2.23 – Real Men

"We hope you had a fun time, Nathan!"

“We hope you had a fun time, Nathan!”

As Nathan was beamed back down onto the ground, he slowly remembered everything that happened while he was on the ship and laughed. Some of Marisa’s family who accepted her as a human came to visit and wanted to get to know her husband. As a result, they beamed him up onto their ship and spent the night plating games, drinking and getting to know him.

“I had a wonderful time, thanks!” Nathan smiled before his feet touched the ground and the beam slowly faded as the spaceship flew away. Nathan smiled up at the sky before looking at Fang.

"Now I know why my wife is so nice."

“Now I see Fang, now I know why my wife is so nice.”

 Nathan then turned around and walked inside of the house where he began to cook Frank and Beans for Breakfast. After June told him that she was pregnant, he thought a breakfast full of fibre and protein would suit her cravings for her child. Nathan also found it unfortunate that there wasn’t a doctor in the family, otherwise they would’ve been able to tell the gender of the baby.

After the food was cooked, Callum, Veronica and June sat in the dining room eating the breakfast. Callum and Veronica did notice that June kept going back for multiple bowls and they were intrigued as to why she had such a big appetite today.

"You've gotta save some for Maven too, y'know?!"

“You’ve gotta save some for Maven too, y’know?!”

“I’m sorry. I just feel really hungry. I’m so sorry!” June sighed and began crying, but Veronica quickly put her arm around June which made her smile.

“Callum, you should eat your breakfast in the kitchen. I want to have girl talk with June.” Veronica stared at Callum, who shrugged his shoulders. Then he realised the last time he was in a girl talk, he heard things he didn’t ever want to hear, so he picked up his bowl and left the room straight away. Veronica turned to June and smiled.

“Moodswings, enormous appetite, little bit of sickness breath… are you?” Veronica gasped, as she quickly put the pieces together and realised what was going on.



“Oh my plum! Congratulations. I can’t wait to see my little nephew. Hopefully I can bake something in my oven soon as well!” Veronica said loud enough for Callum to hear, who almost choked on his Frank & Beans upon hearing that.

“Sh… you probably will soon. Just wait for him to think it’s his own idea before you do so.” June winked and Veronica scratched her head.

“How?” Veronica asked but June shrugged her shoulders. Veronica guessed it would be something she would have to figure out on her own. “But, I’m going to be your midwife of sorts!”

“Totally, I wouldn’t have it any other way.” June smiled, she was glad that she had Veronica in the house. It was like having a sister and a best friend rolled up into one convenient package.

"Oh, it's their birthday today isn't it?"

“Oh, it’s their birthday today isn’t it?”

“The boys? Yeah, they’re becoming fully grown adults today. Dad calls this stage the Real Men stage since it’s the time that they’re going to have to fully mature and do whatever they want now while they still can.” June took a large spoonful of Frank & Beans and shoved it into her mouth.

Veronica stood up, said bye to June, washed her bowl and ventured upstairs into her bedroom where she found Callum dressed. “Happy Birthday, my handsome man.”

“Can the birthday boy get something a little more… intimate?” Callum winked as he grabbed Veronica and pulled her into a kiss.

12-12-15_1-01-21 AM

Wesley was practising his fishing skill while trying to catch some fish for the fishing collection.

Hopefully I can do it this generation.

Hopefully I can do it this generation.

Our hopefully-soon Party Animal, Callum used his phone and rung up friends of his and Maven’s to have over for an awesome party. As always, Nathan wanted to bake the cake but Marisa felt that she wanted to enjoy her sons’ birthday party without having to play music all the time so she decided to just use the stereo as a form of musical entertainment.

“Hey bro, happy birthday!” Maven congratulated Callum, who smiled and nodded his head over to him.

“Happy birthday to you too, let’s make this a good one!” Callum giggled as Maven began to dance.

"This music is quite good!"

“This music is quite good!”

