JR 1.1 – A Fresh Start

The objectives were clear, and the goal was set. After arriving at a 64×64 lot, there was something inside me which triggered so much excitement that I couldn’t wait to get started on the tasks what were at hand!

Everyone else was already waving to each other and catching up straight away, the first two I noticed being Cathy Tea and Aya Ikeda. I couldn’t wait to live with Cathy Tea again since the last time it happened was Summer Camp and I also couldn’t wait to get to know Aya Ikeda, since we haven’t even spoken before.

I looked up to the sky, presumably where the Maker (SummerFalls) was watching us. He wasn’t going to give us any starting cash, so we were unfortunately left with the money we had left, which was $22,000.

01-14-16_5-41-41 PM

“Joel!” I heard Rory call out to me, as she waved over at me and smiled.

“Rory! I’m so happy that you’re here.” I smiled as I looked at everyone else who was here. Amelia, Free-Jon, Olive and Mina were also here as well! Even though I’ve also never met Olive and Mina, I think we’d become fast friends straight away.

Everyone seemed to be in such a joyful mood as well, as the day settled and everyone began to get to know each other, as we’d be living with each other for quite a long time. We all came from different backgrounds and different stories, but we’ve all come together to form a club and make something extraordinary together.

Although we don’t have a club name yet, we’ve just put ‘Placeholder’ as our name. (If anyone has any suggestions, please send them through the intergalactic comments!) Also, because City Hall only lets us have six slots until our club becomes more popular, the adults agreed to take them up and let the kids join once we have more space. But, we’re all in this club together.

01-14-16_5-43-30 PM

There was even a welcoming committee to welcome us to Windenburg! We even decided to start our club gathering straight away, since being friendly to everyone was one of our good goals so we could easily become a more well known club this way.

Can I also mention how I love the crown above my plumbob? It makes me feel like royalty.

01-14-16_5-51-16 PM

Everything was also quickly moved into the lot as well as we got to talking with the local residents of Windenburg. We didn’t have enough money to build an actual house with a roof over our heads, so we had to settle for what we had enough for. Luckily, we did have enough for necessities but we hadn’t figured out yet what skills we’d like to pursue, so we saved at least $7000 for that.

Why don’t we cheat money in, you ask? Well, we’ve kind of been left to fend for ourselves. We have to make our own money and cater to our own needs, it’s something new for some of us. Although, I believe it’ll be quite a rewarding experience. Here’s our little living area, in it’s first phase!

01-14-16_6-01-57 PM

I was also given a brand new aspiration as well, ‘Leader of the Pack’. I guess it’s something that SummerFalls wants me to fulfil while we’re here and I guess it’s one of the objectives that I’ve got personally. Everyone was being very nice to one another as well,  Aya was getting to know Mina and I was having a conversation with Rory about what lunch she’d like this morning.

“So, I can’t cook very well. What would you like?” I say, as the lady before us begins speaking about various recipes she learnt while being a part of the ‘Uppercrusts’ club. Strange name, I never knew bread had upper crusts.

“BLT? I think everyone would like that, and if they don’t like bacon just make LLT.” Rory smiled and I shrugged my shoulders.

“LLT?” I asked.

“Lettuce, Lettuce, Tomato!” Rory laughed, and I couldn’t help but join in too. But, the woman from the Uppercrusts certainly wasn’t pleased. Oh well, she must not have a very good sense of humour!

01-14-16_6-04-44 PM

I even saw Amelia and Free-Jon talking! I have to admit, I was a bit scared of taking Amelia at first because I didn’t know how she was going to behave, but I’m pleased with how she’s behaving so far. Her and Free-Jon were talking about the various plans they had for their lives here. With their long ageing, they would be turning into teenagers within a matter of weeks and it slightly scared them both.

“You know, I think I’d be quite an adorable teenager.” Amelia wondered while Free-Jon was waving his fingers in mid air.

