2.19 – Dreams Can Come True

After everybody moved into the new house, it took a little while to get used to where everything goes, especially since Marisa’s disguise battery began to fail and so she couldn’t go into her disguise as often as she could. Telling Wesley about Marisa’s alien identity and thus their slight alien heritage was easy for June, because she’d know he’d take it so well, and he did.

Marisa and Veronica sat in their new kitchen as they took note to themselves where they were putting everything.

“Right, I think I know where everything goes now.” Veronica smiled to Marisa, as she agreed.

“It all goes in the fridge. Which makes me wonder why the fridge has so much space? Is it bigger on the inside?” Marisa asked as she examined the fridge.

“I’m not sure, but aren’t you hungry?” Veronica replied, which made Marisa instantly remember about her growing hunger, and the rumble in her stomach made her groan.

"I need food in here."

“I need food in here.”

“There’s food on the counter that you can eat. It’s a nice salad.” Veronica smiled as she handed Marisa the salad and Marisa headed out of the room.

Wesley has been settling into the family lately, he’s also taken up the fishing aspiration and has already began catching some lovely fish! He’s also been flirting with June a lot more lately, and also getting to know the family more since he was going to be living at this house for the rest of his life.

 Callum has been intrigued with the dancing skill lately, although it didn’t take him long to reach the maximum level in it! He danced the night away with Veronica as he danced all the way up to the top.

“Alright!” Callum cheered for himself as he danced.

12-11-15_10-42-22 PM

Wesley decided to have breakfast with his father in law this morning, seeing as he never really ate breakfast with his own father and he wanted to try and get to know Nathan.

“Woah, Mr Devine. You’re a really good cook!” Wesley complimented Nathan and Nathan smiled brightly at Wesley.

“Please, call me Dad. There’s no need for such formalities!” Nathan laughed as he held his hand high for Wesley. “Gimme a high five.” 

12-11-15_10-47-48 PM

Aww, they’re bonding!

“So, what are your hopes and dreams, Wesley?” Nathan asked Wesley, who sat back in the chair and thought about it. He knew what he wanted to do, but he was never able to get into the career because he lacked the skills.

“Medicine. Being a doctor. I want to help people stay alive for as long as they can.” Wesley smiled but it slowly faded after he reminded himself that his dream was far out of his reach.

“Medicine? Why do you like it so much?” Nathan pressed on, he was intrigued by Wesley’s interest in the subject and Wesley was happy to answer.

“Oh! It’s so much fun learning about how humans function, work and what we can do if something goes wrong. Although, I hate it when some doctors don’t even care about their patients. It’s malpractice and it rubs me the wrong way!” Wesley spoke out to Nathan, and clearly showed him his emotion towards malpractice.

12-11-15_10-48-06 PM

“It’s disgusting!”

“Interesting. You see, we’ve haven’t had a doctor in the family yet and I think we might just be able to have one now. I’ll make a few phone calls and I think I can get you a job as a medical intern at the local hospital. Does that sound good?” Nathan suggested and Wesley’s mouth widened, his dreams were about to come true, and he didn’t know what to do. He felt so happy, and so excited but also felt like he was just using his father in law.

“Thank you. But, you don’t have to do tha–“

“I do. You’re my son and we’re family. We do everything for each other.” Nathan smiled as he patted Wesley’s shoulder, and smiled at him. “You can also help me live longer too, so that I can see my grandchildren!”

“Your grand-whatnows?”

12-11-15_10-48-27 PM

“Oh yes. Better hurry up!”

June returned from work, and she earnt a promotion. This now meant that she now over half way through her career. You go, June!

"Well, they had to give me that promotion. Otherwise, I was going to hit the roof!"

“Well, they had to give me that promotion. Otherwise, I was going to hit the roof!”

June also decided that for the good of the legacy, she was going to use her potion of youth now since she was nearing her adult birthday. However, she felt there was too many things for her to do that she needed her life to be extended. She still wanted to find her mother’s home planet and also complete a few more aspirations.

12-11-15_10-54-08 PM

Wesley did want to meet June in the sauna however, and although the reasoning behind it was unclear, June always wanted to go to a sauna with her husband. She managed to sneak into the room with only a towel wrapped around her and sat near Wesley in the sauna.

“Hey, honey.” June smiled at her husband as she sat down.

“Hey! Congratulations on your promotion by the way!” Wesley congratulated as he leant back on the stone seat.

“Thanks, I think I just need to relax and just let all of my stress sweat out of me.”

“Exactly! It’s the reason why I called you in here.”

“Aw, look who’s being a good husband!” June said as she looked over at her husband through the sauna steam.

12-11-15_10-57-20 PM

“More steam?” June smirked as she winked at Wesley.

“More stea– OH! You want to– here?” Wesley stuttered and June nodded her head as she pulled Wesley next to her and smiled.

“Right here. There’s a special relaxation technique I want to try.” June giggled as she leant into Wesley and kissed him, and Wesley didn’t resist either.

12-11-15_11-00-46 PM

Things then got a lil’ steamy.

12-11-15_11-01-51 PM

This screenshot sort’ve blends into the post! xD


5 thoughts on “2.19 – Dreams Can Come True

  1. Jes2G says:

    “Your grand-whatnots?” LOL

    Man, I was just thinking…the Devines have been so successful so far, and it’s only gen 2. By the time you reach gen 10, they’ll be living in the Taj Mahal! lol

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