Season 1 – Episode 8

As Eddie and Anna reminded me, it was a Sunday which meant that Rocky Road usually had their Weekly Neighbourhood Meetings around this time. They’d discuss recent events, future events and anything that needed to be sorted out at the meeting, all over a nice cup of tea or coffee. It was a brilliant idea when I first heard of it because we got to see the many problems the neighbourhood really had but this time, I knew one of the problems and I was going to have a hard time saying it.

However, today’s Neighbourhood Meeting wasn’t going to be happy and joyful. It was going to be full of sorrow and sadness as the morning after I saw Heather be murdered by Carl, the police found her body near a lake following an anonymous tip that they received. Just thinking of Carl moving her body makes me sick!

01-15-16_8-28-50 PM

It was awkward between me and Luke as well. Ever since that day where we argued about Alexander, we’d stopped talking to each other. I think we were both sorry to each other, it was just that we hadn’t taken that step to say it yet. Oh well! I knew Luke and he’s dreamy, I mean very honest! He would come around soon enough. He was like my own personal sunshine, who brought me happiness when the rain made me sad.

What made everything even more awkward were the stares Carl kept giving me. For the last half an hour, he had been staring at me occasionally, probably seeing if I was conversing with anyone and it might look like I was telling someone what I saw. I’m not stupid, but I’m not clever either. I would probably see if I can find the police, or even Detective Lyons since I had his number… at least I hope I did..

We gathered around in a circle of chairs soon enough as Eddie began to speak.

“I’m sure you’re all aware by the commotion this morning but we are sad to announce that one of our own was taken away from us last night. The beloved Heather Waters will always be remembered as a cheerful, optimistic and pleasant woman. May she rest in peace.” Eddie bowed his head down as everyone followed, having their own private thoughts of sending Heather away. “Okay, shall the meeting begin?”

And then it began like any other meeting.

01-15-16_8-30-41 PM

However, before I could join everyone in their discussions, someone grabbed my arm and dragged me across the park area near a tree. The person spun me around and I looked upon them to find that it was Carl, the man I tried desperately to avoid today.

“I know that you know what I did to Heather.” Carl angrily looked upon me as I avoided his gazes, but then it would only make me more guiltier than him and I couldn’t allow that. So, I stared him right into the eyes with confidence.

“I don’t have a clue as to what you’re implying, now–”

“DON’T LIE TO ME, EVELYN.” Carl screamed as he punched the tree. Unfortunately, no one heard him so they couldn’t come over here and save me from the monster that was before me. “I know that you saw me kill her. And, if you tell the police, any adults or especially, Penelope, I will kill you with no hesitation. I’ve done it once, and I can do it again.”

“But, you seemed so… fragile after the deed was done.” I laughed and then Carl leant in closed as he whispered in my ear.

“I have a lot of money, and I can easily hire someone to remove your existence from this world. Sure, someone will report you missing, but they won’t be able to find you because to everyone else, you wouldn’t have existed.” Carl threatened and my heart stopped as he stared right at me. “Do you understand?”

01-15-16_8-33-34 PM

I nodded my head slowly as Carl backed away from me. I felt defeated, and so deprived of hope. Inside, I knew that I couldn’t let this man continue to roam around the streets because I wouldn’t know what he could do next but outside, I was terrified about what would happen after I told someone about what he did.

“I’m leaving now, but don’t forget what I told you. Never forget it.” Carl spat on the ground before he walked back to the Neighbourhood Meeting, and as he left I fell down to the ground in weakness as my emotions overcame me and tears started streaming down my face. I was powerless, I couldn’t do anything for my own safety and it made me feel like I should be hating myself because of that.

I almost began to cry, but I wiped away the tears as soon as Eddie and Anna came over to me with smiles on their faces. I guessed that they had mourned Heather and moved onto brighter things, as it was always part of their personal philosophy. I liked that.

01-15-16_8-37-43 PM

“Are you okay?” Eddie asked me as he put both of his hands onto my shoulders and I slowly nodded as I looked up at the pair of them. They act so much like my parents, but they aren’t my real parents. My real parents thought I was rebellious and that I needed to snap back into reality, but Eddie and Anna allow me who I want to be and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’m spectacular.” I smiled as I walked with Eddie and Anna back into the neighbourhood meeting, where I picked up a cup of coffee and took a sip instantly. Ew, decaff! What did coffee machine have against me? I took another sip though, I just needed something warm in my body to make myself feel warm. I felt really cold, although that might’ve been because Winter is slowly turning into Spring now but the coldness is still sweeping into Rocky Road.

In the distance, I saw Elliott Lyons- I mean Detective Lyons handing out his contact cards to everyone. He must be desperate at this stage, he hasn’t solved a case in quite a while and he’s had no luck in finding Amelia. When he saw me looking at him though, he ran over as quickly as he could and stared at me for a while. I guessed he was trying to analyse to see if I was afraid of him coming over, which was his calling card to see if someone was hiding something from him. I tried my hardest to look confident however, since I needed to hide all of my secrets away from him, away from everyone.

“It’s bad about Heather, isn’t it?” I asked Detective Lyons as I took my final sip of coffee and throwing the paper cup in the bin.

“Yeah, there’s no way this is a suicide, the points don’t add up. It’s definitely a murder, and I’m going to catch the murderer.” Yeah, good luck with that. Especially with the murderer being her husband.

“So, who are your current suspects so far?”

01-15-16_8-42-32 PM

“Classified. I can’t share information with civilians. Sorry.” I sighed, of course not, although I was surprised that I was surprised at that. I nodded to him as I turned around, but he placed his hand on my shoulder and turned me around. “Evelyn, has there been any hope as to seeing if Amelia has contacted you?”

Like me and Amelia had agreed, I shook my head. There was nothing I could do since I didn’t want to interfere with the storyline once again and result in another death. I had to let this one play out as normal.

“Ah, okay.” He began to turn around, but something must’ve popped into his mind as he turned back around and stood a few centimetres away from my face. “You don’t know anything about Heather’s murder, right?”

I froze. I could tell him what I knew, but I thought about Carl’s threat and instantly dismissed the idea. If I couldn’t protect myself in this world, even when I knew basically everything, then I couldn’t interfere with its affairs for the moment. I had to take a few steps back and plan in the background, plan what I have to do to get the murderer into prison.

“Nope, I don’t. Sorry.” I replied before heading over to Eddie and Anna. “Ready to leave?”

“Yeah, let me just get my purse.” Anna smiled as she walked over to the snack table to grab her purse. After she did so, Eddie, Anna and I decided to race back home, but I did let them have a head start! I guessed that we all had this mutual feeling that things were never going to be the same from now on for a while, as there was a murderer in our midst and only I knew who it was.

01-15-16_8-45-10 PM


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  1. Jes2G says:

    Oh sweet brother. We’re so much alike! In an upcoming story that you may or may not know about, 😉 they’re going to have a neighborhood association too! Eliza Pancakes is the president. Riot! lol

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