TDFL – Achievements & Whims #5

So, this is the first Achievements & Whims post for Generation Two? Awesome! So far, it’s been so much fun playing June primarily and watching her go about her daily life. There’s been some drama, like you saw with Wesley and there’s also been some loving moments! I just can’t wait to see where Gen Two will lead and also, what Get Together will bring! I do have a few plans for Get Together and this legacy which I’ll list below when I get onto my Whims portion.

For now, let’s look at my total score! We’re currently at an overall total of 20 Points which makes me feel so excited because I think we’re (me and the Devines) making outstanding progress so far and I know we’re going to try even harder! For now though, I think I want to focus on getting the siblings settled into their lives rather than point counting *until* I settle their lives down. So Whims in this post shall be PARTIALLY skilled and a MOSTLY lifestyle.

These Whims will only show my Gen 2 folk, since Marisa and Nathan just need to max their careers. Nathan just needs to get to Level 10 Mixology and his Mixology Aspiration is completed. (My method worked!)

June Devine

Aspiration Goals: For June, I think that getting her aspiration finished should be done because she’s at the last stage of her Computer Whiz Aspiration and she’s almost there! She just needs to spend a few more hours on the computer and get one more promotion and she’s done which means Rocketships and Telescopes!

Social Life Goals: I also feel that there was a bit of awkwardness between June and Wesley so I think the two of them should talk and get their awkwardness sorted. I feel that I’ve lost track of time as well since June has only days left until she becomes an adult! I don’t know whether I want to use the Youth Potion this gen although I did use it on Veronica.

Get Together?: I think that I might have June start a Club! It’d be fun to see all the different types of gameplay that can occur when in a club so that might be one primary reason why I choose to use the PoY. Also, with the new scoring coming in for GT, it might be useful to get June into a club now rather than later. Plus, I could have heirs inherit the Club Leadership!

Callum Devine

Aspiration Goals: I’m still working on his Party Animal Aspiration. It’s hard trying to throw parties in such an awkward house that I built. Hopefully their new house will accommodate them nicely, I even saved space for some GT stuff!

Social Life Goals: He’s sorted. Although I might have him make a few more friends. He might even start a family with Veronica soon which means that I’ll have to move Callum out soon enough. D:

Get Together?: You see, ever since Callum completed his Photography Skill, there’s nothing else I’ve really been wanting him to pursue. Which is probably why I’ll have him pursue one of the GT skills or I’ll move him out with Veronica and they can start a family in Windenburg together! I might have Callum start a Club of his own as well.


Aspiration Goals: Fabulously Wealthy is still going down good. This is such a long aspiration but I’m lucky that thanks to the store, it gets done pretty quickly, not that it’s going quickly at all. But, AS SOON AS he finishes this damn aspiration, he’s completing the painting one because he deserves it.

Social Life Goals: MAN NEEDS TO MEET SOMEONE. I think I’ve been keeping him alone just so that he can create paintings and that’s making him feel sad. So, I think I’ll be matching him up with a sim someone made me for my legacy! I don’t know any of their traits or anything, I had my little sister put her into my game.

Get Together?: Hm, this is a hard one. I might have Maven start or join a club, but I might have him pursue the DJ skill as well! I think Maven would become a really awesome DJ.


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