JR 1.2 – Preparations for Fun

01-21-16_5-34-31 PM

Everyone was fast asleep, including myself. I was busy thinking about the new skill furniture I was going to buy in the morning, and I was excited to see what jobs some people were going to take up. CT told me that if I bought a woodworking table, she’d be able to make us some garden planters which should save us some money instead of buying them!

Everything surrounding this adventure just got me really excited, and although the objectives were not set in stone yet, I think our main objective was to have fun and explore everything together. Just dreaming about it made me think about how much fun we were going to have.

01-21-16_5-35-04 PM

We all woke up pretty early the next day, and CT quickly got to making the planter boxes after I bought a woodworking table, along with a few other things. We managed to place them near our little living area and CT and Aya immediately went over to plant stuff and tend the garden!

“We should try and get some dragonfruits, and some cowplants.” Aya suggested, as she planted some chrysanthemums while CT planted some Parsley, looked over to Aya and smiled.

“I agree! These plants need tender love and care, and I think we have the power to give them that. Don’t you think so, Aya?” CT smiled as she patted the soil and looked up at Aya.

“Yeah, I think so too!” Aya smiled as she looked out towards the distance, eyeing an Apple tree. “You’re mine.”

01-21-16_5-40-53 PM

They managed to water the plants and I even some sprout out! Amelia had asked me for help on her homework. By the way, why does the school give homework before they’ve even started their first day? It’s a little weird, don’t you think? Anyway, it was Simlish homework and Amelia had to write a story about a time that she did something out of the ordinary.

“What can I write?” Amelia asked me, while holding her pen to the paper.

“Hm…” I thought, until an idea hit me and I looked to Amelia, “You went on a bear hunt, didn’t you?”

“Yeah!” Amelia smiled as she quickly put her pen to paper and wrote out her story about the time she went on a bear hunt, back at the Summer Camp. And after, she even read it out to me. “There was once a group of children who decided to go on a bear hunt. Even though they were a tad scared, they put their brave faces on to see if they could find a bear!”

01-21-16_5-44-52 PM

If she doesn’t get a high mark on that, I’m going to the school to complain! My legs weakened as I had been standing up for quite some time, so I sat down on the sofa and watched some tv while CT came over and joined me.

“Good morning, Joel! How’re you feeling?” CT asked me as I changed the channel.

“I’m feeling prepared! I’m going to start writing and reading again today, immerse myself back into the world of books.”

“Awesome. I’ve written you a skill book, if you want to read it.” CT passed me a skill book that she wrote in writing, and I was really touched. To spend her time to make something like this for me!

“Thank you so much CT, I’ll give it a read before bed tonight.” I smiled as I put it down next to me. “Breakfast?”

“Yes please. Can you make it this morning, since I’ll be making dinner tonight?”

01-21-16_5-46-28 PM

Okay!” I replied, and after breakfast, I noticed something. After I bought this bookcase…

01-21-16_5-55-23 PM

…everyone ran to it, and grabbed a book! What a bunch of bookworms we are, it’s like we were called to the bookcase! Seriously, look!

01-21-16_5-55-34 PM

I don’t even want to say about how many books were left around the house afterwards. After that, the time left for me to go to work and become a working man once more. It’ll time to say goodbye to my voice soon since someone else will be taking over the narration!

3 thoughts on “JR 1.2 – Preparations for Fun

  1. cathytea says:

    Yay! That was fun! It’s so funny to see us all reading. That’s probably what we’d do if we were hanging out together: well, reading, eating, and talking to plants! 🙂 Hope you had a great day at work!

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