2.12 – Taking it Slow

"Wesley? Woah, what's up?"

“Wesley? Woah, what’s up?”

When June had heard Wesley’s voice, it seemed like he was upset about something. The long breaks and the sobbing in his voice made June worry slightly about what was going on.

“I’ve– had such a bad day!” Wesley cried as he blew his nose into some tissue. June thought it was a bit gross and silently hoped on the inside that he threw it in the bin and didn’t throw it on the ground. She had to distract herself from thinking about the rubbish though, since one of her friends was upset.

“What happened? Tell me everything.” June told Wesley and he breathed deeply before telling June everything.

“Well, you know that girl who was my girlfriend that you saw me with?” June nodded her head, but then realised she was on the phone and spoke up.


“We broke up.”

"OH NO! I feel so sorry for you!"

“OH NO! I feel so sorry for you!”

“Thanks June, you always know what to say.” Wesley spoke through the phone, “Hey, do you think I can come over to your house if you gave me the directions?”

“I don’t think I’d need to. It’s the largest lot in town.” June giggled and quickly checked herself in the screen of her computer before walking out of the room.

“Okay, I think I’m almost there now.” Wesley said, as their conversation slowly went over the hour mark.

“Already?!” June quickly ran downstairs and out of the house before seeing Wesley walk onto the lot.

“It’s so massive here.” Wesley said, putting down his phone before walking over to June. June learnt from her first mistake of trying to find a man, it was all in the wrong order. She needed to get to know Wesley first and if she felt an honest attraction to him, then she could ask him to be her boyfriend.

"Forget about your girlfriend."

“Forget about your girlfriend.”

“What? Why would you tell me to do that?” Wesley was shocked at what June said, but she had a lot of reasoning behind it.

“Listen, do you really want to sob over someone who broke up with you? Do you really want to feel sorry for yourself all day and wonder why you weren’t good enough for them? Or, do you want to get over them and live your life again?” June asked, and although it took Wesley some time to answer, he definitely knew the message that June was trying to put across.

“I want to get over her.” Wesley smiled as he high-fived June, and looked right into her eyes. He’d never noticed it before, but there was something about June’s eyes that intrigued him. The blueness which reminded him of the sea, or even blue crystals that shine in the darkness. There was something about June herself that intrigued Wesley, and he couldn’t put his finger on it. Instead, he stared right into her eyes.

12-08-15_8-25-40 PM

The more and more June talked to Wesley, the more and more she began to like him. He had the same mindset as her, and he loved to meditate in his spare time as well. Although, it wasn’t a lot of spare time since he was always busy with one thing or another.

The next step was to flirt a little bit and test his reaction. He moved on from that one girl, and June was determined to make sure that she was going to be his future. June had something to say to Wesley as well, but she couldn’t tell him out loud, she had to whisper to him, since it was a little embarrassing.

“Come closer.” June instructed Wesley, and she slowly whispered into his ear.

“How would you reply, if I asked you for a hug? Not a friendly hug, one of the flirty kind.” June giggled after she told Wesley, although Wesley was a bit shocked.

Oh no...

Oh no…

Wesley didn’t know how to respond. Even though he had gotten over the girl, there was something about moving onto another girl straight away that bothered him. He didn’t want to feel like he was just moving from one girl to another in an instant, changing his heart instantly for someone else. But, he also wanted to test the waters a little with June, just to see what would happen between them. So, they embraced each other.

12-08-15_8-27-23 PM

And then Maven saw.



On the other side of the house, Nathan had been working all day with his Mixology Skill to get it to the maximum, so that he’d be known as a great mixology master in both his workplace and at home.

He only needed a few more drinks to be made until he mastered it, and so off he went. He made a Nathan Special, followed by a Ting and Zing and he quickly finished it off with a Ridgeport before he got an email telling him that he had completely finished his Mixology Skill and completed the Mixology Aspiration!

Celebratory drink anyone?

Celebratory drink anyone?

Maven headed off to work in his brand new outfit which completely took everyone by surprise. Did his work really want him to dress like that?

Just... what?

Just… what?

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