2.11 – The Perfect Tree

Nathan walked into his greenhouse with a bright smile upon his face as he saw his apple tree sparkle and glow. This was one of Nathan’s very first plants from which he had grown from a little seedling into a majestic tree. He smiled because he knew that this tree had been evolved over and over again throughout the course of his adult life and he knew that a plant could only be evolved a certain number of times before it reaches it’s perfect status.

Well, when Nathan touched the soil of the tree, it’s evolving began as the bubbles began to surround the tree quickly. The tree glowed as it evolved into it’s perfection stage.

"I'm so proud of you, my little tree."

“I’m so proud of you, my little tree.”

The tree stood in front of Nathan, tall and proud of it’s perfection status. It knew that it would become part of Nathan’s perfect garden and even after he passes, it knew that it would be a symbol to remember Nathan by.

I love you tree. <3

I love you tree. ❤

Meanwhile, there were a few skill maximisations in the household as the Devines busily worked themselves in their jobs and in their lives. June was becoming more and more focused into her work while she still kept contact with Wesley and was hoping for the day where he’d ask her to see him again. Callum had been taking more and more photos by the day as he was eager to begin hanging his artwork around the house like Maven desired.

(Hover over the photos)

June was certainly hopeful that she’d begin preparing for the third generation soon.


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