2.10 – An Awkward Death

Ever since Nathan and Marisa became elders, Veronica stepped up to the plate and began helping around the house a bit more. She felt a little indebted to them since they were letting her live in their house for free and she felt like this was the perfect time to let them know that she appreciated everything that Nathan and Marisa was doing for them.

So, Veronica began taking up the Gardening Skill to reassure Nathan that once he passes, his plants would not suffer and die since no one would be tending to them once he’s gone. She was pretty good at gardening as well, knowing exactly the type of soil to provide to each plant and knowing what fertilisers work best with what plant.

She's such a great edition to this family.

She’s such a great edition to this family.

 Meanwhile, Callum had grown to become quite good friends with Fang after he had ate Callum so many times. They finally reached a common ground where Callum stopped being tricked by the cake and where Fang was always fed by Callum.

"You're such a great plant!"

“You’re such a great plant!”

Marisa had become obsessed with a cooking show her friends at work recommended to her. Ever since she came out as an Alien, everyone had become very supportive of Marisa and her story, and it even allowed her to become the very first Alien Author on the Willow Creek Best-seller list!

“Today, we’re going to be learning how to stuff a turkey in readiness for the Christmas Holidays!” She heard Betty say on the television as she brought up a turkey she prepared beforehand onto the screen. Marisa watched as Betty started to do a lot of things and began mixing egg nog in a bowl.

"Woah Betty! How did you get there so quick?!"

“Woah Betty! How did you get there so quick?!”

Today, the store was opening once again since Maven and Callum had collected enough resources to open their store once more. They felt super excited because they knew that hopefully, this was going to be a day like last time and they were going to sell a lot of things!

“WE’RE OPEN!” Callum and Maven shouted before heading back into the store.

12-01-15_2-39-09 AM

Everyone got their selling caps on and began going around to all of the customers and making sure that each and every one knew about the art, how much it cost, and they were promoting their product as much as possible to the potential buyers of their artworks.

“What is this piece of art?” A woman asked, pointing to a photograph of a Willow Tree in the middle of autumn. Veronica walked over to the woman and began explaining it to her.

“The artist wanted to capture the image of the sole willow tree, how it sways in the breeze and how it remains strong no matter what. It’s a great piece for gaining confidence within yourself.” Veronica explained and the woman smiled.

“I’ll take it!”

"That's a great choice!"

“That’s a great choice!”

Over on the other side of the store, June and Callum were busy in an entire group discussion trying to tackle down these customers so that they were going to buy something.

“Woah, all of these paintings look so awesome!” One man said, and Callum agreed with him.

“The artist’s emotions really do play a huge part in the art he creates.” Callum explained and another woman, Cassandra (who Maven met before), waved her hand in the air and smiled at another one of the paintings.

“How much is that painting?” She asked.

“Well, the price that the Art Gallery wants it for is $6,794 but I’ll gladly let you have it for $5,250.” June smiled back at Cassandra and she nodded her head as June began to fill out the paperwork so that Cassandra could take the painting home.

It's going great so far!

It’s going great so far!

That was until…

Oh! J Huntington III, great way to jinx me.

Oh! J Huntington III, great way to jinx me.

“Yikes.” June said as she watched him slowly lower himself down onto the ground before he waved goodbye to everyone and then died. Everyone just watched him die, in their retail store. June felt scared and worried, and so did Maven and Callum. If they were feeling this shaken over someone’s death that wasn’t even related to them, how would they feel when their parents pass over to the other side?

Everyone took a moment’s silence as they mourned for J Huntington III.

Grim soon came and reaped the soul.

"Another one bites the dust! Oh sorry--- may he rest in peace."

“Another one bites the dust! Oh sorry— may he rest in peace.”

Callum and Maven closed up the store afterwards and left for the night. It certainly was a depressing day for the Devines. Although, Marisa did manage to trade brownie recipes with the Grim Reaper, so it wasn’t all sad after all!


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