2.22 – Positive Reaction

“I bought the test for you, Junebug.” Marisa smiled towards June as she slipped the test into her pocket. “Do it the first chance you get this morning.”

“Mom, will it work? I mean, I do have your alien blood in me.” June asked, but Marisa placed her hands on June’s shoulders and smiled.

“Of course, it worked on me so it should work on you!”

“Thanks Mom, I was scared of going in there to buy it for myself. It’s scary with the looks the shop attendants give you.” June shrugged but Marisa laughed.

“She asked me if I was too old to get pregnant, so I asked her if she’s too old to be immature.” Marisa laughed as June laughed too and the pair of them hugged each other.

"Mom, you're awesome."

“Mom, you’re awesome.”

June meanwhile, had to pass the time before the time to do her business came along. As a result, June decided to read a book about rockets since June wanted to know where she could buy the parts to build a rocket and if there was any way she could get it for cheaper.

An hour after June began to read, she felt the need to go to the bathroom.

"It's time!"

“It’s time!”

After going to the bathroom, and waiting the minutes needed to see a clear result. June looked down at the test and made sure she was reading clearly. She couldn’t believe it. A little tube popped out of the test as confetti burst out and flown down on June.

She was, in fact, eating for two!

"YES! Wait, what? Am I ready for this? Oh my plum. I'm so happy! Ok, calm down June."

“YES! Wait, what? Am I ready for this? Oh my plum. I’m so happy! Ok, calm down June.”

June couldn’t be happier at this point, the thought of her bringing in a new nooboo into the world both excited her but also scared her. She didn’t know whether she was ready for motherhood or not, but she hoped that Marisa would at least be around long enough to help her get some kind of handle on how to raise children.

“Who do I tell first?” June wondered to herself as she paced the bathroom tapping the positive test on her hand. “Oh duh. The other person who helped me make this baby!”

June giggled as she downstairs and outside of the house to see Wesley right outside. June smiled as she quickly grabbed his wrist. “I’ve got something to tell you.”

“Ok, I’m ready.” Wesley smiled as he stopped and breathed.

"I'm carrying your baby! Yaaaaaaaay!"

“I’m carrying your baby! Yaaaaaaaay!”

“Wait, what? Does this mean we’re…?” Wesley asked June, who confirmed it for him straight away.

“Yeah, we’re having a little nooboo together!” June screamed and Wesley placed his hands on his head. He experienced quite the same emotions as June when he found out. He was excited but at the same time scared that he wouldn’t be able to do a good job as a father.



Meanwhile, at another part of the Devine Household, Nathan had experienced a rather out of this world experience.

12-12-15_12-42-47 AM

“Fang, what’s happening?”


Awkward Game Glitch a.k.a Is this how humans are abducted?

Awkward Game Glitch a.k.a Is this how humans are abducted?


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