Season 1 – Episode 6

Shopping with Anna and Eddie was refreshing, they didn’t linger around places and took meaningful glances at clothes before moving on, just like me. Eddie didn’t even mind that me and Anna took longer in the women’s section than he did in the men’s, and that is a sign of perfect husband material. Anna and I had so much fun looking at the accessories, while Eddie was looking at all of the ties over in another section.

Eddie was a lawyer, so he always had to look his best while Anna was a #1 Bestselling Author with her mystery and fantasy novels, she even wrote cook books too! I remember when the Rocky Roadies got one of Anna’s books published and I was sent one in the mail, it was so awesome! It had all of Anna’s best recipes that she cooked in the show and when I remember trying to make some of them and failing drastically. That’s when I knew take-out or going to restaurants or microwave meals were more my forte.

While shopping in our second store, they picked out some clothes for me to try on, and to my astonishment, they looked pretty nice on me! And, it’s almost hard to find anything that I like which suits me.

12-04-15_2-48-27 PM

“My, my. Eddie, doesn’t she look dashing?” Anna looked up at Eddie who held her hand gently. They’re so sweet together, it’s adorable.

“She does look beautiful, Anna.” Eddie smiled down at Anna, and the pair of them then looked at me as I looked into the mirror.

“I do feel beautiful.” I giggled, and they both walked up behind me as we stared into the mirror together. Eddie, Anna and me; we looked like one big happy family, at least, that’s what I felt. I’m sure they felt it too!

“And that’s all that matters!” Eddie and Anna said in time with each other. That was their motto in life, if you feel happy, that’s all that matters. But also, if you’re happy, you must make the people around you feel happy too, otherwise it’s just selfishness.

I looked into the mirror closer and saw a girl looking over at me, as I tried to look closer, she disappeared from the mirror view and as I turned around, she was gone. It was strange. She seemed familiar but, I couldn’t put my finger on it as to where the familiarity came from.

I turned around straight after and smiled at Eddie and Anna. They told me that they had already paid for the clothes, which I took graciously and thanked them for it.

12-04-15_2-52-19 PM

“Let’s go to the next shop!” I suggested as I headed straight for the door, and they didn’t hesitate to follow straight after me. We walked into the next shop, which was a much bigger shop than the last one and it contained many more clothes than I could count.

Anna and I quickly got to work, trying to find the most amazing item of clothing in the store, while Eddie had already found himself a pair of tanned brogue shoes that he liked. Men, so simple. They’re so lucky to have that kind of simplicity in their lives.

There was just too much in the store that I liked! There was dresses and jeans and t-shirts and necklaces and rings and bracelets, there was just so much. I kept thinking about how to combine one thing with another and make the perfect outfit and how to DIY some things over to make them look even more fabulous.

“All of this looks so great, but I can only pick one!” I told myself, as I continued to scour the store, looking for the best item. Until I came across the perfect outfit, I couldn’t believe how perfect this outfit looked. I quickly ran over to it, to make sure that I wasn’t seeing some hallucination!

12-04-15_3-00-37 PM

It was the perfect outfit! But, while I tried to convince the shop attendant to let me take the outfit off the mannequin, the same girl in the black hoodie appeared before me again. She’s too familiar! It’s just on the tip of my tongue… AMELIA.

It’s Amelia! But, what is she doing here? I quickly try and follow her out of the store, but Eddie stops me before I can leave.

“Where are you going?” He smiles at me, and I cross my legs standing up.

“I really need the toilet…” I linger the last sentence as Eddie paves the way for me as I quickly run out of the shop and down into the toilets just outside. What’s interesting is that Amelia recognised me. How does she recognise me and how the plum is she back so early into the show? She’s not due to be back yet… this is really weird.

I walked into the bathroom carefully as I examined the area to see if I could see Amelia, that was until someone tapped me on the back and I turned around in fright.

“AH!” I screamed to find Amelia standing right behind me, in a black hoodie, right in front of me.

12-04-15_3-02-46 PM

“How come you’re so scared, Evelyn?” Amelia asked me and I scratched my head.

“How… do you know my name?” I replied to her and she peered in closely.

“Oh right, you probably lost your memory. The truth is, I found you on the street and after I picked you up, you instantly recognised me and told me to run far away and then to come looking for you soon. And then I left, and here I am.” I said that? Wow, I really must do things courageously when I don’t know what I did. Okay, I totally didn’t make sense.

“Okay, what do you need help with?” I scratched my hair with both of my hands. Things were about to get a whole lot more complicated than I ever hoped them to be. I only thought that I was just living in the world, not interacting with its plot and history!

“I need you to help me because of that psycho, Lucy!”

“Wait, Lucy? Why?” I mean, I knew she was a cheater and everything, but what part did she play in the hospitalization of Amelia?

“Lucy is the insane plum who wants my dad’s money! She made me look like a violent and insane person by drawing all these weird images in a notebook and proclaimed that they were mine when they weren’t. She also acted like I was trying to kill her one evening when I wasn’t! I was just watching a live stream and dad comes running into my bedroom asking me if it was true. Lucy will probably kill my dad next just so that she can get his money.” Amelia spat onto the ground. “Gold Digger.”

Wait a second.

12-04-15_3-03-50 PM

“Amelia! Wait until Episode– no. You can come back into town soon and tell Michael everything, he will listen to you and hopefully you’ll be able to drive Lucy out of your house.” I told Amelia, and she nodded her head.

“Really? Well, I’ll come back in a week or two, I’ve just got to clear some things up outside of town first. Do you have a phone yet? I could give you my number.”

“Nope, I’ll probably have to get a job to save up for one.” I laughed, I realized that I’m starting to live a brand new life here, one that came to me by surprise. Was it a blessing? Or, was it a curse in disguise? I didn’t know, but I wanted to enjoy every moment of it, even the drama. But, at the same time, I had to be careful because I know what some people are capable of and it’s also dangerous, living in this place.

“Well, I’ll have to get going now. The police are still on the lookout for me. Speak to you soon.” Amelia waved as she exited the toilet stall. I took a deep breath and looked at myself in the mirror.

“This is all part of your plan to let all the good people have their happy ending. Don’t be scared.” I tried to tell myself but I couldn’t stop my hand from shaking.

12-04-15_3-08-31 PM


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