Season 1 – Episode 7

After coming out of the toilet stalls, I was prepared to go to Luke’s house and talk to him about the amazing shopping trip I had. But, I remembered the awful little argument we had and I didn’t want to face him nor talk to him for a while. I walked down the street, a bit worried over where I was going to sleep tonight and then a hand tugged me from behind.

“Evelyn! We wondered where you had gone. How are you? You seem upset.” Anna asked me and I shrugged my shoulders. Eddie placed his hand on my shoulder and rubbed it slightly, it felt warm and comforting, which brought a smile to my face.

“You don’t have anywhere to go, right? Why don’t you stay with us? We have a spare bedroom that you can have, if you want.” Eddie suggested to me and I immediately nodded.

“Yes please, I’d love it! Oh, and I did see a nice bedding inside that shop over there, I’ll go buy it!” I replied, “But first, thank you.”

“It’s really no problem at all, we like caring for the youth and–”

12-11-15_5-47-52 PM

“Sh… now, let’s go!” I smiled as we walked down the street together. We managed to buy the bedding along with a few other things before making our way back to Eddie and Anna’s house. They, of course, live on the same road as Luke but they live two doors down from Luke and so it’ll be a little awkward if he sees me walking out of Eddie and Anna’s house.

Nevertheless, I was about to discover a room that was never shown in Rocky Road before! As I walked through Eddie and Anna’s house, I saw all the familiar furniture and instantly re-acquainted myself with where everything in the house was. But, when we arrived at the door, that’s when I was mostly excited. I opened the door and my smile slowly faded as I saw the bedroom.

12-11-15_5-53-27 PM

“Oh! I’m really sorry that this stuff is here. I’ll clean it up, right away!” Eddie said before he hastily walked into the room and picked up all of the toys one by one while looking at them with deep meaning. I couldn’t imagine how it must have felt to be told that you’re not able to have anymore children, but it must feel dreadful.

“Can I say something, to the both of you?” I smiled at Eddie as Anna came into the scene as well and looked at all of the baby stuff. “Well, I don’t really have parents here and you haven’t… yeah. What I’m saying is, for the time being, can’t you be my guardians?”

This was part of Eddie and Anna’s happy ending, an adoption that they’ve always wanted and it was for free. Plus, they didn’t have to worry about taking care of me because I’m pretty self-sufficient, but they could still cook me my meals once in awhile. Eddie and Anna however, burst out into tears after I spoke out my suggestion as they nodded without hesitation.

“Now, shall we spend the rest of the day decorating this bedroom?” Eddie showed a big smile as me and Anna nodded. Michael Green was generous enough to give Eddie and Anna the spare bed frame that he had been keeping in his attic for ten or so years, and with a bunch of TLC and DIY, the bedroom soon became a lovely bachelorette room filled with adorable and also cool things.

It was fun decorating! There was even a moment where we had a little bit of a paint fight because Eddie put paint down the back of my apron, I had to get revenge, didn’t I? I sat down on my new as I took in the new wonderful atmosphere around me.

12-11-15_6-02-44 PM

As night grew closer, I said goodnight to Eddie and Anna as I went into my new bedroom and fell right to sleep. I was so tired that I didn’t think anything could’ve woken me up. I was wrong.

“STOP!” I hear from outside as my head perks up from the covers. That’s strange, I never knew this went on during the night, but then again, it usually cuts to the next day when nothing interesting happens during the night. I put on my slippers and walked downstairs and outside into the backyard, where I followed the sound of the discussion.

I arrived at the fence at the end of the backyard, and luckily enough there was a hole in the fence wide enough for me to see who was arguing. And, as I put my eye to the hole, I saw Heather and Carl arguing by the pool with angry expressions on their faces. That’s strange, this didn’t happen in the show.

“You told her didn’t you? Why did you do it?” Carl accused Heather as he stepped closer towards her in his angry rage. I wasn’t sure who or why they’re talking about a ‘her’ but I kept listening because this was probably something that only a true fan should hear.

12-11-15_6-21-39 PM

“I’ll tell you again! I didn’t tell Penelope about our divorce! I swear. Now, if you’re going to keep accusing me of something I did when YOU’RE in the wrong! HA!” Heather laughed as she pushed Carl out of the way and walked past him before being grabbed by the back of her next by him and thrown in front of him.

“I’m the Liar? You’re the Liar, you’re lying to me right now.” Carl exclaimed at Heather who laughed at him.

“You’re the one who cheated. I haven’t done anything wrong.” And Carl, in his angry rage seemed to tighten the grip he already had on Heather, and the veins began bulging out of his head.

“LIAR! YOU ALWAYS LIE!” Carl screamed at Heather as she struggled to move out of his grasp. She began to panic as she tapped his arm for and stood on both of his feet to try and make him let go. That’s when I realized what was going on, he was choking her to death.

“I… didn’t…lie.” Heather breathed out before Carl, in his angry rage threw Heather into the deep end of the pool.

12-11-15_6-24-36 PM

Heather can’t swim. I began to watch Heather struggle to swim as she began to flail around in the water. I wanted to help, I knew it was the right thing to do but something inside me stopped me. Carl was frozen, he didn’t know what to do either. But, I knew inside of him, he wanted Heather to die, so he wouldn’t have to go through with the embarrassment of divorce. I knew he wanted Heather to die as he smirked as her lifeless body rose up to the top of the pool.

Carl began to freak out however, at the realization that he has just killed a human being. And his wife at that. He frantically looked around and I was wondering about what he was looking for, until he set his eyes in my direction.

“I see you.” I heard him whisper, and I froze. H-he sees me? I quickly turned around as he ran down to the edge of the fence, and I made sure to run into the house and lock the door. I didn’t want to be caught by him, I don’t want to be killed by him. In fear, I sat on the cold kitchen floor as the image of the pool flashed into my mind once more.

12-11-15_6-23-07 PM

I got up from the cold kitchen floor and ran into the safety of my own bedroom, my own place of comfort because I needed warmth. Nothing could’ve prepared me for Heather’s death and I couldn’t stop shaking in my bed as I thought about what I had just witnessed.

Wait, Heather was never ever supposed to die in Rocky Road, she was supposed to leave near the end of the season and then go star in the Rocky Road spin-off, Old-town Oasis. Oh, it was cancelled before it got a second season.

Hang on a second, if Heather died now then Penelope’s storyline will change and then the Butterfly Effect will take place and oh my plum. Everyone’s storylines will become slightly different in one way or another, but why? What changed from what happened in the show to now? What possibly could’ve occurred that changed the storyline as a whole? Heather’s words began to ring in my mind at that second,

“I’ll tell you again! I didn’t tell Penelope about our divorce! I swear. Now, if you’re going to keep accusing me of something I did when YOU’RE in the wrong! HA!”

I was the main cause, my influences on everyone. I told Penelope that her parents were talking about the divorce and that probably led to Penelope asking her parents about the divorce which then resulted in that argument which then resulted in Heather’s death!

12-11-15_6-07-03 PM

What have I done?


10 thoughts on “Season 1 – Episode 7

  1. Jes2G says:

    Uh oh. See! It’s not always good to know everything.

    Question…I’m assuming that she’s a young adult because when she was in “the real world,” she was living on her own. Although, I get the feeling all these youngsters are probably like college age. If that’s true, why did she ask Eddie and Anna to be her guardians (apart from sentimental reasons) when she’s past the age to need a guardian?

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