2.15 – Dancing Queen

To celebrate June’s engagement, and also to celebrate the the fact that the three siblings have managed to make a good beginning to their adult lives, Callum, Maven and June decided to party a little. After hearing about a club in the newly refurbished side of Windenburg, the three of them decided to head over to the club to check it out.

After heading inside, they were completely consumed by the atmosphere of the club. It was very lively and June, Callum and Maven took the opportunity they had been presented to do a group dance! But beforehand, June had Callum, Maven, Veronica & Wesley become part of a club she was forming, which she named the Legacists. June thought it would just be easier to have all of the family become part of this club rather than ringing everyone up one by one to hang out.

Returning to the dancing, June really took the reins and delivered some awesome group dancing with the boys.

After dancing the night away, the sound of applause filled the air as they finished because of how epic their dancing skills were. June felt so proud of herself, and of her brothers that she erupted into a bit of a personal cheer for herself.

“I can’t believe we did that!” June smiled as she clenched both of her fists, looked up to the sky and cheered,

"We are so awesome!"

“We are so awesome!”

A while after they finished the group dance, a girl came over near where Maven was dancing and took his wrist, spun him around and began dancing with him! Maven, who was taken aback by this sudden movement, just went with the flow of the moment and began dancing with the random girl.

“Hello.” Maven smiled.

“Hey, my name is Savannah, yours?” Savannah asked, as she began to put her hands up to the ceiling.

“Maven! What brings you to the club tonight, Savannah?” Savannah slowly lowered her arms to her side as she continued to dance with Maven.

“Dancing, living out the life of an average girl. You know.” Savannah replied not long before Logan Moreland flew himself in front of Maven and began cheering for the DJ who was at the booth.

12-11-15_2-28-48 AM

“Woah dude! Personal space!”

After an hour of dancing and talking about random things that they thought of on the top of their heads, Maven finally popped the question.

"Can I have your number?"

“Can I have your number?”


4 thoughts on “2.15 – Dancing Queen

  1. Jes2G says:

    YEEEEES! Maven has a girl-friend! I thinking two chapters ago that Maven totally needs a girlfriend so he can stop meddling his sibling’s affairs lol. When June was trying to make a move on Wesley and Maven asked what she was doing, I was like, “DUDE!!! Leave her alone and mind your own business!!” But, then again…she is his little sister, so I guess I get it lol. But YAY for Maven! This better work lol.

    Liked by 2 people

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