“Thanks, I helped Mom pick it out.” Callum replied as he looked over to the photo wall. Most of their memories were displayed across the wall, and he couldn’t help but shed a tear when he saw the picture of him as a teenager, taking a picture with Nathan.

“It’s going to be okay, you know. We may be growing older and older, but we’ll have amazing memories that’ll live through various generations.” Maven tried to comfort Callum, who wiped away the tears in his eyes and looked to Maven.

“Oh, like all of the times you wet yourself?” Callum winked and Maven grew red in the face.

“SH!” The twins began laughing hysterically.

"We're a bag full of laughter!"

“We’re a bag full of laughter!”

“I’ll agree with you on that one.” Maven smiled as he heard a knock on the door. All of the party guests came flooding into the house and made their way to the very small dance floor near the kitchen area. Wesley even dressed in his green suit once again, which made June remind herself to try and change Wesley’s party outfit ASAP.

Moira Fyres however, really loved the dance floor and did not pass up the opportunity to show off her dance moves on the dance floor. Everyone stood in awe as Moira danced.

Go on Moira!

Go on Moira!

It then became time for the boys to say goodbye to Young Adulthood and enter the world of the back-hurting Adults.

"Ooh! Candles! Blow!"

“Ooh! Candles! Blow!”

As Callum blew out the candles, he wished that Veronica’s desperate wish would be fulfilled soon.

"Yes! I have power over these candles!"

“Yes! I have power over these candles!”

Maven wished that he’d have total happiness enter his life soon, he was bored with his current routine so he hoped that something would come and shake it up a bit.

Sparkle time!

Sparkle time!

However, the night was not over as Savannah wanted to have a bit of a talk with Maven. Where they last left off, they had both danced together and they had gotten together. However, Savannah hadn’t called Maven after that and Maven had called Savannah lots, but there was no reply. So, when she turned up there was clearly something that needed to be said.

“I know, you’re mad at me. But… I have something to tell you and I’m not sure how you’re going to take it.” Savannah sighed as Maven rested his face into his hands.

"You're going to dump me, right?"

“You’re going to dump me, right?”

“No! But, I’m not sure if you’re going to want to stay with me, or even marry me after you hear this.” Savannah whispered, being careful not to wake up Wesley who went to bed after the party ended. Savannah and Maven sat down together, and Savannah slowly breathed as she faced Maven and smiled.

“What’s up?” Maven asked, putting on a smile and at that point Savannah looked down.

“Well. The doctor gave me a regular check up, where they found something wrong. They aren’t sure what it is exactly but, they said it would be hard for me to…” Savannah stopped, while thinking about all of the little children of Maven and her’s slowly disappearing, it made her a little upset. “It would be hard for me to get pregnant.”

"So, what?"

“So, what?”

“What do you mean? Don’t you know what this means?” Savannah clarified with Maven, who nodded his head.

“Yeah, I do. They only said it would be hard right? They didn’t say 100% impossible, which means that you can still get pregnant. Plus, I’m quite a strong man so I’m sure you’ll get pregnant as long as we keep trying. If that doesn’t work, we can always adopt. Savannah, I don’t love you because you’re what I need to make children, you’re a beautiful, confident and loving woman who makes me feel like I’m a teenager again. I don’t want to be separated from you, ever.” Maven smiled, and Savannah laughed a little before hitting Maven’s shoulder.

“You watch too many romance films!” Savannah wiped a small tear off her face, while she stared right into Maven’s eyes.

"We can overcome any hurdle Savannah, trust me."

“We can overcome any hurdle Savannah, trust me.”

June meanwhile, was warming herself up by the fireplace and taking in all of the warmth that the fire provided. She was grateful for everything that her parents gave to her, her siblings and soon to be her child and she hoped that she’d be able to repay the favour to them one day.

However, a large gust of wind blew in and took the fire along with it, and June was sat there in the cold, with her arms out to the fire that was no longer there.

“Oh well, I can just replace the wood and light it later.” June smiled, and the charred wood slowly turned to ash.

12-12-15_1-41-22 AM


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