Y2 – Powerhouse

The second year continued to pass by faster than the first. Before we knew it, the first semester ended and we rolled straight into the second semester. I couldn’t believe that time had passed this much, and our dormitory remained pretty quiet for the most part.

Piper and I have remained together for the most part, we even watched a film the other day about these two girls who were fighting over the same guy. It was the same old generic plot, apart from the fact that the guy was actually an alien! It was a pretty good film, and Piper and I are going strong.

However, there was something that had bugged me for the most part. I lost my fitness drive. I hadn’t exercised for about five days now and I had already began to feel myself get lazier and lazier. It was at that point that an email popped up on my phone, with the subject title of ‘Powerhouse’.

“Hey, we’re looking for new members to join our Fitness Club and after hearing about you, we’ve decided to give you an invite. We’re having a hangout this afternoon in Windenburg at the gym. See you there. -Marcus.”

"Powerhouse? Windenbug?"

“Powerhouse? Windenbug?”

Indeed, it did intrigue me. Emma’s breakfast lunch gave me the right amount of energy to get up off of my butt and head down on the next train to Windenburg. Newcrest was only roughly ten miles from Windenburg which only was about fifteen minutes by train. I managed to make the meet up just in time.

I would’ve taken in the sights of the city as well, but I wanted to wait until I spend the summer here to actually take in all of the sights that Windenburg has to offer. Although, I was super excited!

“Noah!” I heard a very deep voice call as I turned around and found a bunch of people in workout gear before me.

"I'm Marcus and welcome to Powerhouse, the club for fitness enthusiasts like us!"

“I’m Marcus and welcome to Powerhouse, the club for fitness enthusiasts like us!”

I have to admit, Windenburg was full of clubs and cliques which confused me slightly. But, the goal and the point of Unity intrigued me greatly. Even though I was doing great with my fitness grade wise, I wanted to reach my maximum body potential by the end of this year but nothing seemed to be working so far.

“So, I’m new to this whole club thing. How does it work?” I asked, before Marcus ushered everyone else inside and then began to explain to me.

“Simply put, our club works to energize each other for exercise and give boosts to our fitness skills, we drive ourselves to have a healthy and long life. Other clubs will have other boosts and other goals but ours seem to align with yours the best.” Marcus explained and the idea of clubs sort of clicked in my mind then. It’s like a mini community build to support other sims, how fun!

"Plus, the maker wanted you to join our club!"

“Plus, the maker wanted you to join our club!”

“…Where are you staring at?” I asked Marcus before looking to where he was staring to, it was a complete and utter mystery to me.

“I’m looking at the–“ He said before pausing himself. “Let’s go in and exercise!”

Walking into this gym was like walking into a brand new universe. The layout of the gym was different from any other gym I had seen before, everything was laid out perfectly. Plus, I saw celebrities walk past from time to time, famous athletes, actors and actresses who wanted to keep fit! I couldn’t believe that I was exercising in the same place as them.

I decided to test my strength at the weights machine, which definitely proved itself to be a challenge because I think Marcus put double the weight I usually use on this machine.

It was quite the challenge to pull the bar down. But, I did succeed a few times.

It was quite the challenge to pull the bar down. But, I did succeed a few times.

After a while, my arms just couldn’t pull the bar down any longer and I decided to run on the treadmill for a while to allow my legs to get some exercise. Although, I didn’t expect to see someone suddenly pull up on the treadmill nearest the wall and start running. I was quite scared to see them there to be honest, no one needed him at the moment but he just randomly appeared here to exercise.

However, the more I looked at him, the more I realised he had put on some weight from somewhere. Had he eaten too much ambrosia which robbed poor ghosts of their resurrection? The Grim Reaper definitely had put on a few pounds.

01-10-16_2-42-59 PM

Him being at the gym even attracted a crowd over to my area where we all began to share fitness tips with each other.

01-10-16_2-44-27 PM

“So, I’ve been trying to lose weight lately but it’s not working. Reaping souls apparently isn’t a good enough workout for me, and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong!” Grim complained before everyone else gave it a good thought before responding.

“What have you been eating?” I asked Grim before he shrugged his shoulders.

“Salad, Ambrosia, Chips.” He listed. I was right about the ambrosia, but what he was eating was completely wrong. There was no protein in his diet!

“Grim, you need to eat more meat. Otherwise, you won’t be able to build up your muscles and also, you should try and cut down on the greasy foods too, they won’t help.” I advised Grim and he nodded his head while taking notes on his Death Freezer Bunny notepad.

“Right. Are you a Personal Trainer here? Because I’d love for you to coach me sometime. Oh my plum, that sounds like a pick up line. I’m so sorry. But the request is serious.” Grim pleaded, and even though I wasn’t actually a trainer, the thought of training the Grim Reaper sounded fun.

"Okay then! I hope to see you here again soon then, Mr.Reaper!"

“Okay then! I hope to see you here again soon then, Mr.Reaper!”

I felt that my fitness mojo had come back, and that I was prepared for this semester. There was also a lot of things I had to address this semester too. I wanted to hang out with Bobbi and Gabrielle more since I never really talk to them as much as I should, I want to go on a date with Piper somewhere in Windenburg and I want to pass this year.


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