Y2 – Sappy Couple Selfies

Returning home from the gym gave me an unexpected surprise. When I walked in, I found Piper dancing in the living room by herself. I guess I came in at the time where the popular Windenburg breeze came over our University.

“What exactly are you doing?” I asked Piper as she continued to dance, but she didn’t answer me and just kept dancing. It was a way of expressing herself, and how she was feeling. At least, that’s what I got from the way she danced. She was feeling quite excited, and when she noticed my presence, she gave me room to dance.

“Okay, I’ll join in!” I smiled as I started to dance to the beat of the song.


“Is this part of your Performing Arts Major? The dancing?” I asked but Piper shook her head.

“Nope, I just feel like dancing. It’s great for calming myself down, when I need it.” Piper explained as she turned the stereo off and came closer towards me. She pressed her lips against my cheek and stared right into my eyes. “I missed you today, you know.”

“Yeah, I had a feeling. We should go on a date soon, and I think I know where.”

“Oh really? Let’s see how good it would be.”

“Oh! Leah, my sister, said she wanted to see your face since I told her about us. Do you mind if we take a selfie?”

“You mean, one of those sappy selfies that couples take?” I nodded and Piper laughed, “Sure!”

01-10-16_3-38-31 PM

“Is that good enough?” Piper asked as I looked at it and smiled.

“It’s perfect! I can’t wait for our date soon.” I replied as I quickly sent the picture over to Leah.

“Me too.” Piper smiled before the ran up to her bedroom. She’s so cute.


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