2.16 – The Morning After

After getting home from all of the partying they had done, everyone went straight to sleep in their clothes since they felt so tired, that they didn’t have the energy to change into their sleepwear before going to bed.

Sleeping so sweetly!

Sleeping so sweetly!

In the morning though, everyone was full of energy and ready to work on their goals. June was in the living room talking to Nathan about Wesley, and she was about to tell him about their engagement!

“Is this boy nice to you, does he give you everything you need?” Nathan interrogated and June giggled as she hit her father’s arm.

“Dad, he’s so wonderful to me! That’s why, I asked him to marry me.”

“You did what?! You totally stole his thunder! But, what did he say?”

“He said yes obviously! Who could resist my charms?” June and Nathan then began to laugh, but then Nathan began to cry.

“My daughter is growing up, and I might not even be there to see you get married.” Nathan sobbed, but June pulled Nathan into a hug, and patted his back.

“Don’t worry, you’ll see me walk down that isle.”




“Oh! Fang needs to be fed. Would you like to come along?” Nathan asked June, in which she nodded in reply before heading to the Greenhouse.


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