“By my calculations, the probability of us being adorable is at least 85.5683%, so yes! I think we’re going to be super adorable, Amelia!” Free-Jon replied, and the pair of them continued talking about their joint efforts in school, and Free-Jon even gave Amelia a fright when he talked about spiders. “I think we’re learning about spiders at school tomorrow!”

01-14-16_6-05-18 PM

“NO!” Amelia screamed, haha! It sucks to be her.

After the Welcoming Committee left, everyone gathered around the sofas to chat and watch some television. We all decided that we’d take this day just to get ourselves settled before we decide to work tomorrow and get to work on earning some money to build up our house.

Mina turned the television over to the cooking channel, where they were showing how to improve a regular BLT sandwich. Hey, how convenient! I was watching it, intrigued on how they changed it when I noticed, Free-Jon wasn’t around.

01-14-16_6-07-54 PM

Aya was sleeping, and everyone else was speaking about something, but where was Free-Jon? I promised that I would keep him safe, so I stood up and started to look around for him. After seeing his animal hat in the distance, I ran over to him, to only see him running away from me.

01-14-16_6-08-23 PM

It was quite weird, so I started to run after him as well, and it turned into a kind of game.

“I bet you can’t catch me!” Free-Jon laughed as I continued to run after him. I have to admit, he was quite a fast runner but I managed to catch up to him after a while.

“I caught you! Why were you running around in the first place?” I asked Free-Jon.

“I was circling the perimeter to see if there was any good collectibles for us to get, we have to start as soon as possible!” Free-Jon replied, but I shook my head.

“You know, I think we’re quite fine for today since we’re just getting settled. Why don’t you start tomorrow?”

01-14-16_6-09-10 PM

“Yeah, alright then. Let’s go back to the living area then!” Free-Jon suggested and the pair of us headed there right away.

I was notified immediately when we reunited with everyone that we had enough club points to buy our very first club perk! So, I bought one that gave us very high upstanding with everyone. I forget the name, but it allows us to have high relationships already with people we meet!

And, that also meant that milestone one of Leader of the Pack had been successfully completed!

01-14-16_6-10-56 PM

When I sat down on the sofa, Amelia started talking about me to everyone.

“OH! Did I tell you about the time that we were at Summer Camp, and Joel fell over and landed in–” 

“Amelia, please be quiet.” I smiled it off, and decided not to let the rage boil inside of me.

01-14-16_6-15-55 PM

When the time also came too, I got to work on my special BLTs, which required a lot of care, precision and attention to flavour.

“Cut the lettuce into thin slices, and then cut the tomatoes.” I muttered to myself as I cut the lettuce into thin slices, since my cooking skill was low, some slices did fail to get cut properly but I think the sandwiches will still taste good!

01-14-16_6-16-32 PM

After cutting the tomatoes and frying the bacon, I managed to complete the sandwiches in no time at all! I called everyone over, who took a plate and sat around the table as we began to eat. I couldn’t explain the feeling fully, but I felt that this was our first family meal together, and that we were truly becoming a family. I laughed, as I looked to everyone and smiled.

“So, how are the sandwiches?” I asked everyone and they nodded as they bit into their sandwiches.

“Mine is quite awesome, but it’s a little bit on the spicy side.” Rory smiled as she gave me quite the glance.

01-14-16_6-21-08 PM

Overall, I think we’re getting off to an amazing start, and I can’t wait for us to start our new life tomorrow! OH THIS IS HOT. WATER! WATER!

01-14-16_6-21-45 PM


5 thoughts on “JR 1.1 – A Fresh Start

  1. raerei says:

    Names for the club…hmmm. The Royal Crowns. Lettuce Lettuce! Although I actually like the Placeholders! Yeah…I’ll have to keep thinking I’m not sure the lack of sleep is helping.

    I was worried about Mina, but looks like she’s behaving herself so far. I can’t wait to see what everyone gets up to.

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