Season 1 – Episode 9

After we got home from the Neighbourhood Meeting, I ran upstairs into my bedroom where I sat down on my bed. I was both angry at myself and angry at Carl for succeeding at manipulating me like that. I couldn’t stand it. A thought of reading a good book came to mind to make me feel a little better and so I rose up from my bed and I walked over to the bookcase in the bedroom.

01-22-16_5-49-12 PM

However, once I picked up the book I liked, the bookcase began to shake and it opened up a passageway. Interesting, I never saw this in the show before. I ventured through the bookcase door and through the passageway into a small dark room. I managed to find the light switch and as I turned it on, I was astonished at how the room looked. It was a perfect secret room.

The four stone brick walls plus the wooden floor came together perfectly to offer me the best sanctuary. After everything that’s happened, the threats from Penelope, my argument with Luke, Heather’s death, and the threats from Carl, I need to have everything make sense again.

I know! I could use this room as a mapping room where I’m able to map out everything that has happened, is happening and will happen. It was time to make sense of everything in this world.

01-22-16_5-52-08 PM

I quickly ran through the passageway and into my bedroom once again, and I made sure to close the bookcase behind me before heading out of my bedroom. I wouldn’t want Eddie and Anna to become worried about me. But, I did need something from them. I walked into the living room where Eddie and Anna were sat, enjoying the cooking show on the television.

“Hey Eddie. Hey Anna.” I smiled as I sat down on the chair nearest me. “Could I take that spare table in your attic? I saw it and I thought it would look great in Alexander’s Studio since he’s giving me a space of my own! Perhaps a few other things as well?”

Eddie and Anna’s faces lit up like a firework.

“Yes! Yes! We’d be glad to help! If you need any more furniture, just tell us and we’ll find it for you right away.” Eddie smiled at both Anna and myself as I nodded in joy. I was really grateful for all that Eddie and Anna were doing for me and it only reminded me of how much my parents didn’t do for me. Eddie and Anna are so supporting and yet my parents aren’t.

“Thank you so much!” I smiled as Eddie and Anna took a sip of their coffee.

01-22-16_5-53-48 PM

“It’s no problem at all!” Anna replied before I left the living room and headed all the way upstairs into the attic to pick up the table and as I did, I noticed a couple of other bits of furniture which would be of good use in my secret room. Although, they were VERY dusty and so, I cleaned them up a bit!

I spent the entire day tidying up furniture and secretly transferring them into the secret room without Eddie and Anna noticing. After all my hard work though, I stood into my new secret room as I stared at all of the blank walls, thinking about all of the information that could be placed upon these walls.

In my bedroom, I began to plot down everything to do with the first season that I remember. The accident still left my mind with a giant blank and I could only plot what I remembered and as I began to do so, I came across that four episodes from now, Heather was supposed to leave for Old-town Oasis since her and Carl were supposed to split up. But, that’s not going to happen since she’s dead.

I stuck up everything on the one wall, and I stared at everything. The connections, the plot and everyone. Since Heather’s dead, there is now going to be a brand new plot introduced into the show, and I don’t know exactly what it’s going to be. But, since I caused Heather’s death to happen, it’s an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Will something happen to me?

01-22-16_6-13-40 PM

No, I shouldn’t worry. I’ll prepare myself for what’s coming. Hey, I didn’t take that self-defense class in High School for nothing, right? I am Evelyn Parker, Ultimate Fangirl of Rocky Road, Platinum Member of the Rocky Roadies and I am the only person who can put Carl in prison for good. I need to be stronger and I need to have as much help as I can to put him away. I was the one who made things so wrong, so I have to be the person who makes things right.


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