Hello! It’s Me!

(sorry for the bad Adele reference)

Hi! I’ll be returning from my story posting hiatus on Monday, but I wanted to fill you guys in on what’s going to be happening on my blog and in other places! First of all, postings on all of my current stories shall continue from the 4th of January, and My Lovely Housemates shall start on the 14th of January!

I’m hoping for my posting Schedule to go as follows;

Monday – The Devine Family Legacy
Tuesday – The Devine Family Legacy
Wednesday – The Devine Family Legacy 
Thursday – My Lovely Housemates
Friday – My Lovely Housemates, Rocky Road
Saturday – Greenwood Dormitory
Sunday – Greenwood Dormitory

If it doesn’t, oh well! I’ll try my best to stick by it.

Moving on, my one year blogversary is coming up! I started my WordPress Blog on January 16th 2015, but I posted my first ever chapter on January 18th, which I’m going to class as my blogversary! I’ve got a special post planned but I also want to have a party in game, which I’ll probably post pictures of on my blog and caption them. If you want any simselves/sims to attend the party, just comment down below with your Origin ID and who I shall pick up!

Also, because it’s my blogversary, I want to host a little read-a-thon of my very first story, The Wonder Child! This is going to be a bit exciting for me, since this is the first ‘event’ that I’m hosting, but I do want this to go quite well! It will last from the 18th of January to the 7th of February, which makes time for 2 chapters to be read per day. Of course, you can read at your own pace if you want!

Hopefully, I’ll have a thread on the forums set up nearer to the time where we can talk and discuss about the chapters and such and I’ll also be explaining stuff that happened behind the scenes! Hopefully you’ll be able to join!

I think that’s everything! See you soon!


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