2.26 – Dorian Nathan Devine

June started her day like she did any other, finding random fossils outside her house and analysing them to see if she could find any new collectibles. Even though she should be relaxing, June liked to be busy, and just laying down all day made her feel useless, she felt that she needed to help somehow. This was one way in which she thought she was the most useful.

12-12-15_2-46-05 AM

Kick. June held her stomach as she felt the baby kick slightly, more powerful than any other time it kicked. June knew that the baby’s time was coming soon, she just hoped that it wasn’t going to be in the morning while she’s wearing her spa gear. Veronica wanted to help June calm herself in readiness for the baby, so she suggested having a meditation session, to which June took up right away.

After changing into her meditation gear, she headed right down to meet Veronica who was already changed into her clothes.

“Is that alright for you? You know, since you wore those clothes when you weren’t pregnant. Do they fit?” Veronica asked and June nodded.

“It fits and I’m glad it does.” June replied as she began to meditate with Veronica. Slowly, she began to rise into the air and levitate.

"I can still do this? Yes!"

“I can still do this? Yes!”

“Okay, but you should probably get down since it might not be good for the baby.” Veronica advised and June nodded her head in realisation and lowered herself back down to the ground.

"Sorry little one!"

“Sorry little one!”

Kick. June felt the baby kick again, and thought that it definitely didn’t suit levitation at all. “The baby has been kicking all day today, do you think I’m close?”

Veronica instantly turned to June, surprised. “YES. I think you might go into labour today!”

The idea of going into labour made June worry about the pain, which made her become more focused on her meditation to push out the thoughts of going into labour out of her mind.

After her session of meditation, June made her way over to the woodworking table where she became inspired by one of the dragon sculptures that she saw on display over in Magnolia Promenade one evening and thought she should sculpt one to symbolise the third generation beginning.

12-12-15_3-03-42 AM

“Oh plum, is this going to come out right?”

After an hour of trying to cut at the right places, and placing plasters over small cuts, June managed to craft a worthy dragon statue. She was quite proud of herself as well since she didn’t think that she’d be able to craft something quite nice looking.

June took a shower and changed into her normal everyday clothes, and then wandered down into the second seating area inside of the house near the kitchen. June couldn’t help but stare at the photo wall, including her wedding photo with Wesley.

12-12-15_3-11-20 AM

“We look so adorable there…”

June looked and wondered about all of the memories inside of these pictures, about how many stories they could tell just from one picture. She thought the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”, really suited the photo wall well. Which is what brought her to turn on Callum’s camera on the tripod in the photo studio, set it up on a thirty second timer, and have June position herself and pose in a photo.

“It’s all to commemorate my first child.” June smiled as the flash went off, the photo printed and June smiled as she looked at it.

12-12-15_3-13-04 AM

Kick. June really felt that one, and it even knocked her over slightly. June knew the baby was going to come soon, but she hoped it would be later on tonight since Nathan was cooking her favourite meal tonight, and if she missed it she knew her stomach would be angry at her for letting her miss such a delicious meal.

However, when she actually got the plate in her hand and the smell of goopy carbonara wafted up her nose, it smelt revolting to her. She thought it was probably because of the pregnancy hormones since the doctor told her it sometimes messes with what she likes to eat and doesn’t like to eat. It lead her to hope that it’d all be back to normal once the baby was born.

"Nope. You smell disgusting."

“Nope. You smell disgusting.”

After eating something else, June worked on the rocket for a while, she wanted to finish it as soon as possible so that she could go see the world beyond her own. She also would like to learn more about her alien heritage, when she got the chance.

Kick. Kick. Kick. The baby kept kicking at this point, and the contractions began and that’s when June noticed that her water broke.

“PLUM!” June screamed, as she slouched forward.

"Why does this have to happen now?"

“Why does this have to happen now?”

Nathan ran out of the house and over to June, who saw the water on the ground and quickly put her arm around his neck.

“Dad, what’re you doing? You know you’re weak!” June said but Nathan was determined to get June to the hospital no matter what, even if it meant he carried her himself.

“You’re getting to the hospital, and I’m getting you there.” Nathan smiled to June as he managed to get an ambulance to stop at the house and they both travelled over to the hospital as the sirens of the ambulance ran. They stopped by the hospital as it dropped Nathan and June off before driving off to another emergency.

"Dad! Come on, I can feel the baby wanting to come out!"

