Y2 – Angel of Food

After my lectures today, I felt so tired and hungry because the school’s canteen got shut down temporarily due to a rat infestation. I came home and I sat down in the kitchen, depressed and deprived of the food that I desperately needed to survive. Emma walked in a few moments after I did and gazed down at me and tapped my head.

“Noah? Noah! What’s wrong? Do I need to call an ambulance?” Emma asked and I shook my head.

“Nope, but if there’s a foodbulance, can you call them? I’m so hungry.” I moaned and Emma laughed.

“You’re hungry? Why didn’t you just say so?! I’ll have something ready for you within the hour. Let me just get the ingredients.” I felt like an angel had come down from Heaven and was about to bless me with some yummy food. I’m so glad that a cooking major came to stay now, YAY!

After Emma collected the ingredients, she set out right away to bake whatever she was going to bake for me.

11-29-15_10-54-44 AM

11-29-15_10-55-19 AM

11-29-15_10-55-43 AM

11-29-15_10-56-41 AM

“Whatcha making?” I asked Emma as she picked up the mixing bowl and grabbed a baking tray. She moulded the dough into circular rings and placed them down on the baking tray. “Doughnuts?!”

“Nope!” Emma smiled as she placed them in the oven. “I’m making Bagels.”

I waited as I watched the bagels cook in the oven. Gabrielle came down the stairs and into the kitchen as well after she smelt the bagels being cooked. “I want some of whatever I’m smelling.”

Soon enough, the bagels finished cooking and me and Gabrielle feasted upon them. They tasted SO good!

11-29-15_11-07-09 AM

“Thanks Emma!” The pair of us said in unison. Best meal ever.


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