2.17 – A White Wedding

Today is my Wedding Day. Today is my Wedding Day? Today is my Wedding Day!

No matter how I put it, there was no way of trying to contain my excitement but also my fright. At the end of today, I was going to be a married woman with a husband who is also my best friend and I was so scared. What if I tripped up while walking down the aisle and plant myself face first into the snow? I’d become a laughing stock!

I would’ve eloped with him on a beach, but I knew that I had to do this to make Mom and Dad happy since I at least owed it to them to see me get married. Mom spent the morning getting me ready, brushing my hair and also doing my makeup. Veronica was so helpful too, she told me about how she got herself prepared for her wedding, by always making sure to breathe regularly and follow your heart through the entire thing.

Everyone gathered at the venue, which was in northern Newcrest, since Windenburg Venues were all booked up today. But, the good thing was that I was able to have a White Wedding with it still being Winter!

12-11-15_8-45-27 PM

See? The air smelt so fresh and I felt goosebumps on my whole body!

Mom even came over as the guests walked inside of the venue, and held my hands and swayed them as she smiled. Her smile was so pretty, and I don’t think I would ever be able to forget it.

“My daughter, my only daughter, getting married to a man who is truly deserving of you. I can’t believe it! You were only just a little girl before, but now you’re a strong, confident woman who is ready to do anything you put your mind to. June, when the time comes, you should try and go to my home planet. I want you to find some things for me.” Mom smiled at me before she began to tear up.

I knew what she wanted me to do, but to acquire the materials to build a rocket ship? I’d have to find a supplier. I pulled Mom close to me as I hugged her, her tears were too early into the day. She should save them for the ceremony!

"I love you. Mom."

“I love you. Mom.”

“I love you too, my sweet Junebug.” Mom whispered as she nudged me. “The Ceremony is about to start, you should probably go to your fiancé now.”

I nodded as everyone took their seats on the snowy grass, and I picked up my dress as the music began to play and as I began to walk down the aisle. I have to admit, walking down the aisle is scary plum, everyone has their eyes on you and you’re trying your hardest not to fall. And by the way, there was ice on the ground so me not falling was such a miracle.

I walked up the steps and stood next to my Wesley as I stared right into his eyes. They’re full of innocence, purity and also kindness. I can tell that he’s had many struggles in the past, and that he is so kind because he doesn’t want anyone else to go through the same things he has. I want to make him feel loved, and special so that he doesn’t have to worry any more.

“You look handsome today, this is quite a record you’re putting on for consecutive days of being handsome.” I laugh as he takes both my hands and kisses them.

"I can't beat you though, you're too beautiful."

“I can’t beat you though, you’re too beautiful.”

“Damn, that was my line!” I commented before the ceremony began with Wesley saying a few words.

“June Devine, although our first meeting was awfully awkward to explain, you managed to still be my friend through the hard times and through that, we found love. You have to be one of the best, if not the most wonderful person I have ever met. You’re beautiful, funny, inspirational and a force to be reckoned with. I want to make you happy everyday, and I want to make you smile as soon as you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed. I will make you as happy as you make me, plus more. I love you, June Devine and I can’t wait for you to be my wife.” I can’t cry. I can’t cry. But, the tears wouldn’t stop forming. This man filled me up with such joy and happiness that he drove me to tears, he is my perfect man.

“You! You said that so beautifully, and I’m not sure if I can contend with that now.”

“You can try, I won’t stop you.”

"Okay, here goes."

“Okay, here goes.”

I froze. I didn’t know how I was going to express my love for Wesley in a few words, nor a speech. My mother was a writer, who could form entire paragraphs within minutes about love and it’s specialness but I don’t think I could do the same. Remembering my breathing exercises, I took a few breaths before starting to speak to Wesley.

“Wesley, from the moment I met you, I knew there was going to be a certain destiny for us. The Universe is always funny and it weaves fate on a golden thread which can change it’s course at any moment. However, it allowed us to be together and for us to fall in love and get married. You were everything I hoped you were going to be, funny, kind and someone who could support me when I’m at my weakest. I just can’t believe I’ve managed to find someone as endearing as you to become my husband, I never knew I deserved something like this. I love you Wesley, you’re my rock and also my anchor and I hope that one day, our children will take our good qualities and put them together to make something amazing.”

