2.13 – One Great Party

Callum managed to convince everyone to get up from their beds and get dressed for a party that he was invited to by one of his friends from high school called Natalie. It was her birthday today and she wanted to make sure that Callum attended, although she was still unaware of Callum’s marriage to Veronica. Even though Callum tried to get everyone to come, the party interfered with Nathan’s work hours, so it wasn’t possible for him to attend.

“Hey, why don’t you invite Wesley to come as well?” Callum asked June, who quickly agreed and rang up Wesley. Of course, he was thrilled to go as well, and June made plans to meet at the address that the party was being hosted at.

12-08-15_9-09-37 PM

“Thank you so much for coming Callum!” Natalie said as she brought Callum into a hug, She looked over at Veronica as her eyebrow raised, “I don’t remember inviting you.”

“You didn’t. I’m Callum’s permanent plus one. After all, I am his wife.” Veronica glared right into Natalie’s eyes as she let go of Callum and walked into the kitchen to prepare other arrangements. Veronica sat on the chair near the sofa June, Wesley and Maven were sat on.

“So Wesley, you must be wondering how it’s like to be a legacy spouse, right?” Veronica asked out of the blue to Wesley.

“Well, it’s something that’s been on my mind for the past couple of days, yeah.” Wesley replied and Veronica became really excited as she began to tell Wesley all about being a Legacy Spouse.

12-08-15_9-12-29 PM

“It’s actually so fun!”

“You don’t have to have any money to bring in, since they won’t accept it anyway because the Devines want every penny to be come from their own work and labour. Also, as long as you’re a good person and manages to earn their keep within the household, then you’re all set.” Veronica laughed as she took a sip of the juice that was placed next to her.

“Is that all you think living the life as a Legacy Spouse is? What about your adorable husband who loves and supports you?” Callum asked, but Veronica laughed and brushed him off.

“Dear, I wear the pants in this relationship. You and I both know that.” Veronica took another sip of her juice before June looked to Wesley.

“Perhaps there might be a new Devine Spouse soon.” June said not long before she began to make a move on Wesley. Quickly and efficiently, that’s what her mother always told her.

June thought, "How much farther do I need to reach to actually reach the other shoulder?"

June thought, “How much farther do I need to reach to actually reach the other shoulder?”

“Junebug, what are you doing?” Maven asked as June quickly retracted her shoulder away before Wesley could see. June looked up to the ceiling as Wesley looked over at Maven.

“What? Did she do something behind my back? June! What tom foolery are you up to now?” Wesley laughed as he tickled June’s stomach a little. June laughed as she shook her head vigorously.

“I’m up to nothing, I swear!” June giggled as Wesley stopped tickling her, which then lead her to continue on with the discussion. “However, being my spouse is different from being a legacy spouse. Since I’m the heir, my spouse has an important job.”

“Really? What’s that?” Wesley questioned, he wanted to know everything to do with the framework of a legacy. History intrigued him, immortal dynasties and myths beyond the ages. He wanted to learn about history, and also become part of it as well and a legacy was the perfect chance for him to do so.

12-08-15_9-15-08 PM


The sound of both June and Veronica saying that word at the same time shocked both Wesley and Callum. Wesley because he knew it was the next stage for a history to continue but Callum because he didn’t know what message to grasp from this. Did Veronica want to have a baby soon? Callum wasn’t mentally ready for a baby, although who ever is?

“Pregnancy, ey? So, if it were to occur that I became your spouse, would the baby be the first thing that comes to your mind to do as a married couple?” Wesley looked to June, with a questionable face and she shook her head.

“No way, I’d probably be more focused on making sure you were comfortable in the household, and then making sure you were ready to have a child. I don’t want to rush anyone into anything.” Said the girl who basically rushed herself into thinking she needed someone, when all she really needed was some self-confidence, which June believed she had now achieved.

"Yeah, hopefully I'll be having a baby before Junebug here."

“Yeah, hopefully I’ll be having a baby before Junebug here.”

“Ah, isn’t the music sounding quite nice at this party?” Callum asked as he looked up and laughed as he watched various townies dance. Veronica gave Callum quite the glare after he said that, and he dared not to look at her for the next ten minutes.

Meanwhile, June needed to talk to Wesley alone, but she didn’t want everyone to know she had disappeared off with him, so she quickly grabbed his hand and pulled him to the side, where everyone could see the pair of them.

“Catch me if you can.” June whispered into his ear, before she closed her eyes and blocked out the sound of the pounding music. The sweet thoughts of nature filled her mind as she began to rise into the air, and waves of tranquillity surrounded her as she began to teleport away.

"Wait, what?! Are you some kind of superhero?"

“Wait, what?! Are you some kind of superhero?”

“Maybe, maybe I can be your hero baby.” June winked before she vanished and Wesley began to frantically search for her around the house. After twenty minutes of looking in bedrooms, bathrooms, wardrobes and even kitchen cupboards, he found June waiting on the upstairs balcony.

“June?” Wesley asked and June marched right over to him.

“Where are we heading at the moment?” June asked, taking a little bit more confidence in herself and hoping to get an answer out of Wesley.

“What are you talking about?

“Us, where are we heading? We’ve been flirting with each other all night and, I just want to know from you how you actually feel about me. Because, I like you. A lot.” June smiled, as she closed her eyes and snuck an attack upon Wesley’s lips.

This one's going in the scrapbook!

This one’s going in the scrapbook!

In normal fairy tales, this would usually be the part where the Prince whisks away the Princess to their magical kingdom and they live happily ever after. However, this isn’t that story. Wesley was a human who finally made sense of his feelings after kissing June, he couldn’t whisk her away to his kingdom because he didn’t have one, but he wanted to give her all of his love and affection, because that’s all he could give her.

“I, like you too.” Wesley smiled as June hugged Wesley and their relationship began with an unspoken agreement between the two of them, which then lead to an intimate snogging session.

Oh my my.

Oh my my.


12-08-15_9-31-24 PM

And a selfie to mark the occasion!

See, I told you Mrs.Devine! Giving them both a little nudge was the best thing I could do for them. And, after we spied on them through the windows, I think it’s best to say that I did my job fairly well.” Veronica smiled as she moved her chess piece slightly towards Marisa’s Queen piece.

“You did very well!” Marisa complimented as she moved her queen in such a way that it ultimately won her the game.

"Checkmate. Now, where is the cake?"

“Checkmate. Now, where is the cake?”


7 thoughts on “2.13 – One Great Party

  1. Jes2G says:

    He he he, I like this new Veronica. As much as I want to see what their babies will look like (I think they’ll be gorgeous), I totally can’t see Callum as a father LOL.

    AND…”I don’t remember inviting you.” Burn! XD

    Lots of nice imagery in this one too.

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