.

12-01-15_2-11-44 AM

Meanwhile, Nathan was still practising the same bar tricks from this morning.

"I've still got it!"

“I’ve still got it!”


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