I started to hear people cry after I spoke out my speech, and Wesley was almost at the point of tears as well. I never knew I could be this emotional when it came to speaking and I kind of felt bad that everyone was crying because of me. Wesley kind of snapped out of it as he scratched his head.

“Wait, am I taking your last name?” Wesley asked and I shrieked. I forgot to tell him that he would have to since it’s kind of a side rule of the legacy.



“Okay. Now, come here and become my wife!” Wesley smiled as he pulled me close to him, and whispered into my ear. “You may now kiss the bride.”

Confetti flew everywhere as Wesley planted one on my lips, and everyone began cheering, crying and celebrating the fact that we were now a married couple. It did scare me as well, the fact that I now had a significant other excited me but also made me worry about the fact that Wesley would now be in every aspect of my life. But, I reassured myself that he’d support me through everything, because he’s that type of man.

12-11-15_8-54-55 PM

And, he’s my husband now too.

The reception also was amazing too, there was a lot of dancing, drinking and cake. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we even got to showcase a few dances on the dance floor as well. I think everyone enjoyed themselves as the night went along, and me and Wesley even got to tell a few funny stories as well. We told about the time Wesley fell over in the park and split his trousers open and the time that I fell in the pond in the park!

Callum managed to take a few photos of the after party, and I put them in the scrapbook that Dad started from the very beginning of this legacy, so I’ll probably stick them below mine and Wesley’s wedding picture.

And, here’s the official picture from the ceremony!

We look adorable, don't we?

We look adorable, don’t we?

However, there was an even more urgent issue to attend to. Maven and his mess of his love life. I asked Veronica to try and help me get Savannah to try and get together with Maven! It’s dumb that neither of them have called each other since the club that night, but then again there might be something that’s stopping them like the awkwardness of Maven.

I walked over to Savannah with Veronica, who quickly got to work.

"Hey! Maven wants to talk to you."

“Hey! Maven wants to talk to you.”

“Really? I’ll quickly go over to him then!” Savannah smiled before she ran over to Maven. I scratched the back of my head when I walked closer to Savannah.

“Really? That’s your plan?” I asked but Veronica laughed.

“Watch.” She said as the both of us turned to Maven and Savannah, where Savannah ran over to Maven and tapped his shoulder. By the Maker, I hope this goes well for him. I can’t deal with his wailing in the bathroom about how he’s alone and don’t let me get started on his rendition of Single Ladies with Single Gentlemen. It still gives me nightmares.

“You wanted to talk to me?” Savannah said to Maven as he darted his eyes over to me and Veronica, in which we quickly turned away.

“Yeah… how’re you feeling?”

“Really? Is that all you wanted to ask me? How I was? Maven you haven’t called me in over a week and now you’re wondering how I am? Why can’t you just grow a pair and tell me how you feel? I like you, do you like me?” WOW. I like this girl, she’s perfect for Maven!

"Yes, I do like you Savannah. I just never knew you liked me."

“Yes, I do like you Savannah. I just never knew you liked me.”

“Perfect, we can… get together now right?” Savannah chuckled while Maven nodded his head. YES! Mine and Veronica’s plan worked.

I’m now a married woman, and it was then I realised that I wanted to make a few changes around the house, some big changes. The future of the Devine Legacy looked bright, and I was fully prepared to continue carrying the torch into prosperity.

12-11-15_9-32-54 PM


5 thoughts on “2.17 – A White Wedding

  1. makplays says:

    That chapter was filled to the brim with emotion! The wedding vows were beautiful (I especially liked the analogy that you used with the golden string), I was laughing when the question about last names came up, and by the end I was crying because everything was so beautiful and because June has grown a lot since the first time that we met her. Bravo!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Joel says:

      Thank you so much! I was quite emotional while writing as June as well because it was the first time I properly got to explore her mind as a character and I then realised that she’s all grown up now and now I’ve made people cry xD

      Liked by 1 person

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