“Dad! Come on, I can feel the baby wanting to come out!”

“OH PLUM.” June screamed once again before getting herself inside slowly. The receptionist was typing away on her laptop as she looked up to June.

“Hello. Welcome to Plumbob Hospital, is there anything I can do to help you?” The receptionist asked and June’s eyes widened. Either the woman was unobservant or blind.

“I’ve just gone into labour. Where. Is. The. Maternity. Ward?” June asked angrily and the woman typed away on her laptop once again and then looked up at June once more.

“Right wing, there’s a room at the back. Oh! Please try to be quiet, there are other patients here.” The receptionist replied and June’s stare turned into one of madness and insanity.



“Sh! That’s a bit too loud.” The receptionist said and June stormed off to try and find the maternity ward. With Nathan’s help, she found it easily and wandered inside where the doctor was waiting for her. He asked her to change into the hospital gown and try and be as comfortable as possible, which June found to be ridiculous. She’s in pain and he’s telling her to relax?

“Oh well.” June muttered to herself as she changed into the hospital gown and laid down on the machine as it began to cover her.

"If you'll sit comfortably Mrs Devine. We can begin."

“If you’ll sit comfortably Mrs Devine. We can begin.”

“Am I going to be okay? Is the baby going to be born okay?” June worried but the doctor nodded his head.

“The babies will be just fine!” The doctor smiled. BABIES?!

“BABIES?! I’m having twins?” June freaked out and the doctor laughed.

“Oh, nope! Just the one, I got mixed up for a second. Sorry.” He laughed, while beginning the procedure. June did feel a little bit nauseous, and then she felt pain and then she felt relief as she felt the pain cease. A cry rang out in the room as a baby was lifted out of the machine and into a incubator. The machine quickly patched up June so that she could see her baby.

12-12-15_3-44-10 AM

"Oh, I don't think I want any more children."

“Oh, I don’t think I want any more children.”

“Dad, how’s my baby?” June smiled to her father as he cradled the little baby in his arms. Nathan didn’t speak, he was too busy crying over his little grandchild being born. “At least tell me if they’re a boy or a girl.”

“It’s a little boy! You’ve got a little boy my little girl!” Nathan cried as he looked down at the child and smiled, he could already see so much of June and a little bit of Wesley in him. It made him emotional all over.

“Do you know what his name is going to be?” The doctor asked June as she looked over to the baby and smiled.

“Dorian Devine.” June giggled, and Nathan turned around and looked to June, “Dorian Nathan Devine.”

"It's like holding Maven or Callum in my arms once again."

“It’s like holding Maven or Callum in my arms once again.”

Wesley was just as excited to meet his little boy, the Generation Three heir.

"Hello Dorian! I can't believe how small and cute you are."

“Hello Dorian! I can’t believe how small and cute you are.”

June was so excited for Dorian to grow up into a child, so that she could teach him so many things about the world. Wesley meanwhile, was accepted into a job at the hospital thanks to Nathan’s help. He was starting tomorrow morning, and he hoped that everything would go splendidly well.

"Wish your hot doctor husband good luck!"

“Wish your hot doctor husband good luck!”


10 thoughts on “2.26 – Dorian Nathan Devine

  1. Jes2G says:

    “Hello. Welcome to Plumbob Hospital, is there anything I can do to help you?” “Please try to be quiet.”
    Consider yourself fired, miss.

    “Oh, I got mixed up.”
    Quack doctor! Hopefully Wesley can get things to be a bit more patient friendly when he gets up in the ranks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Joel says:

      LOL! It’s also hilarious that when Wesley started his job, that woman hasn’t been seen since! The doctor is still there though, unfortunately. I hope Wesley helps the hospital as well, for the hospital’s sake xD

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jes2G says:

        Srsly! I would have to speak with the Chief of Staff if I was Nathan. OH! Nathan! I forgot to comment on him. All I have to say is AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! You know…I’ve never considered having my moms choose a parent to go with them to the delivery room before. That was so special! Especially when…well…yeah. Nice touch! It was very sweet for him to be the first person the baby met. Loved that…and especially how emotional he was.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Joel says:

        Thank you! I felt that June wanted Nathan to be there for the birth of the baby, and Nathan hoped that the bloodline would be secured before he died. Plus, I hope little Dorian grows up to be like Nathan but even better in his own way. (I hope he has blue eyes too!)

        Liked by 1 person

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