2.18 – Make A House A Home

June enlisted the help of her building friend, Joel Rochdale to help her build a house that would keep everyone happy for at least a few generations without having to build anything extra and only redecorate if needed. And, June thinks he did quite a mighty fine job! You can take the tour below!

12-11-15_10-06-25 PM

12-11-15_10-06-43 PM

12-11-15_10-07-39 PM

12-11-15_10-07-59 PM

12-11-15_10-08-12 PM

12-11-15_10-08-23 PM

12-11-15_10-09-36 PM

12-11-15_10-10-32 PM

12-11-15_10-10-46 PM

12-11-15_10-20-41 PM

12-11-15_10-20-50 PM

12-11-15_10-21-06 PM

12-11-15_10-21-38 PM

12-11-15_10-21-53 PM

12-11-15_10-22-09 PM

12-11-15_10-22-24 PM

12-11-15_10-22-46 PM

June and Wesley’s Bedroom!

12-11-15_10-22-54 PM

12-11-15_10-23-13 PM

June’s Science Room!


12-11-15_10-23-33 PM

Nathan and Marisa’s Bedroom!

12-11-15_10-23-40 PM

12-11-15_10-23-55 PM

Maven’s bedroom! (The painting has been moved lower down)

12-11-15_10-24-05 PM

12-11-15_10-24-13 PM

Maven’s Art Studio!

12-11-15_10-24-19 PM

12-11-15_10-24-31 PM

Callum and Veronica’s Bedroom!

12-11-15_10-24-40 PM

12-11-15_10-25-03 PM

12-11-15_10-25-12 PM

Memorial Garden ❤


12-11-15_10-25-27 PM

12-11-15_10-25-34 PM

12-11-15_10-26-35 PM

June’s Rocket Workstation!


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