2.25 – The Great Bonfire

In the midst of June’s pregnancy, Veronica thought it would be a great idea to have one last gathering as adults and have a fun time before the weight of caring for children ties them down for a while. While debating where to go, Callum suggested that they head to a bonfire area overlooking the ocean. Everyone thought it was a great idea, and they headed their as soon as everyone was available, which was in the next hour.

June managed to run on ahead in front of everyone, and she decided to ignite the bonfire. Now, it was only until got the gasoline out that everyone noticed June over by the fire, and immediately ran over to try and stop her from doing it.



“I’m a pregnant woman, not a helpless child.” June sighed as she threw the match into the fire, and watched the orange flames roar from the wood beneath it. She found the fire pretty but the colour was so overused, and June brought a piece of driftwood which she found by the ocean. When thrown into the fire, a purple flame would erupt, which is exactly what happened when she tossed it inside.

At the exact same time, everyone caught up to June. They were very worried about the baby, in which June replied, “My baby will be immune to fire, he’s a fighter.”

"Look how pretty the fire is!"

“Look how pretty the fire is!”

Everyone agreed with June, the new colour of the fire was simply mesmerising. The colour purple signalling power, luxury, royalty, ambition and wealth, it was a colour that they all loved to look at since it filled them up with hope about the future. Maybe the new generation would bring about all of these things, and even more.

“Oh! I remembered what I learnt with the Spin Masters taught me with fire tricks.” Callum giggled as he held out two pieces of rope and lit the ends with fire and began spinning them around in the air.

“Don’t burn yourself hun!” Veronica shouted over to Callum as he did a fire dance.

12-12-15_2-31-24 AM

Everyone made sure they kept their distance from Callum though, just in case. But, they were in awe about how he could do such an awesome thing.

12-12-15_2-31-47 AM

“Callum, maybe you should probably stop now. Just in case you burn yourself and make me look inferior to Savannah.” Maven tried to whisper but everyone heard it and laughed.

“It’s okay, I don’t think you’re inferior. Unless it comes to fire dancing.” Savannah laughed and Maven looked right at Savannah and shook his head.

“I’m just as good at fire dancing than Callum is! Even better.” Maven triumphantly said, and even though Savannah knew it wasn’t true, she gasped.

“Really? Why don’t you show me?” Savannah said, and June looked over to Maven while having her arm around Wesley.

“You’re in for it now!” June smirked.

"Let me just go get those ropes!"

“Let me just go get those ropes!”

Maven went over to Callum after he put out the fire from the ropes, and he took the ropes from Callum’s hands, relit them and started swinging them around in the same way Callum did. Savannah was shocked that Maven could actually do it.

That was until, he caught fire onto his trousers, and it spread to his coat sleeve as soon as he put out the trouser fire. Savannah couldn’t help but laugh as Maven panicked about the fire surrounding his body. Everyone else couldn’t help but laugh as they knew he would’ve done something like this, he’s too self-assured for his own good.

12-12-15_2-34-45 AM

“Stop, drop and roll!”

After Maven put the fire out by doing what Savannah instructed, he got up and wiped the dirt from his clothes before turning to Savannah. “You knew I couldn’t do it, didn’t you?”

“Obviously!” Savannah replied, and Maven scratched his head, confused. “What?”

“Why did you let me do it then?” Maven wondered and Savannah laughed.

“It was pretty hilarious.” Maven didn’t like that, and Savannah got a bit more serious, “In all honesty, I wanted you to know that I like you even if your brother is better at something than you. You don’t have to be the best at everything, you know.”

“I know, but I just like being the best. But, maybe I don’t need to be the best all the time.” Maven realised, and Savannah stared right into Maven’s eyes. They sent so many unspoken words to each other, but they knew what was being said.

12-12-15_2-35-00 AM

They returned to the fire soon afterwards, and Wesley looked to June and smiled. “Can I say hello?”

“You said hello to me this morning, I don’t see why you nee-“ And then June realised Wesley meant the baby and not herself, “OH! Well, I’ll have to tell him or her that you’re coming to say hello.”

“Go on then.” Wesley said excitedly as June looked down to her stomach, and then back to Wesley.

"Little baby, Daddy is about to say hello!"

“Little baby, Daddy is about to say hello!”

Wesley placed his hands on June’s stomach, and he immediately noticed how warm her stomach was. Even though it probably was a sickness or something, he felt that the baby would grow up to possibly be someone warm hearted, although he didn’t know what outside influences would affect them.

Wesley didn’t know what to say, it was his first time speaking to his child in June’s stomach. Although, it suddenly hit him and he immediately peered down to June’s stomach.

"HELLO! It's me. I am your father!"

“HELLO! It’s me. I am your father!”


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