2.27 – The Doctor Is In

The day after Dorian was born, Wesley was to start his brand new job as the Medical Intern at none other than Plumbob Hospital. The hospital sent over special clothes that Wesley had to wear on his first day to work, and even though he didn’t like how low down the v neck was, he assumed that he’d be changing into something more comfortable once he climbed the ranks of the hospital.

“Have a good first day.” June smiled as she kissed her husband on the cheek before he left for work.

When he arrived at the hospital, a wave of confidence overcame him as he felt excited to start his brand new job at Plumbob Hospital. He even had quite the smile on his face as well.

"This is so awesome!"

“This is so awesome!”

After signing in, the hospital staff gave Wesley an induction, showing him around the various departments and introducing him to all of his fellow co-workers, which took two hours of his time. Afterwards, they assigned him to the General Medicines department and told him his roles were to clean, tidy the beds, give diagnosis to patients and treat them if their conditions were mild. Otherwise, Wesley would have to pass the cases onto a General Practitioner.

His first case of the day was Yuki Behr, who came in because she felt that she had a severe stomach ache.

"Tell me a bit more about how you feel."

“Tell me a bit more about how you feel.”

“I feel angry that my sister wouldn’t drive me to the hospital, and th– OH! You meant how I physically feel? I feel slightly feverish, and my belly is hurting so much.” Yuki explained to Wesley, who immediately knew exactly what it was.

“You’ve got a case of the Burnin’ Belly! Let me just apply a shot and then you’re going to have to go to Surgery.” Wesley smiled as he made Yuki turn her head as he shot medicine into her arm.

“Ow! The pain will subside right? From the place where you injected the shot? Wait, SURGERY?!” Yuki asked and Wesley nodded while bandaging her arm up.

“Yes. After Surgery, you’ll be fully better! There’s a doctor waiting for you in the Surgery Room now, so you are free to leave this room.” Wesley smiled as Yuki got up and left the diagnosis room, and Wesley made the bed back to the way it was before anyone came in. Another patient came in after, although she refused to give her name. She showed no visible signs of illness, so Wesley thought it would be best to take a saliva sample.



The patient opened her mouth, and Wesley took the sample and placed it within a test tube.

“Okay, I’ll be back in ten minutes with your results. Stay here!” Wesley instructed as he left the room with the sample, and travelled over to the Lab where he placed the test tube inside of the analysis machine and began to type in code into the machine to analyse it. Wesley was glad that June taught him a bit of programming, and also the fact that he had one of these at home.

12-12-15_4-23-40 AM

However, when the test came back, Wesley found out that it was Bloaty Head, but by the time he found out it was time for him to go home as another Medical Intern would be taking over. Wesley turned over to the doctor in the room, the same doctor that birthed his son, and smiled.

"Hey, can you take care of this case for me? I've got to head home to see my little boy so..."

“Hey, can you take care of this case for me? I’ve got to head home to see my little boy so…”

“Sure! Say hi to the little one for me.” The doctor smiled as Wesley left the room and travelled home. He didn’t expect June to be waiting for him outside the house when he got home so it was quite a surprise for him.

“What’re you doing here?” Wesley asked and June smiled as she kissed her husband on the cheek again.

“I wanted to welcome you home exactly like I sent you off this morning. Don’t worry about Dorian, Mom is taking care of him quite well with Veronica. They’re more obsessed with our little one than anything.” June laughed and Wesley looked over to June seductively.

"Don't you just love a man in uniform?"

“Don’t you just love a man in uniform?”

“I do! But guess what, I’m not prepared to have another baby at the moment, so only kisses for you!” June laughed as she kissed Wesley on the lips and whispered in his ear, “Maybe when you get a promotion.”

“Ooh, I’m going to have to work extra hard now!” Wesley laughed as June walked away to go work on her rocket. Lately, she’s been focused on finishing the rocket so that she could try and take her mother along with her on a trip to JR-501 if she could. There wasn’t much time left for Marisa, which made June even more determined to finish the rocket.

"I will finish this rocket!"

“I will finish this rocket!”


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